What To Wear When You Are The Spurned Political Wife

When a woman is forced to publicly appear in the wake of a political sex scandal of which her husband is at the center, she has some serious styling choices to make. She doesn’t want to seem to wanton and desperate, lest she be viewed as pathetically trying to re-catch the eye of that cheating bastard. But at the same time, she may want to abandon the requisite skirt suit in favor of something a little more lively, as if to say, “it takes more than this to bring me down, bitches!!!!”

Here are some suggestions:

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    • Lindsay Cross

      I think you might have written this entire post just to use that picture of the cat. If that’s true… then I like your style.

    • Papa Geek

      I just feel sorry for the poor person who had to try and take the outfit OFF the cat. Bring band-aids!