Gallery: Cigarette Warning Labels The FDA Rejected

As you may already know, the FDA has instituted a plan to put one of nine large, graphic warning labels on every pack of cigarettes sold in the U.S. This is meant to prevent both kids and adults from starting to smoke, as well as encouraging current smokers to quit (and/or just really bum them out) by reminding them of their impending doom. The images they chose are pretty grim, but the rejected ones make them look downright wholesome by comparison. A lot of them seem to be directed specifically towards women; does the FDA think women will be more receptive to its message than men? Let’s take a look.

(Via CBS News)

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    • Dana

      So this is going to be new? Interesting, because in Canada we’ve had warnings on cigarettes for at least the past five years now and many are as graphic as these ones.

    • Arnie

      Yeah, we’ve had pictures in New Zealand for a while now, and some of them are fairly graphic. Shrivelled up lungs and things on every packet, as far as I’m aware. There was an ad at one stage where they chopped open some lungs and poured tar all over them.

    • Fabel

      The thing is, smokers are already aware of the dangerous effects of cigarettes. It’s been pounded into everybody’s heads since elementary school. Having graphic warning labels isn’t going to make smokers decide not to buy; if anything, it will cause them to buy more fancy metal cigarette cases.

    • Christina

      These warning labels seem to suggest that it’s not really that bad if the woman herself gets cancer and dies, but HER CHILDREN! Who cares about the life of some floozy smoking woman, but please think of the children!

      • MM

        Well, they have a point. We all have a right to hurt ourselves as much as we want to but exposing your innocent children to carcinogens isn’t cool.

        I’m happily single and childless, so floozy smoking woman 4 LIFE!!

    • ellie

      We’ve had them in the UK for yonks. They’re much worse (better?) than these.

    • lol

      These aren’t graphic at all! bunch of pussies. . . in canada we have rotting mouths, and a dead persons lungs. pssshhhhh

    • asrai

      The lady laying in bed dying with cancer is Barb Tarbox. She died of cancer related to smoking and spent the last months of her life touring schools in Canada speaking to children about the hazards of smoking.

    • miinxi

      i think the childrens handwritten one would hit hard, its not another persons ‘face’ its a childs writing. I think parents would see their own children in it more than in another childs face.

    • mike

      Christopher Reeves wife died at 44 from lung cancer never smoked and was never around anyone that did smoke, George Burns smoked all his life and lived to 100.I think it`s all a crock of s…