Real Talk: Do Real Women Spit Or Swallow?

Oh, goodness, men seem to care, don’t they? I polled some total strangers on the street for this. Just went up to them and said “lady, spit or swallow?” This is what they said.

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    • Papa Geek

      It’s definitely hotter if the girl swallows, but I don’t think guys shouldn’t complain too much about getting a bj regardless of what the girl does at the end! :)

    • Eileen

      I have never understood the reasoning behind spitting. If he comes in your mouth, it’s already in your mouth, which means you’ve already tasted it and will probably accidentally swallow at least some of it. If you don’t want to swallow, have him come somewhere else (on your body or otherwise) – but if you’re okay with letting him come in your mouth, you might as well swallow.

    • Papa Geek

      @Eileen – Yeah I guess if it’s already in your mouth you’re probably going to taste it longer going to spit it out than you would by just swallowing?

      Imagine if boys ran to the sink to spit after going down on girls!

      • Eileen

        Yeah, I totally understand not wanting to taste it – despite what porn would have us believe, I really doubt semen is anyone’s favorite flavor. But once it’s in there, you’re stuck with the taste, and you’re really not going to get out of swallowing a little bit (that being the general nature of liquids). So you might as well swallow it all, thereby making less of a mess and getting extra cool points. But licking your lips when you’re done is absolutely beyond the pale (take note, porn).

    • Jamie Peck

      Do these people find gagging and maybe puking a little bit sexy? Because that is what my body does when I try to swallow. Once again: fuck the patriarchy (not literally) and do what feels right to you. Ugh.

    • Steph

      I don’t see why men should care what you do, since they’ve already gotten what they wanted. It’s kind of awkward either way.

    • pinktrickle

      Guys, just sit back and enjoy it either way! I do both depends on my mood. Only a rare few guys will kiss me right after I do either, jeez selfish or what =)

    • matbo

      I can’t swallow…I just can’t…it’s just to much weird ooey luquid in my mouth. It just doesn’t work. Now though I just use it as part of foreplay, I lead him to the edge and then we have intercourse. Means I don’t have to make a decision, spit it out or gag and then spit it out.
      Besides. Has the man tasted his own semen? I won’t swallow if he hasn’t tasted. Fair is fair.

      • Papa Geek

        I think fairness would be more like if he has tasted your orgasmic fluids, and does he spit or swallow after going down on you. :)

      • matbo

        But there really isn’t anything to swallow when he goes down on me…Do I not emit enough fluid…I mean seriously, I’m getting really confused. Am I supposed to be a waterfall when I come?

      • Papa Geek

        LOL No I didn’t mean that you’re supposed to be a waterfall, just that fairness would involve him tasting your fluids versus calling them weird and ooey. :)

        I think typically by the time a girl comes there is plenty of orgasmic liquid in and on the guys mouth, just not typically a separate spunk that puts it to a “spit or swallow” choice for the boy.

        That said, I think there’s probably a big difference between a guy just wiping his face off after oral, versus spitting any fluids out. And I’ve never had a girl that would kiss me after I went down on her either which is a serious bummer when you like to kiss during sex.

      • MM

        Seriously, Papa Geek? I always kiss boys after they go down on me. I never even think about it. Kissing rocks.

      • Papa Geek

        @MM – Yes seriously. I’ve kissed girls after they went down on me (after spitting or swallowing of course) but usually I have to go wash my face off with soap and use mouthwash before I’ll get a kiss. :P

      • Hanna

        Really? I don’t have a problem with that. Then again, I have hardly ever encountered a guy who wouldn’t kiss me after I went down on him. I think you should be okay with your bodily fluids and stuff, it gets anywhere and everywhere anyway, sooner or later.

    • porkchop

      So, the woman on the street says you should swallow because:

      “it won’t kill you”

      and clean-up is a snap.


    • sarahnoid

      Diane and I are on par. When I first started doing sexy things with my boyfriend, I asked a gal pal if she spit or swallowed. She said she swallowed because it meant less laundry for her. It seemed logical to me. I still find it logical.

      I just tend to make sure there’s a carbonated beverage nearby. There’s nothing sexy about getting that weird skittles-phlegm voice because you’ve got some jizz coating your vocal chords. The carbonation takes care of this.

      • woo

        Yep, when I saw Diane’s I was like “BINGO!” I really don’t give a fuck, just gulp it down and have a swig of fizzy drink/water (and I am otherwise vegan!!)

      • lexrex

        Hey, thanks for the carbonated beverage tip! I’ll have to keep some pepsi on my night stand next time.

    • emma

      I never understood spitting. The fastest way to get it out of your mouth (and if its already there you’re tasting it anyway) to to swallow. I also think its disrespectful to spit, and doing so is not very sex positive at all, since it signals that it’s something dirty. It would be like if your partner went down on you and then wiped out their mouth with a tissue, way to not make me feel sexy at all. In the end though its really what you are comfortable with of course.

      • theunderstudy

        emma, what if it is a one nighter and you hardly knew the guy? is giving head to guys almost considered way casual nowadays? i just can’t imagine some random cumming down a woman’s throat to be not kinda gross? your thoughts please.

      • theunderstudy

        what about just letting him finish outside the mouth?

    • Dawn

      Spit or swallow aren’t the only options. While I am generally a swallower (easiest way not to taste it), if I don’t feel like it, letting it dribble out of my mouth is less messy than a facial and cleaner than letting him just come anywhere. And apparently looks sexy.

    • Carolyn

      For me, blowjobs are ALWAYS an apetizer, never the main course. I haven’t had to worry about spitting or swallowing since high school…

      • jo

        good job! :)

      • Dude

        Better than no head, but still lame.

    • Nikita

      Besides the taste, I just don’t like the smell of semen, especially when it’s in my mouth. It reminds me of accidentally swallowing pool water. And drowning.

    • alison

      I’ve done both. My guy normally takes over with his hand a few secs before he comes to prevent me getting dirty. I don’t care either way…although I do like to finish what I start.

      He will not kiss me after I’ve gone down on him though but kisses me when it’s the other way around LOL

    • jo

      i’ve tried swallowing, but, seriously, semen never tasted good for me. if i like the guy enough, i’m going to swallow, but most of the time i just tell my partner not to come inside my mouth.

      • Jo

        darn, my claim to the “Jo” identity on the gloss is moot.

    • Teri Jensen

      I swallow, well most of it anyway. I find guys kind of like the sloppy factor of dribbling but most of it I swallow. I do know a woman who won’t even let her bf come in her mouth and she is almost thirty. And for the record, I have never not kissed a guy after he has gone down on me. If anything it makes me feel closer to him and want to kiss him more.

    • BJ Girl

      I love giving head and especially enjoy a few good full insertions. I can feel (and hear) how exited it makes my man when I let him slide all the way in. If I hold it there for a few seconds and swallow, it makes him ready almost instantaneously. I never take his load down my throat though. I prefer him to pull it out to the edge of my lips and shoot it all over inside my mouth. Then I slurp it down after I roll it around with my tongue for a bit. Never waste a drop girls! It really turns him on to see his juice painted all over your tonsils!…

      • Manuel

        You email me sometime (: I’m only 18 and young for you (;

    • Hanna

      I have to say I am completely okay with going down on men. With some I tremendously enjoy it, it’s mostly about the specific penis. A pretty penis is a nice thing. If a guy spends two hours on giving me orgasms without getting anything out of it, I will damn well give him the pleasure of coming in my mouth. I will probably be too exhausted and sensitive to have sex anyway. It’s not foreplay, it’s giving back.
      Mostly I take care to have almost the whole thing in when he comes so I don’t even really taste it, I just swallow it, keep him in my mouth until he’s relaxed and not so hyper-sensitive anymore and then I lie down next to him while he’s being all overwhelmed and grateful. I have to admit I am proud of my skills. It’s wonderful to be able to give someone so much joy. It’s sensual.
      Doesn’t mean semen tastes good, though. It doesn’t. That’s why I don’t like to keep it in my mouth, I just swallow it away, take a sip of water and smile benevolently.

    • Maris

      I prided myself on having not swallowed for all of my life. In fact, when me would ask me about it, I’d joke that I wanted it on my tombstone “never parallel parked and never swallowed.” Actually, I’d never even given a full blow job before- I guess it made me feel powerful or that I had integrity or something.

      Anyway, with my current boyfriend, I ended up doing it. I didn’t even realize he was finishing until after it happened. I sat there, wide-eyed, frantically deciding what to do with the contents of my mouth. He KNEW I had never done that before, and my feelings on the matter, etc. I swallowed. I figured it was better than running to the bathroom in my underwear. It actually wasn’t that bad.

      I’m glad I got over it. I still wonder why he didn’t tell me he was going to finish, though. I hope he enjoyed it- because it isn’t happening again for a long time.

    • Liz

      I prefer to swallow (especially with my current lover, whom I adore). Once in awhile I will let it dip from my lips, because he requested it.
      That is what the porn stars do ;-).

    • Liz

      I prefer to swallow, especially with my current lover (who I adore). I do let it dip from my lips at times upon his request ;-)

    • Miranda

      Swallow!! I think it’s easier, you don’t have to find something to spit in. Plus what guy doesn’t want you too. Giving head is one of my favorite things, especially because my boyfriend returns the favor, amazingly. ;)

    • Paula

      Well – as I always tell the men in my life – if you’ll let me blow my nose in your mouth (& swallow), I’ll let you blow in my mouth (& swallow).
      the end. Bodily fluids are bodily fluids are bodily fluids. Women don’t need to prove they can tolerate & swallow mucus-like gloppy sperm to prove their sexual being or to puff up their peacock feathers (so to speak).

    • Victoria

      Swallow, always. I want every part of him. Why would anyone spit? It’s such a turn off for the guy and in turn, a turn off for me.

    • Idy

      Not only does it taste bad, it smells awful too. I dunno how it works for others, but for me, the key to not tasting it is by keeping it away from my throat, not the other way round.
      Men get aroused by the smell of vagina, women don’t. Men would happily lick/sniff away at everything that has come in contact with vagina fluid. They love it so much, a scent was produced. No such thing has been done for semen. So I owe no one an apology for hopping (running) to the bathroom to rinse my mouth.

      • Papa Geek

        You’re joking, right? Men don’t love the smell of vagina because they’re genetically programmed to like it, or because it smells like roses or chocolate chip cookies. They love the smell because it’s part of sex and intimacy. ;)

      • Papa Geek
      • JOE

        WRONG, not all men like the smell of Vagina, Not all, but some are pretty ripe (they smell like rotten fish. I hate fish) and some don’t smell at all, but I still “GO DOWN” because it’s enjoyable for them and the last thing I would do is run to the bathroom or reach for a napkin to swipe my mouth out
        On the other hand I don’t expect my women to spit either. ( really can’t remember one that I’ve been that does spit, they all swallow).

        To those women that say “how would I like it if they blew thier nose in my mouth and asked me to swallow”?
        I wouldn’t really like it, But I would let them do it and I would smile thru the whole thing if it makes them happy.

        Oh, my relations last a long time, because women I make women happy and they make me happy. I have no problem even calling previous women I’ve been with just for a flig because they know they will enjoy thier time with me and my current women that I’m with are open to it , because they know it will again be thier turn.

        It’s a “give and take”, Your just jelous of the women that go all the way and swallow, because they are happer to give more than you and don’t need to control everything in a relationship.

    • Tweaky

      I always kiss a woman if she wants after she has blown me. It is very wrong to give the message that your dick or semen is dirty or in some way undesirable. Sometimes, a woman has just finished her period or just started and still encourages you to lick her, I think that is worse than what normally comes out of a man.

    • libra

      the more fluids mixed up and all over the place, the better.

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    • Yo Mama

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    • Fatty McButtsex

      hey paula can i sneeze down your throat?

    • Skinny McAsswipe

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    • Willie Jordan

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    • sammy

      I only swallow if we are in a serious relationship.
      If it’s a one night stand, then I spit

      • the understudy

        what about not letting the orgasm happen in the mouth? when you know he is cumming, just pull out and stroke him off to avoid the subject?

    • Sad Hubby

      Years ago my fiancé/wife would give great head. When she knew I was cuming she would take all of my cock in her mouth and when I came she swallowed right away. When I was done she would come up to me with a big smile, we would hug and kiss (no big deal since she swallowed) and we would cuddle for a while. It was like being in heaven.

      Now she says she doesn’t like the taste. When I am cuming she pulls up which usually ruins my orgasm. Then she runs to the bathroom to spit. (Seems really stupid to me.)
      It went from a 10 to a 5. I don’t even want her to do it anymore.

    • The Happy One

      If am lucky enough to be with a woman who is willing to blow me, I’m not going to trip over whether she spits or swallows. I’m happy she cares enough about me to take pleasing me to that level.