• Fri, Jun 24 2011

Can You Tell The Difference Between A Real Woman And A Fake One?

Recently it was revealed that Eguchi Aimi, the 7th member of Japanese Pop band AKB48 – wasn’t a real person. She was entirely computer generated, using facial features from all the other members of the band. You can see how they did it in this video:

What you should get out of this is: wow, it would be weird to be in a Japanese pop band. Also, do we even have the ability to tell what a real woman looks like anymore, vs. a computer generated one, or a robot? Do we all live in Stepford? Maybe! Test your skills and see if you can tell which of the women below are real, and which are fake.

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  • Eileen

    How can this slideshow be complete without a mention of that awesome Al Pacino/Catherine Keener movie, Simone?

  • Megan

    And Betty Crocker.

  • Hannah

    The sex-bot is creepy. $7,000 worth of creepy.

  • Ms L

    most of the pictures in the media and internet is all air-brush/edited. so be default, all of them are not real.