If You Were Pippa Middleton, Would You Model Usher’s New Underwear Line?

It’s no surprised that Pippa Middleton and her ass are getting lucrative job offers; they were, after all, the biggest stars of the royal wedding.

The most recent of these employment opportunities comes from none other than Usher, who you may know through his work as an American musical superstar. The UK’s Daily Star reports:

“Usher is ready to break the bank to hire posh babe Pippa Middleton for his undies empire. He’s now trying to set-up a meeting with the 27-year-old to thrash out a big-money contract.

Smitten Usher, 32, said: “I don’t think there’s a more beautiful, more stunning, more talked-about woman in the world at the moment.

“I’m sure everybody is trying to sign her up…She won’t be cheap, but she has the looks and the popularity to really establish a new product.”’

Now, I can’t be sure because I’m actually not on Usher’s creative team, but I would envision advertisements for panties that bear his name as sexy, yet tasteful. Calvin Klein-ish, if you will. If I were Pippa, I’d totally fucking take the offer. Aside from making her a boatload of cash-money, it would be a way to establish herself as hip and cool in the U.S. Which, of course, is the goal of every person in every other country around the world.

How about you? Would you take Usher’s offer?

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    • Abigail

      I would absolutely do it, if I were her. She’s not married to royalty, and just because her sister made the choices she did doesn’t mean it should affect Pippa’s life. If she wants to model, then she should model.

    • Eileen

      No. But mostly because I wouldn’t want to be famous or in tabloids, so I’d be hoping after awhile people would get bored of me. In other words, I don’t seem to be much like her.