What Your Favorite May-December Romance Says About You

I know it’s hard to really define a “May December Romance” but let’s say there are more than 20 years between the couple. And then let’s make some assumptions about your personality based on which couple you’re drawn to. It will be fun.

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    • Eileen

      Obviously Bogart and Bacall, but only because teenage girls in the ’40s were treated more like adults than teenage girls today – so 19 back then was a respectable age to get married. Or because they’re Bogart and Bacall.

      (you should include Charlie Chaplin and Oona O’Neill, though – her father disowned her and refused to consent to a pre-18 wedding, they moved to Europe, they had a zillion kids – great story! Plus her dad was Eugene O’Neill. That’s just a good story.)

    • Amanda

      I think that Demi Moore is 48, but not sure when this slideshow went live…