You Should Listen To Michelle Obama’s Dating Advice Because She’s Married To Barack Obama

It’s possible that my personal political views are coming into play here, but I feel like if you’ve married someone like Barack Obama, you at one point did pretty well on the dating scene.

And it’s not just because Obama is the leader of the free world (although, you know, that’s pretty cool) — it’s because I have guzzled the Kool-Aid about him being sensitive and thoughtful, willing to admit his mistakes, willing to laugh at himself (did anyone see him on the Daily Show? Possibly still my favorite television segment ever), and he seems like a devoted parent.

Now, if some of what I see in Obama is part of his PR campaign — which I’m sure it is, because I am a cynical asshole and I think that most of what we see and hear and read in the news about public figures is part of a PR campaign — well, so be it. But some of those qualities, like being able to publicly admit mistakes and laugh at yourself, can’t really be faked.

They’re also what make most people, male or female, ready to enter into a serious relationship where you have to deal with another person’s bullshit.

That said, here is the very simple advice that Michelle Obama told ABC’s David Muir she will one day give her daughters about dating:

David Muir: What advice will you give to your girls when they fall in love? You’re about to have teenager.

Michelle Obama: What I tell young women, and I told these young people [in South Africa], choose people who will lift you up. Find people who will make you better.

Muir: You said the president has made you better.

Obama: Yes. I haven’t told him that so now it’s on the record, so he’s going to bring that up whenever I’m mad at him. And yes, of course I’ve made him better!

Love you Michelle. Also, good vest.

[via Huffington Post]

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    • Jamie Peck

      I’m going to be the only person from The Gloss who tries very hard to kill anyone when the revolution comes, aren’t I?

    • Eileen

      How about “you should listen to it because it’s good advice”?

      Personally, I don’t think any man who actually wants the job of President of the United States is much of a husband-catch. But dating someone because s/he makes you a better person is a good idea, whether it comes from the President’s wife (true) or my eighth-grade science teacher (also true).

    • Michael Agee

      Yes that’s great advice… if not the most ridiculous and ambiguous statement ever made. I always go on second dates with people who are going to bring me down. No one anticipates how people change over the course of a lifetime… BO wasn’t on the presidential path when she met him… and I doubt she saw that.

      As for her relationship skills… she is sub par. Having been married all this time and never telling him that he lifts her up. There is a communication problem there.

      Your insight sucks

    • Lisa

      Aristotle approves. At least, he approves of choosing friends for the purpose of mutual improvement.

    • M.

      Based on his current performance, Obama would borrow thousands of dollars to pay for the date, stick the woman with the bill, and then blame the last guy she dated for the “terrible situation he inherited.”

      • Stoutcat

        We have a winner!

    • bgates

      You’re not cynical. You’re a sucker who heard somewhere that playing cynic makes you look smart. You’re a simpleton who can’t see through the most painfully obvious con artist in America.

    • Steve

      He lifts her up? Sounds like a bra.
      Ok, and since he’s made the country worse — destroying the economy, embarassing us abroad, and promoting racism and heterophobia in an attempt to survive politically — we shoud respectfully decline a second four-year date with him in next year’s election.

    • Douglas Fletcher

      Probably, if you aren’t spinning in circles trying to figure what the hell you just said.

    • Fen

      DHOTUS. Diversity Hire of the United States… is a failure.

      So lets pretend he’s cool date.

      And that Biden thinks he’s “clean and articulate”

      Raise your standards.

    • grace

      Let me think about this! A skinny, squeamish, girly-man, incapable of coherent speech pattern without the use of a teleprompter, inflicted with a narcissistic personality disorder is a good catch! ah no!

      • drjohn

        Hey, his golf game is getting better. The country sucks in meantime.

    • Sunshine

      I don’t think dating or marrying a narcissist is healthy or advisable. This couple is sick and the author of this article is deaf, blind and stupid. Mostly stupid.

      • Forrest

        Spot on analysis. Too bad you aren’t a journalist, we desperately need some real ones.

    • Paul

      I hope Roissy gets wind of this one.

    • disa

      I’m certain the author is one of those women who fantasized about BO when he was first elected. Some women have terrible judgment.

    • whiskey

      Considering that there are rumors that Obama is gay (no record of any prior girlfriend before Michelle Obama) the advice of the column is akin to saying Hillary Clinton (or Huma Abedin) have great relationship skills and know what works.

      Obama likely married Michelle for political ambition. He wrote about his White girlfriend in his first book (she’s never been identified BTW which is very strange) and Obama married to a White woman would have never won in his IL Senate district. [Black women don't like Black men marrying White women.]

      • drjohn

        What Michelle knows about working is that your job gets better as your husband gets elected to higher office. Then when you leave your job evaporates since it was never needed in the first place.

    • Californio

      [I read this and threw up in my mouth] opps, I mean “Thank you comrade journalist for sharing this personal, yet uplifting story about our Dear Leader and his wife – who indeed did chose well – by choosing someone who managed to never actually labor while purporting to speak for the workers! This is indeed a miraculous talent! I particularly liked the part where you took a break from the lighter-than-air substance of the article to lighting things up by commenting on what Dear Leader’s First wife was wearing – nothing makes the legions of unemployed about to be evicted or foreclosed upon from feeling more connected to Dear Leader!”

      Onward to Bright and Glorious Future!

    • drjohn

      So that’s how someone with a huge ass gets you to marry her.


    • KSM

      Michelle’s world view is so distorted that I would think very hard before taking her advice for just about anything. Obama’s campaign had to muzzle her to keep her from repeatedly sticking her foot in her mouth. Remember when she said during his campaign that this was the first time in her life that she had been proud of her country? And she went to Jeremiah Wright’s racist church with Barack for 20 years and took her kids there too. If this is the kind of attitude and thinking that you admire, then by all means take her advice. You deserve it.

    • ligneus

      It’s good to learn from other people’s mistakes.

    • Time to grow up Jessica

      Taking dating advice from Mooch is like taking dating advice from Nero’s wife. They both married men who presided over the destruction of the greatest western power of their times. If Nero had just played golf instead of the fiddle then the parallel would be perfect.

    • idga

      Jeez, even Obama’s kids said he was a lazy incompetent with horrid morning breath. They said he doesn’t know how to do anything and doesn’t do anything. Besides, Michelle (before she got to the WH, of course) said Obama is not a supportive husband; he often left his family alone and went off to do his own thing. Just the other day, he left them either at Camp David or somewhere else, and he went off to play golf, at which he is not much good. The woman with a husband like that is very unlucky. Listen to Michelle on dating after the incompetent she married? Hell no!

    • RunnurGirl

      You have got to be kidding…this was meant as satire, right? Right????

      omigod no…..

    • Huh?

      I think this article must be satire — the author cannot be serious.

      But let’s say she is somehow serious. Are we to believe that this is the first time that Michelle has complimented BO with the information that he “lifts her up” (whatever that means). Now she anticipates that he’s going to use this statement against her when she’s unhappy with him? What kind of marriage do these people have? What about it is worthy of emulation?

      Perhaps she meant “lifted me up” to the First Lady status that has allowed me to indulge my every whim and dream of wealth. That’s hardly useful dating advice and has nothing to do with a healthy marriage.

    • Sarcastic Mark

      I agree 100%. If a woman wants a true beta, the kind of man who will gladly carry her purse, will worship the ground she walks on, and knows hes not good enough for her, take Michelles advice. OTOH if a woman wants a man, not so much.

    • Lindsay Cross

      First of all, if your vitriol for the President has gotten to the point where it spews out into the comments section of blog posts about dating advice, you should really consider speaking to a professional. I don’t think that type of extreme anger is healthy.
      Second of all, the advice is actually good, although yes its pretty simple. But for some crazy reason, women stay in relationships with men who don’t make them feel any better about themsevles. Men who encourage their insecurities instead of their strengths. It’s important to find a partner who makes you want to be better. Find someone who makes you feel like you’re capable of more. Someone inspiring and encouraging. That’s wonderful advice, no matter who the hell it comes from.

      • Daniela

        Thank you, thank you, thank you. And also, thank you.

        You wrote pretty much exactly what I was thinking (but much more eloquently, since I was mentally sputtering with rage).

      • Arnold

        No, this was an article about why you should listen to the President’s wife’s dating advice… so judgements about the character of the President are perfectly rational as they address the quality of that advice.

        How ’bout if the title of the article had been “You Should Listen To Laura Bush’s Dating Advice Because She’s Married To George Bush”?

      • Papa Geek

        Wow. I’ll never cease to be amazed at the severe hatred that constantly spawns from the anti-Obama commenters.

      • Steph

        No Arnold, you fucking idiot, it is a website that talks a lot about dating and fashion and other things. Did you find this article via Google alerts or something because it had Obama on it or something? Go somewhere else and leave us the fuck alone. And thank you Lindsay. I’ve been catching up on The Gloss and saw this had 31 comments, and had to see what it was all about. Now I know that people are just fucking idiots.