Anne Hathaway Reveals Her Dark Knight Weight Loss Regimen

Anne Hathaway has the cover of July’s Harper’s Bazaar and because women care only for WEIGHT LOSS SECRETS FROM THE STARS, she of course discussed her workout regimen for her role as Catwoman in the upcoming Dark Knight sequel. Apparently:

“[The actress] admits she has been working out five days a week to tone her body. In addition to doing rigorous exercise and stunt training, she also does an hour and a half of dance. “I’ve always thought that skinny was the goal, but with this job I also have to be strong,” she said.

So. Punishing athletic activity (especially combined with a stringent diet) will cause weight loss. And now you know!

(via Celebuzz)

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    • Darvis Simms

      I’m glad Anne realized that being strong and fit is the goal. Too many people get hung-up on “being skinny” as the goal. You can get skinny by starving yourself but is that healthy?, No. Proper nutrition combined with regular exercise is the only way to that strong, sexy, and lean look that everyone’s craving.