Campaigns: Angelina Jolie Is Absolutely Wearing Makeup In Those Louis Vuitton Ads

When the first photos of Angelina Jolie’s Louis Vuitton campaign dropped, WWD claimed (or reported that someone at LVMH claimed) that the actress and humanitarian wasn’t wearing makeup. We found this absurd, having glanced at the campaign with two working eyes. Now there’s a video from the shoot (by Annie Leibovitz) and whatever doubt we had before (none) is gone. Jolie’s got a full smokey eye and perfect matte skin. See:

Not that it wouldn’t be great to wake up like this:

Pretty obvious, right?

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    • Lisa H

      The only thing I remember hearing anyone claim was that she wasn’t going to be shopped. That’s the only “natural” look I heard about.

      • Ashley Cardiff

        WWD reported: “She’s barefoot, wearing her own clothes, no makeup and toting her own elegantly weathered monogrammed Alto bag.” And she’s most certainly been retouched.

    • Simone

      Gosh, do they think we are idiots? Clearly she is wearing makeup and clearly she has been retouched. I think its really irresponsible to imply that she is makeup and digitally enhanced free.It sets ridiculous standards because some fool out there is going to believe the claim (and never be able to live up to being that beautiful without makeup). Angelina is impossibly beautiful anyway, they probably could have shot her without makeup and retouching and still sold their damn product. I for one wont buy out of protest

    • Danyelle

      she’s so beautiful even if she wasn’t wearing makeup she’d still look better than most of us mere mortals. but to claim she’s bare-faced is ridiculous. psh.