Gallery: Things That Will Be At Kate Moss’ Wedding

So, The Telegraph tells me that Kate Moss is kicking her wedding plans into high gear, and that the three-day affair is going to be something out of Stefon’s wildest nightmares. In fact, part of me thinks she’s mainly doing it as an excuse to throw the most epic party ever. Here are some things that will be there, according to the Internet.

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    • ana

      since you have changed somethings on your page lately, I can’t read your page through my RSS feed reader. I hope you fix it soon as it is really upsetting not to read the whole article just because you can’t. I was thinking of unsubscribing

    • andrea dunlop

      My experience as a publicist has helped me out a ton with the early stages of dating. I work with writers, who are not the most naturally social bunch so it’s been a necessity to learn how to draw even shy people out and put them at ease. I’ve found that almost everyone has at least one area of expertise or interest that they can talk about for hours if they get an interested listener: so if all else fails, just dig around until you find that topic and let them run with it. This can put both parties at ease AND help you not pull a major over-share if that’s your wont. It’s also usually more interesting and telling to listen to someone talk about what they’re really passionate about than just make small talk.

      As far as actually opening up to another person, I can’t help you there as it’s common knowledge that publicists are dead inside.