How To Look Like A Brooks Brothers Model

You think that looking like a J. Crew model is the same thing as looking like a Brooks Brother model? You. Dumb. Whore.

By which I mean, there are some very minor differences and this will be really helpful to you the next time you go to the Cape with Thurston (tell him his boat is looking yar!)

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    • Jessica

      Is it just me or does that last one feature a young woman simply made to look older? She only has the slight suggestion of nasolabial folds and those hands…even if they’ve never done a day of hard work they should have at least a knuckle wrinkle, right? Are there any gerontologists on the B5 staff that can weigh in on this matter?

    • Eileen

      I can’t decide if I’d rather be the woman in #1 or #5. Turtleneck or wrap dress? Leonine hubby with tie or political candidate with pocket square?

      SO MANY DECISIONS. At least I’ve got “long, straight dark hair” down.

    • porkchop

      It’s all about dressing like a clown but with zero humor.

      “Yes, I am wearing 3 shirts, red pants and no socks. Park my car.”

    • Francesca

      My life’s dream, in step-by-step instructions…it’s glorious.