How To Get A Great Summer Glow Without Looking Like Snooki

You say you’d like to look deliciously tanned this summer – but you can’t leave your office for the beaches of Ibiza? And you’d prefer not to be the same color as Snooki? God, look at you, making our lives difficult again. Your outrageous requests are why we drink ourselves to sleep at night.

Fortunately, Juice Beauty has some terrific organic products that will help you achieve a natural glow and leave you feeling almost as good as if you’d booked an exciting holiday getaway. Below, a few products that can help you achieve complexion perfection.

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This post was sponsored by Juice Beauty.

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    • kat

      That… is kinda messed up. I’m not generally down with tanning cuz I think skin cancer sucks but Snooki is Chilean by birth. She’s probably browner anyway with or without the sun. And with the already higher melanin content, she probably tans much easier just walking out the door than say, the average European white descendant would. If you wanted to rank on one of the Jersey Shore girls you probably should’ve picked JWowww because she’s half Irish descent and probably should never go into the sun.

      • Roxy

        JWow is also part Mexican…..

    • Tiffany

      I couldn’t agree with you more Kat.

    • taylor

      I have no problem with Snooki insults but I sort of thought the gloss was above blatent product placement and advertising. This was a little infomercial-ly.

    • kate


      I read Irish and Spanish which is not Mexican. She could be entirely caucasian depending where in Spain that part of her family originally came from.