Ever Wanted To Go Topless In Public? We Did. (NSFW)

About an hour into my walk, one of New York’s finest pulled up alongside me in one of those little ticketmobiles they drive.

“Hey!” he yelled.

“Yes, officer?”

“I know the law says you’re allowed to do this or whatever, but there are kids around.”

The word “law” was dripping with contempt. He clearly hated this “law,” and wished he could ticket me.

“Is there a part of the park where kids aren’t allowed?”

“Just use your brain. This isn’t appropriate. I don’t know what you think you’re doing–”

“Hanging out in the park?”

“[blah blah blah I'm scolding you] …and I know you’re only doing it for attention.”

“Wow, it’s so cool that you can read my mind,” I wanted to say, but I stopped myself. Cops can fuck your shit up if they feel like it.

“Okay,” I deadpanned, and walked away ticketless. Sorry, cop bro. I’m sure you’ll catch someone having a wine picnic or something soon.

As I neared the end of my topless journey, someone yelled “happy pride!” at me. I’m not sure what’s inherently gay-prideful about having your tits out, but I gave a “yay!” anyway, because I support the concept. Perhaps he thought Jennifer and I were lovers? (In which case, I’d be flattered, as she is quite the catch.) Anyway, it was at this point that I felt enough time had elapsed since being yelled at by the cop that I wouldn’t be obeying him if I put my shirt back on.

All in all, it was a pretty positive, if somewhat anticlimactic, experience. I tried to act as normal as possible, but it’s hard not to smile when you’re doing something so obviously goofy. I don’t think it’s yet possible for a woman to walk around topless without having people assume she’s pulling some sort of stunt, which is a shame. Granted, I was doing a social experiment of sorts, but it would be nice to be able to do it just because it feels good. (Also granted, many people ignored me. Kudos to them, for they are the future.)[tagbox tag="toplessness"]

As for the parents and children Central Park’s authority figures were so vocally concerned about, not one single parent so much as shot me a dirty look. The thing is, topless ladies are allowed to walk around in public, and most public places contain children. The way the law is now, the right to be topless in public trumps the right to not have to see a stranger’s boobs. If people don’t like it, they should lobby to change that law. Personally, I think that viewing a bare breast as inherently sexual and hence corrupting of innocence is silly; I’d much rather my hypothetical kid see women of all shapes enjoying the outdoors and being comfortable with their bodies than, say, two fully clothed people dry humping on a bench. One would think such an enlightened place as New York would understand this. I like to think the New York City of the future will be a joyful place full of free-swinging breasts, billowing marijuana smoke, and copious jaywalking. (We’ll also be grilling rat meat in the bombed out remains of condo developments, so we’ll need boobs around to cheer us up.) Until then, though, I think I’ll confine my public boobsploits to more socially acceptable arenas. Like the Internet.

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    • Eileen

      Boobs are fine, but as for jaywalking, why shouldn’t traffic laws apply to pedestrians as well?

      I have to say, though, if I’d seen you walking around dressed like that, I’d have noticed your tattoos before I noticed your breasts. Perhaps that’s what people were pointing at :)

    • Hanna

      First of all: you’ve got great boobs. Boobs are awesome and beautiful.
      Second, I think it’s great you had the courage to do that. I don’t think I could. Ever.
      People seem to be more tolerant than we give them credit for.

    • Emily

      First off, you have fabulous boobs and gorgeous tattoos. Well done, all around! I’m definitely a fan of topless beaches et al., but have a different perspective that on the surface puts me in agreement with the PoPo: breasts are beautiful and very sexy- I don’t want kids (and the adults they become) to think that you should ever get used to seeing them, that they are just milk delivery vehicles or something pornographic. They’re sacred, and awesome. So awesome that I feel like they should be reserved for our lovers or closest friends (on said topless beach)…and maybe the person with the spray-tan gun.

      • Breasts:The Movie

        Considering how much we see of breasts all around us in people’s dress , the media, advertising, etc. I wonder how much people are already very used to seeing them (even if it’s not in their fully nude state)? I wonder if you have any comments on that? Also, I think you were saying you didn’t want them seen as pornographic. How does that factor into their sexyness?

        Also, you said you don’t want people thinking they are just milk delivery vehicles. Would you agree that the biological purpose of breasts is for milk production? What makes breasts sexual? Are they really more sexy than any other part of a body?

        Thanks, your comments would be very helpful.

      • DMoney

        What’s the real diff between a topless beach and parts of Central Park? Many people (in the US, anyway) actually go to topless or nude beaches in order to see what can be seen (I’ve been leered at so many times at these sorts of places that I’ve given up on them), which I think can actually make it a worse scenario.

        I think if you want to keep your sacred boobs covered, that’s fine. I probably would for the most part, too.

        However, I would like to live in a country where I feared no ill-judgement from others at those moments when I chose freedom of skin over sacred boob-coverage, because that kind of ruins it for me.

    • Paul

      In Europe there are billboards with topless women. Show me the child that’s been scarred by one. Puh-lease. It’s like saying gay marriage is legal, but you can’t carry the bride down the street for fear of offending the religious types. Too f-ing bad. If it wasn’t “appropriate”, the law wouldn’t allow it.

    • andrea dunlop

      Nice that you had such a positive experience, minus the cop. We have a couple of big outdoor events this time of year in Seattle that involve a parade of naked bicyclists (Soltice, Gay Pride) and TONS of people bring their kids. Nudity is all about context. No child is going to be corrupted by a bunch of happy people being all at peace with their bodies and such.

    • Allysia

      Girl, you’re gorgeous. If I were you, I’d flaunt my shit all day er’day. And so much courage! Rock on, bad mammajamma.

    • Jinx

      LOL at the California tourist lady’s face. She looks terrified. Not that she should, you’re gorgeous dahling!

    • edi

      it’s been said but- great boobs!
      also, i don’t understand how we’re supposed to remove the “pornographic” label from our bodies without doing things exactly like this. exposure is the only thing that will acclimate us to anything. plus, boobs are just great.

    • Jessica Pauline Ogilvie

      You are awesome.

    • MM

      Rock on, miss! If toplessness was legal here I’d be doing the same in hot weather. I really don’t see why I can’t go topless when obese men who have bigger racks than I do can.

    • Francesca

      I wish I had as big a set of balls (or boobs, well literally boobs, metaphorically balls. you get it) as you do.

      fuck yeah.

    • Diana

      I have a little problem with the idea of nakedness or generally exposing too much of oneself and that is ugly or over-weight people (myself included). Whilst being on the beach, I almost throw-up a little in my mouth every time I see a very large woman spread out in all her ‘glory’ with all sorts of wobbly (huge) bits spread out. To be honest the naked breasts bother me the least. I dislike the image of a very fat man as well, but unfortunately there is a difference in the way fat cells are stored in men and women (Lucky bastards! They can’t get cellulite!) so the wobbling factor is greatly reduced.

      You’re gonna say that it’s their right, if I don’t like it, I shouldn’t look and so on…. But isn’t someone’s freedom ends where another person’s begins? That said, what if I had my speakers at maximum, bass and all, bothering my neighbours? Wouldn’t I be a jerk for not considering the ones around me and wouldn’t people be well within their rights to tell me to turn down the music? Is anyone sympathetic for the woman in this article: http://thegloss.com/odds-and-ends/reminder-do-not-mess-with-crazy-people/?

      Assuming that you don’t agree with having the freedom to make as much noise as we please, why is ‘visual noise’ okay? Why should I overt my eyes or risk being sick? FYI I also really really dislike when people wear slightly too short shirts and their muffin top is visibly hanging over the trousers.

      Furthermore, I can’t say I agree with this whole ‘learn to love your body the way it is’ trend. Don’t get me wrong. If someone genuinely like the way they look whether really skinny or at the opposite end of the spectrum, fine, I’m happy for them (as long as they’re healthy). But if there’s someone who doesn’t like that they’re overweight, why should they learn to love that instead of trying to get fit by being on a diet and joining a gym? Not saying eating disorders are OK, they’re NOT; but that doesn’t mean that the idea behind them (to get thinner, more attractive) is bad. For the record, I am fat and on a diet and going to the gym. I don’t like my body (except my boobs), but I’m working to change that (very slowly).

      To make a parallel, if a woman was unhappy in a relationship, no one would say ‘learn to love it’; everyone would say ‘you deserve better, dump his sorry ass and look for Mr. Perfect’. So why not think the same when it comes to the relationship with our bodies? Why not have some ambition to change?

      • Jamie Peck

        “Assuming that you don’t agree with having the freedom to make as much noise as we please, why is ‘visual noise’ okay?”

        Because “visual noise” is not actually noise? When was the last time having a fat person nearby kept anyone from reading a book, taking a nap, or having a conversation? Not to mention, what some people find icky, others might find quite beautiful, and vice versa. “Thinner” does not necessarily equal “more attractive.”

        Also, feelings of shame and negativity have rarely (if ever) helped anyone adopt healthier habits. Loving your body is much more conducive to that. Don’t forget that mental health is an important aspect of health, too.

      • Normandie

        Wow, if I had as great of boobs as you do, I would definitely go topless more. You have great breasts!! And to the haters, well, haters gonna hate. Diana’s comments only go to show how deeply ingrained the patriarchal concepts of “beauty” and what women “should” be or should “not” be doing are. Her comments are so disheartening to me as a woman – not because she disagrees with what you’re doing – but because it’s just a testament to how internalized these male concepts of order/beauty/etc are.

        Diana, you give yourself away by saying that you think you’re “fat” and that you don’t like your body and want to change it. If you want to work out to be healthy, then do that. There have been lots of studies about how people with extra weight on them can be just as healthy. Bodies come in all shapes and sizes – but please don’t spread your self-loathing to the fat woman on the beach who is sprawled out in all her glory, enjoying her beautiful body for what it is.

      • mwebi

        Wow. You sound like you have just a little self-hate going on. Why don’t you just relax and have a good time instead of thinking about how you and others look. Seriously.
        And no, your metaphor is not quite right. What you are saying here is more that only certain types of music should be allowed to be played loudly, and if you don’t like it, other people just have to turn theirs off.
        Guess what? The world doesn’t exist just for you. Whatever it is that you deem attractive has no bearing on anyone but you. Broaden your horizons and GROW UP.

      • platypus

        So you don’t like fat people, they are disgusting to look at. Should they be outlawed and barred from public spaces?

      • on zero

        diana, for more positive notes on your comment: i think your arguments are completely valid. (except the cellulose…is that true? could lack of cellulose just be result from male making more muscle than female?) but i, too, care about my appearance – it gives me confidence and personal satisfaction.

        …”visual noise” is a metaphor extended from “speakers at maximum, bass and all, bothering my neighbors.” Yes bare-chestedness is not noise, but it can be just as uncomfortable and annoying to deal with like music that’s bothersome and loud.

        and it’s a necessity to watch what we eat… humans evolved to store our nutrients in fat packets since we were scavengers. it’s so easy to become past obese. (obese can be healthy, depends on the individual, i think)
        Diana did not mention stick-thin as being attractive. yes we come in all shapes and sizes, but being ridiculously overflowing with bulging flabs …. really? c’mon you wanna be happy and healthy.

        oh and you can be fat, but be aware of your body and wear fitting clothes !!! there’s still ways to flatter your shape

        … i can see mwebi’s point too… that “The world doesn’t exist just for you.” being humble and kind helps understand this somewhat harsh comment involves you just having to put up with it sometimes.. there’s a balance of wheather you should draw the line to “‘learn to love it’” or ” ‘deserve[ing] better.’” these are two directions that’ll depend on the situation and the individual… some of the best advice i was given was to think of your own self as your friend

    • Denise

      Honestly, I would be afraid of getting harrassed or assaulted by a bunch of drunk frat boys. Sad, but true. Kudos to you though for pulling it off.

    • jackie

      Simply awesome . People are so PG. It’s a human body for goodness sake! And they use “kids” as an excuse. Lame.

    • Paul

      Came for the boobs, stayed for the great humour. I’m gonna read some more of your articles!

    • TS

      Maybe next time, you and Nerve writer Meghan Pleticha should go topless sunbathing together: http://www.nerve.com/love-sex/i-did-it-for-science/i-did-it-for-science-topless-in-the-park

      Although since she wrote that article two years ago, she might not be down for it.

      • Ashley Cardiff

        Yes! Only one writer can ever write story (ever). It is the first law of blogging/journalism/everything.

    • Ralph Haygood

      The people braying “Not in front of the children!” are themselves childish, in the worst, mindlessly conformist sense of the word.

    • Pau; Rapoport

      Congratulations! Very well done! — both the event and the story. Splendid! Just a couple of little things:

      1. Lodge a complaint against the cop. He doesn’t get it, doesn’t want to get it, and harassed you for doing something legal. He is NOT NOT NOT allowed to impose his moral obtuseness and gross ignorance on you or anyone. He should be removed. (But you did all the right things concerning him at the time, absolutely.)

      2. You say if they don’t like it, people can change the law. No. If people don’t like seeing blacks on the street, should they change the law to segregate and persecute them? Please rethink asking people to take away your rights. If they don’t like what they see, they have a neck that swivels; they don’t have to look at you. If they do, however, they will discover that they have nothing to fear (but themselves, sometimes). Thus beginneth a little self-education.

      3. This is easier when there are others with you, most joining in. Women or men, doesn’t matter much, except that with men you can demonstrate the equality argument, just in case anyone gets snippy. When they say, as they inevitably do, “But women are different,” you might reply, “Yeah, they have higher voices.”

      4. Tops off to you for being the the first person I’m aware of to use the adverb “toplessly.” Perhaps you’ll move on to “topfreely”!

      5. Your story will soon be referenced on the longest-standing, widely read site devoted to this topic (14 years this month):


      which, despite its hosting, is mostly concerned with the USA.

      • Amanda Ernst

        I noticed you mentioned Jamie’s story on topfree.ca but there’s no link. Yet you link to the USA Today story you call “inane and misleading.” Why send them any traffic at all?

    • Dr. Paul Rapoport

      P. S. Please dump the “NSFW,” people. It’s unthinking, narrow-minded, and condescending. Let people decide on their own what’s NSFW. How about playing video games on company time and computers?

      In this case, saying these photos are NSFW contradicts the point of the story. It’s a kind of censorship in a story that’s vigorously promoting the opposite. And if people choose to read a story about a topfree woman walking about NYC, what do they expect to see? Trees growing in the forest?

      (And no topfree woman is naked. No such man is, right?)

      • Jaimee

        Well the NSFW is so you won’t open a pic of her tits while your boss is near resulting in your termination.

      • Dr. Paul Rapoport

        Jaimee, did you read what I wrote about NSFW? And can you not tell the difference between a picture accompanying a news story and something from Pornhub? Your point just fetishizes women’s breasts and says context never matters. It also says sure, ignorance is fine and you support it, and other people have the right to tell you what’s “safe” or not for your work, when they know nothing about it.

      • mcnvx,jd

        Have fun explaining that to your boss.

      • dude

        It’s wonderful that your ivory tower is so progressive.

        My workplace sexual harassment policy is not. So thank you for tagging this post as NSFW and helping ladies and gentlemen around the country avoid being sued, fired, and otherwise reprimanded for viewing it.

        I was quite easily able to read it at home.

      • Petey’s mommy

        I agree with dude. While I enjoyed reading the article, I really greatly appreciated the your thoughts that boobs need not be any more sexualized than men’s chests. That said, I am grateful for the NSFW post so that I could view such NOT-offensive pictures at home–where I can’t be fired because company policy prohibits anything that could be deemed “inappropriate” (and considering, considering that short shorts and tank tops on either sex are inappropriate for my workplace, I think topless, on either sex, is also inappropriate).

      • Matt

        Well that’s just silly. Yes people can decide their own NSWFs, but if they don’t know until they click it, it may be to late.

    • McBain

      Is it wrong that the first thing I noticed was that you were reading ‘Infinite Jest’? Great choice of book, and great article.

    • anon

      Fuck that cop and all but “If people don’t like it, they should lobby to change that law” is goofy logic. Just because something is legal doesn’t mean it’s OK to do it!

      • worf

        Yes it does!! that is the concept behind it dumbass!!

    • Katie

      Yay, thats fantatsic! I’m sorry Im totally gonna repeat what many other people have said but I never would’ve been able to do that, too chicken. But Im glad that there’s some-out there who is :)

    • jor

      Will you marry me? Better yet, will your tits marry me? I’m on my way to Albany right now to lobby for tits equality marriage.

    • Ricky

      I am all for self expression, I think you got alot of balls doing what you did. Personally, I ask one big favor out of every man and woman like you.

      While I am bisexual, I ask that if you should go topless, please…PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS GOOD AND SACRED keep your fucking pants on.

      When I first read this article, I thought you were a complete whore. But then I thought to myself, men do it all the time. While I would hate to have my boyfriend or girlfriend showing themselves off at all in any way, I would find it sexist to say it is wrong for a woman to do it.

      I know it’s the human body. But there are people who don’t like this, and some people actually don’t want their children to see your tits, and I understand that fully. You should to. People grew up extended from varied beliefs, and you can’t try to take that right away from them as parents, and force their kids to see what they dont want their kids to see yet.

      Just as I have no right to tell you what to do and what not to do. So if you really really want to do this, please take into consideration that people want to raise their kids their way, and no one on this site, or off of it has the right to say otherwise. They did not give birth to the kids that they are revealing themselves to, so they literally have no right to do such things.

      Anyways, carry on. More power to ya, but keep that consideration in mind and at least cover your nips around kids, how hard is that?

      • Becky

        “When I first read this article, I thought you were a complete whore.”

        Oh how classy of you.

        “Just as I have no right to tell you what to do and what not to do.”

        Then stop trying to body police her. I don’t like seeing saggy white man boobs out everywhere, but I put my big girl panties on and deal with it. I suggest you do the same, and stop sexualizing a perfectly natural, non-offensive body part.

      • Larry

        You hypocritical twat

      • Liz

        Sooooo Ricky…you do realize that some parents are trying to raise their children in the belief that homosexuality is wrong. So perhaps you and your boyfriend shouldn’t go out in public together. I mean, come on, have some respect for other people. AT LEAST don’t kiss him or hold hands around kids. NO. It doesn’t work like that. You don’t stop doing something just because a select few might find it offensive. Especially when it’s something so natural.

      • Steph

        So men can do whatever they want, and women who try to do the same are whores? Kindly fuck yourself, asshole.

    • Formerly Known as Sl*t

      Thanks for the laughs! What a great idea for a slideshow. Honestly, I must (very hypocritically) say I don’t really like to look at bare chests anywhere except the beach. I don’t know why, I guess it seems a bit exhibitionistic, if that’s a word. I freely admit this is not a reasonable way for me to feel. In general, bare chests have a pretty high incidence of not being aesthetically pleasing. Lucky you, you’re gorgeous, but not everybody is as pleasing.

    • DAD

      Has your mother seen this?

      • MOM

        Hours ago. Where have you been?

      • Mom’s lesbian lover

        What a fine daughter you have, darling.


    • zitchdog

      You should have been arrested. What’s next, masturbating in Times Square? Nothing but absolute selfishness.

      • Julian Morrison

        It amuses me how you call it “selfish”. You know what that word means, right? Sounds like you envy her liberated boobs. But you of course are too moral to go around hurting… who exactly? Show me the harm.

      • DMoney

        Er, people go topless in other countries all the time, and it actually has the opposite effect of “masturbating in Times Square.” Can you possibly be so ethnocentric as to deny this?

        I think the real selfishness here is men hogging all the glorious, positive sensation of having one’s bare chest in the breeze. That, and the idea of wasting taxpayer money on something as harmless as not wearing a shirt.

    • Lassie

      You were quite brave! You are a lovely girl and I enjoyed the article!

      That said, to all those folks tsking, saying what’s the BFG, it’s just a human body – I wonder if they would drop trou, or walk around topless, at their own family reunion, with grandparents, cousins, parents, nieces, nephews, etc. It could be held in the park on a hot day! Or the Elks Hall, I dunno. But if they feel free to walk around topless, why not chatting with Uncle Ed over the swedish meatballs, or bonding with your cousin Sue cutting slices of cake?

    • george.w

      Of course I like seeing boobs, in a perfectly normal adult guy way. But it will do kids a lot of good to see people being relaxed and open with their bodies. How much suffering comes from Puritanism?

    • Kiri

      To people who use children as an excuse: Uh. No. Most young children don’t have a problem with nakedness, because most children haven’t been brainwashed into thinking that boobs and the female body is purely a sexual object they should be ashamed of showing in public. Kids run around naked without a second thought because they were born that way and it’s comfortable.
      Personally I’ve always really wanted to surf topless, because wearing a bikini actually leaves bruises on me when I surf but I’ve never been brave enough to do it. I applaud your (legal) public nakedness madam! (Also-you looked more classy topless than some girls do with all their clothes on).

    • rick

      good tits ruined by bad tats

      • Chris Martin

        Not to mention the muffin top…

      • Jo

        rick and “chris martin,” will you kindly attach a headshot and full body shot for length inspection and critique by the gloss reader? kthnx.

      • Sally

        I ditto Jo’s request.

    • SG

      While I’m all for topless women in public I think it’s hysterical that the author and many of the comments here are in high dudgeon over the cop’s reaction.

      Yes it’s legal, yes naked boobs are no big deal, but pointing out that there are children around is not exactly fascism and when he said “You’re only doing it for attention ” he was EXACTLY right.

      Attention was the whole point of the exercise. Without attention there is no article. The author could have walked around naked on the roof of her building and there would have been nothing to write about because there would be no interaction with other people. Drawing attention and provoking reaction was the intent. Acting offended when that is pointed out is ridiculous.

      • Jo

        Not really… I think gauging the reaction of the public to a perfectly legal and peaceful practice was the point of the article. Had it resulted in no one giving a fuck, it would have been even better. Jamie probably would have been all like “everyone, toplessness is no longer taboo, lets have a central park tits out party next weekend.” Now I am bummed there is no topless party.

        Also… it sucks that in such a situation, the cop is trying to assert his MORAL authority, since he doesn’t have legal authority. But, as Jamie said, she still had to listen to him spew his bullshit because he is a cop and would, I’m sure, jump at the opportunity to fine or arrest her just to make his point.

      • Matt

        The article can get attention without her having been a spectacle which it seems she accomplished as well as could be expected. Yes she was noticed by some but not overly so. It was a good read.

      • Lindsey

        So my question for you is this:
        If I walked out of my house and I was wearing a nice dress…am I oinly wearing that nice dress out of the house because I want attention or is it because I’m COMFORTABLE in that particular dress?

        People can’t help attracting attention. Just because YOU happen to pay attention to them doesn’t mean THEY’RE out to get YOUR attention. I only put caps on those words for emphasis…not to illustrate a rise in tone or anything.

        But the cop REALLY had NO REASON to harass her. He really didn’t. It wasn’t his job…it wasn’t his duty. He just wanted to be an arrogant ass whole and harass a perfectly law-abiding citizen for kicks cause he’s a pig. An arrogant, nasty pig who I, personally (and I’d hate to admit it) hope he gets shot by a gangster one day. He could have been patrolling the streets and spending his precious time finding criminals and getting them off the streets and away from innocent civilians like this woman. but instead he decided to spend that time pestering a young woman…cause he is a PIG!!!

    • Jo

      Jamie, you are awesome and the “they drink milk out of them” line is fucking amazing. SO TRUE. People are so fucking irrational. Boobs are arguably more for kids than they are for sex.

      As a side note, some of the comments only show up when you click through to the next page of the slideshow (sometimes it says there are 53, other times it says there are 39).

    • DM

      I keep trying to think how this could possibly hurt anyone.

      A lot of it seems to boil down to one observation by comedian Louis CK… (paraphrased)
      “If my kids see that, I might have to TALK to them about it. Have you seen my kid? And I have to talk to them about that? Eugh.”

      I don’t know that it’s enshrined in any legislation (constitutions etc.) of any nation, but I can’t see how this is much different than free speech. Just like one might have the right to say anything in public (no matter how “offended”, justifiably or not, people get), people have the right not to listen.
      And I don’t know about you, but it’s an awful lot easier to not look at something than to not listen to it!

      Sure, running around topless might not help to preserve political dissent, but it sure preserves personal liberty, which is the end goal of preserving political dissent.

    • Overly-involved

      I don’t want to be rude- but if that isn’t a shadow and is a lump in your armpit in the top photo, you should get it looked at by a doctor. Even if it’s just a “skin thing” that close to a lymph node can be bad.

      Oh- and you’re amazing for doing more than just talking about the topless-women battle and actually getting out and doing something.

      • Jamie Peck

        It does look like a lump, doesn’t it? I’m a total hypochondriac, so I just felt up my armpit…no lumps, just some five-o’clock pit shadow. Phew.

    • KM

      I love this! I went to the Coney Island Mermaid Parade last week, and there were both boobs and children all over the place. Women of all shapes and sizes, covered in not much more than glitter and pasties, just celebrating and having fun. Once you’re over the initial shock (boobs in public!) you start to ask yourself what the big deal was in the first place!

    • knockatize

      In all seriousness, would you have done the same story if you were less attractive?

      • bibadibobadi

        yeah, most people sit around and wonder what life would be like if they were less attractive. all the time.

    • kdog

      i dont take people with tattoos seriously

    • James

      If I ever catch you with them sweet titties out again,I’m gonna suck ‘em till I faint from bliss!

    • Laura

      as a mom I would much rather my kids grow up knowing what real boobs look like than seeing all the gross plastic ones on tv and the internet and wrongfully concluding that THOSE are the real deal. goes for both my girls, who I would like to have positive, not shame-based, body images, as well as my son, who I would like to end up not being an ass like those guys on here that have posted mean stuff about the author’s body.

      • Breasts:The Movie

        I’m curious to hear more about how you think this could help your son?
        I’m studying these issues in connection with a film I’m making.

    • Keno

      I’m male and I don’t go topless. I also find it annoying when other men wander around with their shirts off. I don’t want to see you. I don’t want you to see me. Put a shirt on.

      Women though? Yeah. Go topless. Just don’t be mad when men stare.

      • gotopless.org

        That’s a good point. Men and women must have equal rights when going topless with the option to exercise it or not. On National Gotopless Day, aug 21, some women come to support the Constitutational Right of women to go topless but they keep their breasts covered. All are welcome.

    • David Davidson

      I Fap to this !

    • url

      You are beautyful!

    • Anonymouse

      You’re not brave or pioneering, you’re rude, ill-mannered and disrespectful. You might want to get your rather gopping tits out, but others don’t want to see them and they have the right not to. Yet another vain, selfish poser who lives in a fairyland of political theory, trumpeting their freedom of expression over others’ rights to be left alone.

      P.S. Your tats are shit.

      • Jon

        You are Homo, and a little bitch. Grow a pair and respect her opinion .

      • Dude You Need to Settle Down

        Why are you so afraid of/repulsed by breasts? There’s nothing wrong with them!

      • Jenny

        There are lots of things I’d rather not see and my right to not see it is accomplished by… *drumroll for dramatic effect* …LOOKING AWAY!

      • Sally

        Aw, Anonymouse, sounds like your a tad jealous of Jamie’s ability to express herself as she chooses. Sounds like a prescription for happinesss may help you out – I suggest spending a few hours topless may help clear your mind.

        If others in the park truly had a problem with seeing a shirtless person, those individuals are not being prohibited from looking away or even relocating to another area. I’m pretty sure the US of A is a free world like that….so in the meantime, go back to your Tea party sprew your crap there.

      • V Thrash

        Pretty sure freedom of expression is constitutionalized, whereas peoples rights to be left alone are not. I’m not American, I wouldn’t know.

        I’d hardly call the legalization of toplessness a “fairyland of political theory”. If she’s allowed to do it legally, it sort of stops being theory and becomes legal code.

      • Sam

        You say very confidently that others don’t want to see them, but her experience doesn’t bear that out, does it? On the basis of what actually happened, most people didn’t think it worthy of a second glance, lots were very positive, and one or two were negative. Why would you, and those few, get to dictate to everyone else?

        Much as I don’t like your approach to the argument, it would be hard to disagree with it in a democracy if her experience had suggested that most people had a problem with it, but guess what? It looks like you’re in a tiny, if rather vocal minority. Maybe your freedom not to be offended is in fact trumped by everyone else’s freedom to take their shirt off. You could always move to Iran, if you consider not seeing women’s bodies a freedom…..

    • A. Nonymous

      Honestly, the article idea was kind of stupid, but this girl is beautiful. Anyone saying otherwise is an idiot.

    • Babette

      “I just think that people are so weird about nudity and the human body. Sex is not bad, naked bodies are not bad and naked bodies don’t always have to be connected to sex.”
      — Emily Browning

      It’s just another part of the human body – one children are well aware of. They won’t look at it and think, “Now I must become a sex addict.” The most that will happen is the child will become hungry or ask questions. Wow, it’s too horrible to think of!

    • Mokti

      Good job!

      Men are going to stare, clothed or not… equality under the law is a great thing when we can actually swing it. It’s nice to know that this is possible and here’s hoping we, as a society, can get past our shame.

      Cheers and happy toplessness~

      • gotopless.org

        The only way to get passed our shame is to practice going topless! Join us on Nat. Gotopless Day Aug 21. Our moto is “Free your breasts, free your mind”

    • Meghan Pleticha
    • Howard

      Seriously, public nudity is no big deal. Having spent a fair amount of time on topless and full-nude beaches in the rivieras while in the navy (at the horny young age of 18) I can tell you from personal experience that any titillation evaporates rapidly after roughly 10 minutes. When it’s everywhere it’s irrelevant. In fact, the sexiest women in such places are the clothed ones (leaves more to the imagination, y’see). Nudity and sexuality are two entirely different things. If you don’t believe me, compare the visual of your grandparent nude and the visual of your significant other nude….and apply a dash of reason.

    • Brittany

      It’s about time people started to de-sexualize boobs. Indigenous cultures rarely cover breasts, and it’s like you guys said: every kid has sucke don them or should(breast milk is best!) and creates bonding between mother and child. That’s what they are there for! They have nothing to do with sex any more than bound feet or armpits. They are for the kiddos and it’s a damn shame women have to hide when breastfeeding in public and even get ticketed for it! How absurd and harmful for society and babies! I went to Curacao (in the Dutch Antilles) and on the beach-boobs-boobs everywhere!(and kids) And nobody cared (or stared)! It was a wonderful feeling

      • Hanna

        Um, from time to time I want my boobs sexualized, thank you very much. They’re not just sacks of fat hanging there to nourish a potential child one day.
        I think it should really depend on the context, no?
        Boobs in the park = relaxed, natural, not such a big deal, yay for nudity and healthy body image
        Boobs in my bed room = BIG deal. Very sexy. Like, smoking hot.
        Boobs under my clothes = Can occasionally be politely admired but not stared at. I know they’re there, yeah, they’re nice, now move along.

      • Silenus

        I’m not sure if this sort of expression would ever help to desexualize boobs, considering the other comments lustfully talking about how great they look.

    • DA DA 5000


    • Sienna

      That’s so cool. And you looked beaut! I love your tattoos! And the casual dog facts you picked up!

      And children would definitely not notice breasts? They are like the number one constant in their lives until kindergarten!

      I once went topless sunbathing on a busy beach in Europe. It was amazing. I was slightly drunk from the night before but I loved every second of it.

    • hottest titties i ever done seen

      i’d c on your t’s

    • Michael

      Anonymouse, it is you who is rude, ill-mannered, disrespectful, and selfish. Please give us one GOOD reason why your “rights” trump those of others. Your comment about Jamie’s tattoo’s was childish and rude.

      Jamie, I think what you did was a good thing. People need to get a grip on this issue, and realize bare female breast have never hurt anyone, despite what some delusional people say and think.

    • T.A.Butt

      These are marvelous honey balls. Wanna suck the last drop of honey from them!

    • taxim99

      I find it humorous to see the kinds of people that posted here. There seem to be only 3: acceptance, rejection, and hornyness. I laugh. Haha. Regardless, it is good to see someone going out and testing the waters. Sure, some people may do it for attention or their voyeuristic kicks but that doesn’t seem to be the case here. The urge to cover up with the book says as much to me. It takes brave people to challenge the norms that we are all used to regardless of the legality of it. This is freedom at its best. To the people that don’t like it, good for you. You’re welcomed to your opinions, just don’t go thinking that they are any more relevant than anyone else’s. Yes, including mine. Thanks to the author! p.s. IHC rocks!

    • dnaix

      for gotopless day i need a poster saying ON STONE ITS ART ON FLESH ITS CRIMINAL (at least in most christianized states)

      • Dawn

        I like this. I like this a lot.

      • gotopless.org

        Well put! It is up to each of us to change that.. by speaking out!

    • Some Guy

      Infinite Jest?


      • kshc

        This just confirms my view that Infinite Jest would be a much better book if it was completely transparent.

    • frank



      Who is the author of the “Infinite Jest?” ; just asking

    • Scoopthebird

      Oddly enough, she thinks it’s ok for her kids to see a woman’s bare breasts out in public, but stick a nude man in front of her kids and she’ll be singing a different tune.

      • John

        Oddly enough, as long as he’s not doing anything overtly sexual, I don’t that she would.
        You see, enlightened people understand that there is nothing sinister or obscene about the human body.

      • Michael

        Is a women without a top on really the same as a fully nude guy? Not in my mind. If a woman was fully nude, then the comparison would be valid but saying bare breasts on a women equals a fully nude man is silly.

        I have been where topless women in public are common, in fact there are topless girls and women at and around the shools, and most every where else too. I have not seen kids messed up from that, they think it’s normal and don’t pay any attention to it. The whole argument that seeing breasts will hurt young ones is very lame, when I hear that I know instantly the person saying it is just repeating what they have been told and have never really reasoned on it or witnessed it in person so as to actually know what they are saying.

      • Tina Miller

        It is a shame that people equate nakedness with sexuality. That is what I believe is wrong with Western society in many forms. We teach our kids that our naked bodies are inherently bad and then tell them to love themselves for who they are; right along with everyone is a winner, but try your best…If we stopped teaching kids with such inconsistency then we may just raise a decent generation at some point.

      • yay boobs

        Are you retarded? The equivalent of this some guy walking around without a shirt on. Guys walk around without shirt all the time.

        Nobody is going bottomless or full on nude here.

    • Maurepas

      I’m'll be honest, I agree with prettymuch everything in this article(and it was well written and funny), but I can’t help thinking, “Damn that’s hot!” at a few of those pics, :P

    • gotopless.org

      Congratulations Jamie Peck on exercising your right to go topless in a state where it is legal to do so.
      Unfortunately, it is not the case in most states, and Gotopless.org is fighting to change the law and give women their constitutional right to go topless in public. The general public may have moral issues about female toplessness in public, but what is at stake is NOT a moral issue. It is a legal issue. If men can go topless, women must have that same right or else, as Rael, Founder of Gotopless and spiritual leader of the Raelian Movement states, men will have to be forced to hide their chest as well. It is simply a matter of gender equality defended by our Constitution.
      Every year, Gotopless.org organizes a National Gotopless day to honor Women’s Equality Day (Aug 26). This year, National Gotopless fall on August 21. Please join us and stand up for women’s right to gotopless and in top free states like NY, it is a great opportunity to exercise your right.

      • paginate

        You would have more success if you dropped the alien thing. In prudish America getting people to accept equal rights is hard enough; associating topfreedom with an alien religion makes it even harder—use common sense!!!

    • Sims

      This is why I always say save the wilderness—in most states women get tossed in jail for being shirtless. Thousands of people only have an apartment so the wilderness is the only outdoor place they can be free without worrying about police.

      • chief wana dubie

        I can see by the posts that no one here has been to a rainbow gathering, where many people walk around totally naked as well as just topless, it is one of the freest feelings that i have ever had, and it was widely believed that children that experience nudity as a social function are more open minded and grow up with fewer plexes! It can be hard to put clothes back on your children though, after two weeks of nudity!
        The federal martials have more of a problem with us just being in the wilderness in numbers, than by our nudity, many film it, and with that they could do it, some have even come back after their shift and stripped it off, and they actually felt equal and as one with each other, with out the pretence of their uniform!
        Equality would dictate that if it is legal for men, that would mean the same for woman, however many U.S. cities have naked statues in water fountains, and there are several at Missouri’s state capitol, but if anyone dared to get naked in the water, they would certainly be treated as a terrorist!
        Many men have breast big enough for a EEE size bra, but since it is not considered sexy, there is no contest, so is it actually illegal to be sexy, beautiful, open, free, honest????

    • Page

      Unleash the boobs but cover up the silly tattoos.

      • Sam

        Why judge?

    • Jeweler

      She needs a pearl necklace to properly accent that outfit.

      • sniperfantasy


    • D.E. Bowers

      You go girl!

    • Ann Burlingham

      Just a reminder: the right to go top-free in New York State, including but not exclusively New York City, is thanks to activists in Rochester. In fact, the previous case where men won the right to go topfree (when bathing in the lake, as I recall), was also fought and won in Rochester.

      Enjoy your rights! – and remember that the home of Susan B. Anthony and Frederick Douglass is still the home of people willing to fight and win them on behalf of all.

    • Ivan Akirov

      I must say I’m glad you got the guts to go topless in central park, and you wonder if that’s something that’ll become common someday, my answer is yes, and what it takes is just women like you. You did it ’cause a couple of weeks ago another woman did it, I think now other women will do it just because you did it too (I wish you are not the only woman with guts there in NYC); that way I think we’ll see central park crowded with topless people, maybe one day even nude people, as you can see them in city parks in Germany and other european countries. Congratulations on mading such a decision!

    • OhReally?

      I haven’t mined the comments on this thread, but did anyone catch the irony of one of the cop’s comment:

      “I know the law says you’re allowed to do this or whatever, but there are kids around”

      I do believe most children have seen breasts – up close and personal, even – as a part of their dietary regiment! To quote the inimical Louis Black, “I’s got nipples; you’s got nipples; all God’s childen’s got nipples!”

    • Tom

      To be fair, you *were* doing it for attention. But that’s okay. I think every guy who goes topless is doing it for attention too. Awesome post

    • Taylor

      “The way the law is now, the right to be topless in public trumps the right to not have to see a stranger’s boobs. If people don’t like it, they should lobby to change that law.”

      Please stop giving people ideas.

      • gotopless.org

        The current law is simply unconstitutional. Either both men and women can go topless or neither can. That is Rael’s Constitutional argument who founded Gotopless.org in 2007.

    • Natalie

      It’s all fun & games until someone gets their eye poked. Sorry, lame attempt at being funny. I think it would be a free and liberating America to be able to walk around actually looking however you well pleased. Maybe then there would less inhibitions about what’s morally right and what’s lawfully wrong. I ♥ Boobs! they’re awesome:)

    • Breasts: The Movie

      I’m currently making a movie about these issues so I really appreciate the article and the comments everyone has posted.

      I think the biggest problem with America is how we’ve sexualized and objectified women’s breasts which if you compare us to other cultures throughout time you would find that being abnormal.

      For anyone who thinks this is a moral issue – especially to protect kids, I’d like to hear your thoughts on why it is ok for a child to see a breast when they are being nursed by a mom but any other non-sexual viewing is considered damaging?

      I’m also curious to learn more about why some people here thought this was exhibitionism?

      • Samson

        Pls contact me at my skype id samsongate

      • gotopless.org

        Glad to hear about your movie. Please feel free to reach Gotopless.org spokespeople at info@gotopless.org

      • Lindsey

        I would love to learn when this movie comes out. ;)

    • AJ Dickson

      i think it’s great you exercised your rights, but i can’t help but wonder if the reaction would have been different if it had been a less traditionally attractive woman (really, what a stunning beauty!). i guess that’s a whole different topic, though.

    • bill

      I just read this for the article ;)

      I do think that if all women put their boobs out there it would make the boobs less sexually attractive. Part of it is that they are hidden and that adds to the allure. The other part is that boobs tend to look better when dressed up in a bra.

      Lastly, of all the personal freedoms that have been eroded I think this is the least important.

      • V Thrash

        What a shame. I love the fact that my boobs are so sexually attractive that I get ogled every time I go out in the street. You know what women DON’T need? Less sexualizing of their breasts! It would be such a shame if boobs weren’t sexual (or were rendered less sexual by increased exposure). Imagine all the harrassment we would escape!

    • movingtoNY

      hooray for boobies

    • chief wana dubie

      Whould a man, who had breast augmentation surgery still be allowed to walk around topless? Or would it then become another issue altogether?


        Sounds like a job for mythbusters.

      • chief wana dubie

        Myth busters would have fun with the reason that i ask that question, for it took me 45 years to figure out that i was born both sexes, but that the doctors with the conscent of my parents aborted my femanine essence, and never even bothered to tell me about it, my life has been based on others lies and secrets, i have had 20 nervous breakdowns being caught in the middle of this sexual battle raging in my hormones, until i finally accepted that society created me, and accepted me for whatever i may be!
        5 years in the homosexual factory, called prison, turned me into a lesbian, and me caved in chest, from them smashing my solorplexes when i was born, has developed in my mind, to the point of falsies, and persecution, however if i had the money or co-signer i would have me breat corrected, and since i love to go topless, i would still do it, for breast are better looking than my deformity!
        And why does society have a problem with sexy men anyway? I shave my legs, when i feel sexy enough to do it, but sexy is hard work, it sure is not a natural thing!

      • natalie

        well, it would probably not be a different issue, but it brings to mind those plastic surgery shows like dr. 90210 where they’ve done segments on someone changing genders. i always thought it was insanely stupid how if they were removing a woman’s breasts to make her a man they blurred out the nipples until the “after” photos when the breasts were gone. um…in the cases i saw it wasn’t a complete surgery, so there was still a vagina down below, so it was physically the equivalent of a very flat chested woman being shown without nipple blurrage. the reverse also applied, where if they gave a man implants, the before was not blurred, but the after was. a little less questionable by TV standards (but of course, why do we need to blur nipples in the first place?), but still ridiculous since as many others have pointed out many men naturally have bigger boobs than some women.

    • Mark

      Boob sweat? Never heard of it but it makes sense I guess.

      What a great post. Fun but respectful. Good for you for exercising your right to go topless. If we don’t exercise our rights, we risk losing them. Like the right to free speech and free expression, something people seem to forget. And the “think of the children” argument is just a cover-up for nervous adults. Kids don’t care about nudity one way or the other until adults tell them to. I hope someday soon we’ll look back on this breast paranoia and laugh at how silly it all was.

      • gotopless.org

        Thank you for this beautiful positive comment, Marc. It is indeed a matter of Constitution and not morality which greatly fluctuates with time. That is why Gotopless.org is organizing its 4th National Gotopless Day on Aug 21: To stand up for women’s constitutional right to go topless and in places where it is already legal, we encourage the women to exercise their duly right. BTW, National Gotopless Day is at the end of Aug in honor of Women’s Equality Day (Aug 26)

    • Steve

      Have to say as a parent of one of “those kids around”, hooray for sanity. One of the problems we have in the U.S. is our anal-rententiveness. Boobs are beautiful and there is nothing negative or dirty about a woman walking around topless.

      By the way, in Columbus, Ohio, we have a Comfest where you’d feel completely at home.

    • pathetic

      look at that topless hipster?

      her third boob is the biggest

    • Shybiker

      Interesting experiment and interesting reactions. There are plenty of things that are legal but strongly discouraged in public. For example, a celebrity rode his bicycle around NYC last winter (when it was very cold) wearing a baklava which covered his face except for the eyes. A cop stopped him and told him to take it off, even though he had a legal right to wear it. The cop explained that the covering scared people and made them thought he was a terrorist. In that situation, as in yours, propriety trumps legal privilege.

      • Michael

        Of course you are entitled to your own opinion, but I think your rationalization is flawed. There is no legitimate reason she and others should have to cover their breasts so others don’t have to deal with their own problems about it. There are all kinds of “reasons” (not very reasonable reasons, if you ask me) people dream up, but they all rely upon convoluted or imaginary “what if reasoning” as their basis, and do not stand up to scrutiny. Illegitimate and imaginary problems that scares someone or makes them feel insecure should not be the basis to take away other’s rights and freedoms.

        The taboo of bare female breasts in public in the USA is just one example of irrational thinking, here is another: since I was a young person, I found it implausible that there were people who believed there were witches, and they burned those imaginary “witches” at the stake or did some otherwise horrible things to them, just so they could feel safe. Then I would go on to think it was nice that in this modern civilization people had wised up. Now that I am older, I realize that very same mentality never did go away, and that it is still alive and well. I personally can not image burning someone at the stake because they might be a witch, and I can’t see being an enabler of people’s irrational fears by demanding that a women cover their chests when men don’t have too.

        And one other point, just because a cop feels something is improper or tells someone to stop, does not make him right nor should it set a precedent. Cops frequently have their own irrational believes just like others do and often take the law into their own hands or break it all of the time.

      • Mr. Collingsworth

        I’m curious, how did a rich, sweet pastry made of layers of filo pastry filled with chopped nuts and sweetened with syrup or honey on a celebrity’s face make him look like a terrorist?

        I’ve enjoyed baklava in public before and no one has said anything to me…

      • mags

        “wearing a baklava” ? really? some dude was wearing a Greek dessert riding around on a bike and that scared people and made them think he was a terrorist?
        Obviously you mean burkah. and the irony of this is just too good. if you don’t see it then as my grandmother would say, “if you don’t know i’m certainly not going to tell you”.

    • lisa robin

      i know that this has been legal for a while. i went topless in 2002 in the east village but it was december so i didn’t last that long. too damn cold. (visiting from boston) anyway i would totally be down but really there are so many creeps on the street being creeps when i have my shirt on that i would probably get into a fight…

    • Mark F.

      Just as there are men who should leave their shirts on this writer proves that there are women that should do the same.

      I think that having your boobs exposed and flopping around would be an inconvenience.

    • Sue

      you cant show your boobs unless you are open for lewd actions by some people who will get a different impression than the one you were to reflect. yeah its freedom of something. but the spectators around you also have freedoms they would like to exercise.

    • Ismael

      The first thing we all get into our mouths are the breasts. There is nothing more beautiful and natural, nutritious and beyond filled with messages of love and care. The prejudices of some people may not be enough to tarnish our nature. Breasts and nudity are not pigs, they are just dirty minds of some who prefer the milk jar.

    • Rosemary

      I agree, the natural over the artificial provided. Put clothes on the body is a custom of our culture. In this case, the laws only serve to alienate the human being. I love nature and authentic people. It is not correct to say that a nude could confuse a child, on the contrary, we are adults dirty mind.

    • LS

      Bravo: for a brief period of time you made the world a more beautiful place.

    • Kwabena Ampofo

      “Personally, I think that viewing a bare breast as inherently sexual and hence corrupting of innocence is silly.”

      It’s like you’re reading my mind!

    • PrestonS

      This article brings to mind what I regard as a serious threat to good old American individualism and personal liberties — the notion that somewhere in the Constitution should be a “right not to be offended”, as exemplified by the cop who clearly wished the law still supported his prejudices. The right to cause offense, albeit without demonstrable harm, is crucial to both freedom and social progress — though in this case it seems only very few were offended. Encouraging. The most “harm” any degree of simple nudity can do is to challenge the misperceptions of people raised to be neurotic about the subject.

      The author might research the Rochester Topfree Seven for some history, and http://www.naturistsociety.com for leads on further avenues of exploration.

      • John

        As a TNS member, I agree with you!

        Well said.

    • Sephia

      Now I want to visit NY just to go topless!

      I do hate the double standard of women’s breasts are “sexual” while male breasts aren’t. I’ve seen some male boobs bigger than my own!

      I think the problem is women’s boobs are FUNCTIONAL while male boobs aren’t. That scares man-boys.

      The funny thing, I bet you would have had police and comments a LOT sooner had you simply started feeding a baby with your boobs! LOL

      • John

        Did you know that men and women both have the same abilities (albeit fairly rare) in that regard? Yes. Men have breast tissue just like women. Men can lactate and get breast cancer. It’s a lot easier for women to lactate, but with some effort it is possible for men too.

        I agree that there is NOTHING sexual about breasts. They are not a reproductive organ and should not be required to remain covered in public for any reason (as a Nudist, I don’t believe any part of the body should remain covered either, but that’s another topic entirely). Men can be seen topless. So should women. I, for one, wouldn’t look twice…or even once.

      • J

        The breast is NOT inherently sexual? I think that the opinions/looks/sexual drives/media coverage/attention that men give them would say otherwise. What a silly thing to say. Of course they are sexual. No one said that they were sex ORGANS, but they ARE a sexual part of a womans body.

        If you want to walk around naked though, I don’t think that you are harming anyone, least of all children. They dont’ have the foolish frame of conservative reference that some adults do in order to be affected by it. Only we adults are that foolish.

        Nothing wrong with women being topless, or naked.

        just don’t expect men to treat it as though nothing were going on. You will be stared at, and for all the right reasons.

        Sexuality is sexuality, and if you expose yourself to a situation where sexual titillation is a possibility it is foolish to be surprised (or offended) when it happens.

        That being said, it hurts no one (no matter what the conservatives think), so do it.

        You are free to be topless so go ahead.

        Feel free.

        …..but we are also free to look and enjoy it ;)

      • Jamie Peck

        “The breast is NOT inherently sexual? I think that the opinions/looks/sexual drives/media coverage/attention that men give them would say otherwise.”

        Please explain how any of these things are qualities inherent to a breast. They are not. They are external social factors.

      • Sam

        Agreed, social factors only. If you’re not sure, look at African and South American countries where bare breasts are normal practise most of the time; somehow the men are not overcome by lust, nor do booby magazines sell many copies. I think we could safely say that every part of a man’s or woman’s body is sexual, since all are admired by some people, but breasts are not given this same super-duper focus in every society.

      • mj

        Inspiring me to do something similar in the lovely city of Austin…

    • Donald

      Like how the cop thinks he’s SO morally superior and gets to boss you around when there isn’t a law against what your doing. Pig.

      • Lindsey

        I KNOW RIGHT!!!! I hate how cops LOOK for reasons to ACT powerful!!! It’s so stupid! While he could be looking for gang members or drunks he’s sitting there harassing a perfectly normal, law abiding woman. What a friggin’ PIG!

    • Steve, in Hampshire, UK.

      Nicely written and photographed article, amusing and entertaining, but with a positive message, well delivered. Well done and thanks for airing this (them) :-)

    • Douglas

      I would have LOVED for her to utter this reply to that douche bag cop, “How about this. You focus on the junkies and alcoholics acting stupid and pissing themselves in front of kids, and don’t worry about my completely natural, God given breasts.”

      • Missy

        god didn’t give women breast to put them on display to the world.

      • Michael

        Missy, just how do you know god did not intend for women to display their breasts? Kind of presumptuous, no?

    • Susan Kranyik

      We’ve been forced to see disgusting man-boobs for years on our beaches and in our parks; I wonder what cop would yell at a guy with boobs?

    • Allen

      I bet she got that Ice cream for free ;)

    • local customs

      Um… are you sure you’re not confusing this “Europeans are okay with women walking around topless in the city” phenomena with this:

      Topless sunbathing -
      If you’re at the beach or in a park in the summertime, you’re bound to see this. This does not mean we don’t put on a top if we’re walking somewhere. This goes hand in hand with topless bathing of course, but is much more common. And yes, it’s done in parks where kids play and at all ages, all genders beaches. It’s just a pair of breast; kids don’t react if you don’t.

      Personal anecdote; when I was in secondary school we had a fight with the school board about being allowed to sunbathe topless during school hours/trips (the school was big on picnics and outings, I guess as a mean of bonding and keeping the school spirit high). We won, since they had no solid argument against it, other than “what would media say?!”. The new rule, amusing enough, also allowed us to sunbathe topless at the schools sunroof.

      Going braless -
      Not wearing a bra is common practise. Walking around the city, or going to work or school, without a bra isn’t going to raise any eyebrows. As long as you’re not wearing something entirely transparent, without as much as a slip underneath, pretty much anything goes.

      Personal anecdote; when I was in primary school I even had a couple if teachers who didn’t wear bras on a regular basis. It was never a big deal.

      Men who pull of their shirts in the city (not counting parks), and walk around, are abound to find themselves on the receiving end of condescending looks. It’s not so much that male nudity is taboo, or prohibited, as it’s considered tacky or tasteless. And if a woman indeed felt like walking around topless, I’d say it’s something she should keep to the bohemian parts of the city, as the local police is less likely to take offence.

      But then again, every city in every country differs. If you’re planning on going topless during a vacation in [insert random city in random European country] do ask around about local custom first. But topless sunbathing and no bras, that’s pretty much a given in most cities.

    • Missy

      I never grew up wishing “gee I wish I could walk around town with no shirt on”. Seriously? Fighting for women to be able to walk around topless, aren’t their more important things in this world to fight for? This is ridiculous! When I walk out my door I don’t want to be seeing breasts in my face. I hope more women decide to do this, so the public can see how much we DO NOT like this law and can vote to change it. Save it for the nude beach! If you want to be naked so bad go to a nudist community. Their is a time and a place for everything and the park, where children play is NOT the place. And for all you people talking about what’s the big deal if babies are breastfed…feeding a baby/toddler when their are too young to know anything sexual is one thing. Now my 10 year old brother seeing a woman on the street with no shirt on is another. This is inappropriate and disgusting. Yes you were doing this for attention and nothing else.

      • Miriam

        What’s going to happen to a child who sees breasts? I mean really, what’s going to happen? Are they going to turn into a sex addict?

      • TopFree TheWaytoBE

        You may think that beause due to your own social conditioning, social or sexual inhibitions, because of your upbringing or because of the social norm which traditionally expected women’s breasts to be covered….. I know that at least once in your life you saw some male friends take off their top and you wished you could too… Every female at some point has!!!!

      • PrestonS

        Interesting. One would imagine getting shock and indignation from, say, some blue-haired dowager. Instead, it appears we are getting it from someone young enough to have a 10-year-old brother? This doesn’t speak well for the depth of some young peoples’ understanding of the precarious existence of individual liberty — all liberty — against the two crashing masses of government power (i.e., the officious cop) and lowest-common-denominator majoritarian moralizing. I think, given the broader implications of bowing to such pressures in any particular instance, I will urge everyone to decline Missy’s invitation to ghettoize ourselves in order to safeguard her hostilities. The hardest thing for some people to comprehend is that topics such as this one actually do involve matters of principle.

      • PrestonS

        Another comment: There is no need to hypothesize and theorize about the effects of nudity on kids. The data exists in plenitude. From the 1920′s through at least the 1980′s social nudity and its effects were a fairly common topic for published, professionsal psychological and anthropological research (imagine that). Somewhere I have a bibliography of published studies that runs for three or four single-spaced pages. In all of that material, only positive (i.e., not neutral, not negative) effects were reported. I won’t crush the air out of this thread by injecting footnotes and citations, but it seems appropos to point out that people who argue on the basis of imaginary psychic injuries in response to nudity are promulgating prejudices diametrically at odds with the facts. Anytime someone insists they want your money or your freedom and “it’s for the children”, watch out…

      • Lindsey

        I don’t think the whole idea of women being topless is only about “Gee, I wanna be naked in public!!!”. The idea revolves around Women’s Rights Activism. If a man can run around with his shirt off, why can’t women? Breast are not technically considered genitalia. They’re only considered genitals by idealism and not technicality. So why do women go to prison for showing their breast whilst a man can go scott free for doing the same thing??

        That’s the reason for fighting to have laws like this passed. Women and men are only different because one has a vagina and the other has a penis. Why are you able to look at a mans breast and not a woman’s?? It’s all about Women’s Rights and that, my friend is a perfectly good reason to fight for it. It’s people like you who have oppressed women from being treated the same as men and the sooner you accept that we are all human and should be treated equally the sooner you can start living a happier life and stop worrying so much about breast in your face.

      • Jessi

        your plea for help here has not gone unnoticed.
        one day you will be free of these oppressive ideas and rip the shirt and bra from yourself and learn what natural has to offer.
        your statement is a cry for help.
        “Yes you were doing this for attention and nothing else.” you were screaming for the help you need to get out from under that rock.

    • Bevis

      WHOA. Wait a minute, here!

      They sell Cherry Garcias for $4.00?!?!?!?!


    • chief wana dubie

      At one time here in America, it was considered obscene, vulger, and profane for a woman to even show bare feet in public, according to books and movies such as “Gone with the wind” and that time period. And any woman that went outside of this prudish box, that was layed out by the church, was ridiculed, labled and outcasted!
      As up until the early seventies being a divorced woman was the lowest form of life, lower than indians, smokers, drunks and hippies, ect. but now is considered the norm!
      As capitolism gained a food hold in America, the impact and control of the church, faded into the worn pages of the past, and sex appeal has become the standard of the mediatainment industry to push capitolistic! goods upon the world! Slinky, revealing tops make a lot of money, and going topless could over time destroy the boobie cover industry, and since money is now Americas new god, they also set the moral standard, of which is “you can play, as long as you pay”!

    • dee

      hahahahahahahah the photo with the CA tourist woman is FANTASTIC.

      her face is priceless!

    • chief wana dubie

      America has so many double standards, that all of our supposed leaders have double vision!
      We can’t segragate blacks from wites, but we segratate smokers from non-smokers, nudist and naturalist from supposed christians, children from one or both parents, offenders from the offended ect………………..But what we really need to do is segratate the government from our humanity, and their bigoted church doctrine, and empty morals!

    • Ally

      Missy, actually, God did intend for woman to bare her breasts. That’s why Adam and Eve were not ashamed of their nakedness in the garden. :)

    • Shirley Gauthier

      I have been a nudist for decades. I would love to be able to go topless whenever possible. Check out http://www.aanr.com for other opportunities to recreate nude in a non-sexual safe venue.

      My favorite place to recreate nude is Gunnison Beach in New Jersey…but as an Oregonian…topless anywhere would be really nice.

    • Alexis

      Missy needs to chill the fuck out and open her closed mind.

    • Christina

      Inspirational and a great article.

      If more women walked around topless I am sure the world would be a better place.

      • JP

        I’d like to see more females feel at liberty to go topless in the parks as it is where we go to relax. I would like to feel comfortable looking, as well. I get the feeling that those that do will be made to feel uncomfortable because they enjoy the view of the female breast. Personally, I find it quite enjoyable to admire the unique curves it presents and it makes me wish I could touch the smooth tenderness. Christina, your point is well taken and I agree. Would my point of view offend you if I admired your topless form should you choose to frolic in the beauty of the parks? Enjoy your freedom…

      • gotopless.org

        Hi Christina, This is exactly what Gotopless.org intends to do with our 4th annual National Gotopless Day on Aug 21. Join us!

      • Dave

        ms.Christina, I agree with you 100 % and it would stio men form gawking if they saw more women going that way

    • spiky

      I applaud you for your courage and pleasant nature throughout, and with all respect included, you have a very nice chest.





    • Christine

      I wish it was legal everywhere, damn tshirts.

    • Michaela

      Here in Atlanta, someone called the lifeguard on me because it’s not allowed to take off your clothes in the locker room. No, these are not shared locker rooms. I am a woman, in a woman’s locker room.

      That takes the cake for me when it comes to prudishness

    • ms. monogamy

      damn, girl! that is some impressively brave and bold reporting. kudos to you! not sure i’d have the cojones, but i’m glad you do.

      • gotopless.org

        Maybe you’d like to participate in National Gotopless Day on Aug 21? It will be our 4th annual event throughout the country.

    • BenjaminG

      Attention starved are we? Don’t you think women get harassed enough in the city?, walking around topless is just asking for stares, rude comments, & plain ol trouble. Btw nice tits!

      • Ken

        I think you missed the whole point dude. The point is that clothing is an INVENTION and ought not to be forced on people. Going topless (or nude for that matter) ought to be legal everywhere (it is legal in New York).

        The problem is that people have been taught really harmful things about their bodies, and about their supposed rights to enforce their discomfort (religious or otherwise) into laws that make it illegal to be normal. Ideas about skin being somehow wrong to expose, are learned not innate. In Egypt, women wore a topless gown (the kalasiris ) that was more and more sheer the higher class a person was…every day for 3000 years.

        Yet we are supposed to be the ever so enlightened ones.

        Unfortunately nudity has been fetishised by people who are unable to cope with:

        * the concept that skin is not necessarily sexual
        * that sexual feeling are not wrong and do not require action
        * the idea that other people have different thoughts than they do and that this is normal and OK (a thing most kids learn as their theory of mind advances at around 4 years old).

        AND that sexual fetish has been made into laws. I find it disgusting that people are forced by law to honor the sexual fetish of people with serious issues.

        We do not make “patent leather shoes” illegal because a few people get all hot and bothered by them, and are uncomfortable with any sexual thoughts. Ideally we send those people to a therapist, not to capital hill.

        Making any degree of nudity illegal, or enforcing any sort of dress code in the law, amounts to the same thing as forcing people to wear the burka.

        Allowing other people to be different than we are, without making laws to force them to fall in line with our own choices for our own life choice, was written in to the constitution of the US and many other democratic nations.

        The fact that is that having protections in the constitution of a country, did not stop people from making “decency laws” which jailed comics, politicians from disliked ideologies, as well as those naturists who admitted that homosexuality is rife in the rest of the animal world, and those medical workers and social reformers who dared to teach women about birth control (so that they would not die for being forced to be baby factories for their husbands).

        No law ought to try to control a persons actions, so long as those actions do not harm other people who have not given their informed consent (or football would be illegal). Doing things that get people who have hang-ups feeling all uncomfortable, does not count as harming them.

        People need to grow up.

        wish to as long as they do not violate other person informed consent (which is the basis of law) is a thing that people who have a very stunted theory of mind do not feel right about doing.

      • Lalala

        Well maybe we need to teach people to not harass women, eh? Because as you point out, women are harassed anyway, so it follows that going topless isn’t the real problem!

      • DMoney

        Uh, did you notice in the article that the only harassment she received was people telling her to put her shirt back ON?

        The rest of the people were respectful, complimentary, oblivious, or averted their eyes. I think it was actually a great experiment to show that most people can responsibly handle this sort of situation and their reactions to it.

        Your comment itself was considerably ruder than anything she experienced, exposing more about you than the topless young lady in Central Park.

    • Lena

      hahahaha GO YOU! I wish I had the guts to do that! The closest I’ve come is walking with friends in downtown Ft. Wayne, IN in my bra. I’d gotten really wet from the fountains at Headwaters park and I was cold, so I took my shirt off. We were a short walk from our car. I’ve breastfed in public (in Florida) without a cover many, many times, but that’s not the same as just plain walking around topless. KUDOS to you! I have two young kids, a boy (5) and girl (3) and I would have been glad to have them around Central Park, to see you walking around comfortably without your shirt. It would have been a great teachable moment. As you said, you were just enjoying the park. You weren’t doing anything sexual, just walking around. I would love if our country would get over its Victorian-era modesty (which is laughable, considering how “sex-obsessed” our culture is with TV, movies, ads, etc.). It would be great if women could walk around without their shirts so that our culture can become desensitized to the sight, and breastfeeding mothers would surely have an easier time. I really like your vision of the future- I, too, have those same hopes.

      Hooray for boobies! You have a beautiful pair, by the way. ;-)

      • gotopless.org

        Hi Lena,
        Yes, we can get over our Puritanical ways by standing up for our Constitutional Right to go topless in public. It starts with a few and then it will be Constitutionally acknowledged. It is up to us. Please joins us on the 4th International Gotopless Day on Aug 21, in honor of Women Equality Day. It takes place in many states in the US, Canada… and even certain cities in Europe.

    • Ken

      Some people have missed the entire point.

      The point is that clothing is an INVENTION and ought not to be forced on people.

      I have no desire to be forced to use a car, or a computer or a cell phone or any other invention.

      Going topless (or nude for that matter) ought to be legal everywhere (it is legal in New York and many other places).

      The problem is that people have been taught really harmful things about their bodies, and about their supposed rights to enforce their discomfort (religious or otherwise) into laws that make it illegal to be normal. Ideas about skin being somehow wrong to expose, are learned not innate. In Egypt, women wore a topless gown (the kalasiris ) that was more and more sheer the higher class a person was…every day for 3000 years.

      Yet we are supposed to be the ever so enlightened ones.

      Unfortunately nudity has been fetishised by people who are unable to cope with:

      * the concept that skin is not necessarily sexual
      * that sexual feeling are not wrong and do not require action
      * the idea that other people have different thoughts than they do and that this is normal and OK (a thing most kids learn as their theory of mind advances at around 4 years old).

      AND that sexual fetish has been made into laws. I find it disgusting that people are forced by law to honor the sexual fetish of people with serious issues.

      We do not make “patent leather shoes” illegal because a few people get all hot and bothered by them, and are uncomfortable with any sexual thoughts. Ideally we send those people to a therapist, not to capital hill.

      Making any degree of nudity illegal, or enforcing any sort of dress code in the law, amounts to the same thing as forcing people to wear the burka.

      Allowing other people to be different than we are, without making laws to force them to fall in line with our own choices for our own life, was written in to the constitution of the US and many other democratic nations.

      The fact that is that having protections in the constitution of a country, did not stop people from making “decency laws” which jailed comics, politicians from disliked ideologies, as well as those biologists and naturists who admitted that they saw (and filmed) homosexuality as rife in the rest of the animal world.

      It did not stop :Lenny Brice from being arrested for making a joke about the pope. It did not stop medical workers and social reformers who dared to teach women about birth control (so that they would not die for being forced to be baby factories for their husbands). A lot of people have gone to jail for things that one groups or other found “offensive” to their morals…as taught to them by other mentally unstable people.

      No law ought to try to control a persons actions, so long as those actions do not harm other people who have not given their informed consent to those actions (or football, baseball and boxing would all be illegal). Doing things that get people who have hang-ups feeling all uncomfortable, does not count as harming them.

      People need to grow up.

      We ought not make anything illegal unless it violates another persons informed consent (which is the basis of law). Take my money without permission and it is theft…with my permission it is a gift. Unfortunately some people who have a very stunted “theory of mind” do not feel right about letting other people be different than they are.

      Much like a young child who laughs at anything that any person does, which is different than what they are used to (dresses differently, speak differently, has different customs), these folk feel the need to use the law as a tool for controlling every aspect of the lives of other human beings. A thing that ought not to be tolerated in the laws of any free country.

      • chief wana dubie

        Right on Ken, you should run for office, you’d get my vote!

      • Michael

        Ken, good post.

      • gotopless.org

        We enjoyed your well written comment, can we publish it on Gotopless.org website?

    • Marci

      Women’s rights?! Oh come on! We can all take off our cloths and start behave like a monkeys! We got brain for a reason, but unfortunatelly some people don’t know how to use it! It’s a shame. My boobs are mine! Why would I want to show them in public and what kind of woman is going to show her boobs (and will be proud of it) anyway?

      • chief wana dubie

        As i mentioned earlyer, i was born both sexes, but the powers that be, decided that i would be a boy, and they smashed ,my solor plexes, and who knows what they did down there!
        After 5 years in prison/ the homesexual factory, and human testing facility, and getting raped for being a hippy, and austo-pause, the dramaticic drop in testosterone, i started researching my condition, but found out the truth on tv of all places, on a show called sexual taboo!
        I have had 20 break downs, because of this battle of the sexes going on in my own head, as well as the world around be!
        I finally signed a truce with myself and decided to become a lesbian, and since i have fantom boobies, in the space where my chest should be, i got me aset of silicone boobies, and my wife sewed them into a sexy bra for me to ware!
        I have gone without a shirt in the summer most of my life, and have conquered by deformity in my mind by excepting is for what it is!
        Anyway, to get to my point, boobies get hot, bras are restrictive, and topless in not always available to me because of bigotry, so there is times that i have to remove my prostecis, in order to remove my shirt!
        If i had the money, i would get a boob job, even though mine are now a bit small to fill the dent in my chest, i think i could manage biggr ones, only if i could go topless when i get hot!
        Women are suffering every single day, in the name of prudish people, i would have to call this a cvrime against humanity!
        If the movement wants a real warrion, buy me a boob job, and i will guarantee, dubies and boobies!!!

      • chief wana dubie

        I respect those who put their money where there mouth is, and stand up, because i am oue of the few brave Americans left!
        Google me on yahoo and you tube!
        Stand up, or live on your knees, your choice!

      • JP


        Well, I see you disagree although I do not see the reference to monkey’s as constructive criticism. I believe we have a brain for a reason and that allows us to make choices. I agree that your boobs are yours and understand you do not want to show them in public. It is my perception that the kind of woman that is going to show her boobs in public and be proud of it is free spirited and self fulfilled. Anyway, top tier Mazlow’s hierarchy and a nice rack to go with it… :) Be Gentle…

    • JP

      Hello Marci,

      Well, I see you disagree although I do not see the reference to monkey’s as constructive criticism. I believe we have a brain for a reason and that allows us to make choices. I agree that your boobs are yours and understand you do not want to show them in public. It is my perception that the kind of woman that is going to show her boobs in public and be proud of it is free spirited and self fulfilled. Anyway, top tier Mazlow’s hierarchy and a nice rack to go with it… :) Be Gentle…

    • Maureen

      Oh my, a ten year old boy seeing breasts and that’s disgusting? What a sad commentary on the human form. I go to a naked beach all the time and so does my young adult daughter…she says it’s the best thing she’s ever done, totally liberating and empowering. The human form is beautiful, regardless of size or shape. Let’s embrace it…what are we so frightened of??

    • chief wana dubie

      My soon to be x-wife, thought that showing off ones body was self lack of respect, but she had no beef with screwing my brother and my friends, to her i guess that adultry is respectfull, nudity has no victims, but adultry sure does, and so does hypocracy and bigotry, but woem those traits are legal!

    • Kendra

      I love boobs. So much, in fact, that I have TWO of them.

    • boobs for justice

      Awesome tats and an awesome rack…why would anyone want to stop her?

    • ittybitty

      LUVV the closing comment! Excellent choice! Well done!

    • Alexa

      Wow- congrats on being so brave and confident. I am in awe of you. I totally agree with the idea that seeing topless women shouldn’t inherently be overtly sexual. It’s only natural! Great post.

    • Rachel

      Kudos to you! Loved reading your article and glad you had fun :)

    • Lance

      Just wanted to say:

      Awesome tits! :D

      • Dick Wilcox

        Lance, if you are good looking and/or worth a lot of money, your positive comment about her awesome tits will be welcomed with open arms.

        But if you are not good looking or if you are poor, your comment will be yet another example of how men totally objectify women and think of them only as pieces of meat.

    • Megan

      Sometimes while on vacation I go and sit in the calm water just high enough that it covers part of my nipples and I just let the water do its thing. Knowing anyone can see is so self freeing and semi erotic to me and feeling the water against my bare skin is so relaxing. I love it. The next best thing is sun bathing nude on the sand. The breeze and the heat between your legs(where the sun never touches) is like nothing else. Even if you do the sunbathing nude on your balcony or in your backyard,its soooo nice. Good for you breaking out of your shell.

    • subzi

      “I know you’re doing your thing or whatever” HAHAHA Hillarious!!
      New York is indeed enlightened.
      Well done for” showing the balls”

    • Steve P

      To Marci: You seem to miss the point. You say “My boobs are mine! Why would I want to show them in public…” Well, if you don’t want to go topless that’s your perogative, and no one is trying to force you to. The topfreedom movement is about freedom of choice. If you want to keep your top on that’s your right and you don’t owe anybody an explaination. Likewise, if people like Jamie and the Bowery Lady choose to take their tops off, that is their right and they don’t owe you or anybody else an explaination. Regardless of whether any woman, or any man for that matter chooses to take her/his shirt off or chooses to leave it on that is her/his perogative, just as it’s her/his perogative to give no excuses of justification fot whichever way they choose! That is what freedom of choice is all about!

    • wonderhussy

      YOU ROCK! Those living in NYC are sooooo lucky that someone already fought this battle for you, and more women should take advantage of it like you so awesomely did.
      I live in Vegas, which at first glance would appear to be Tit City…but if I tried walking down the Strip like that, I’d be arrested in no time flat. I keep waiting for someone to fight the battle out here…but so far, no one seems interested. I guess that means it’s up to me…

      • rickwest

        Of course you would be arrested. After all, if toplessness was legalized in Las Vegas, many of the shows would lose customers.

      • rickwest

        Of course, you would be arrested if you went topless in Las Vegas. If women going topless became commonplace, what would many of the shows and the porn industry do? Think of all of the jobs that would be lost.

    • Steve P

      Having addressed Marcie’s objections, I want to complement you Jamie. By being one of the ones to lead the way and being the change you want to see, you have made it just a little bit easier for the next woman who wants to exercise her topfreedom rights. I hope you do it again soon and I hope you have inspired other women to take the step.
      By the way, are there any other pictures besides the ones posted with your article? If there are they would add some power to your message if you would post them. If you ever decide to do this again, a video that recorded your interactions with the people you meet would be even more inspiring.

    • Sally

      Going topless on a beach is not a biggie here in Oz.

      There are even naked beaches!

      Get a life, USans.

      Seriously, this is about the ludicrous US assumption that breasts are first and foremost, sex organs, and only secondarily (or maybe even never) organs for nourishing infants.

      And you think you have the right to rule the world?

      • Canaduck

        Your unnecessary inferiority complex is showing.

    • Steve P

      Jamie, I need to add something to my last comment: Some of your population, including your local constabulary, may still be quite benighted, but at least you have courts that will uphold your rights even if it’s an unpopular decision. Where I live in Arizona it’s quite different. Recently our Arizona Supreme Court upheld our state’s anti-topless law on the grounds that discriminatory laws can be constitutional when there is a “compelling interest” for the discrimination. The court said that there was a “compelling interest” in maintaining “societal values.”
      It seems to me that this argument could be used to make any kind of discrimination that had popular support legal. However, perhaps I shouldn’t be surprised. This is also the state which passed the most draconian and discriminatory anti-immigrant bill in the country, and has most consistantly opposed same-sex marriage, or any legal recognition of gay relationships. It’s one of the most benighted stated in the country.
      Jamie, I would appreciate it if your share your thoughts on these matters, and I would also appreciate some feedback from some of your other readers and commenters, especially Arizonans if any read your site.

      • PrestonS

        >> maintaining “societal values”

        …a motive which is sufficient grounds for burning witches (or crosses), erasing the church/state boundary, and lots of other initiatives both liberal and conservative that sacrifice individual liberty for the sake of community majoritarianism. Democracy on that basis devolves to two wolves and a sheep discussing what to have for lunch. As I noted earlier in this thread, a linchpin of any free society HAS to be the recognition, however begrudged, that no one, especially the majority, has a “right” not to be offended by behavior based on values other than their own unless they can prove someone is unwillingly harmed.

    • aNON

      You were blessed with great boobs. Thank you for sharing

      • Cal

        She isn’t “blessed” with any such thing. Amazed at people’s inability to detect fake boobs.

    • Jeanne

      “I’d much rather my hypothetical kid see women of all shapes enjoying the outdoors and being comfortable with their bodies…” — Couldn’t agree more!! I grew up in a conservative town and didn’t see naked bodies (besides my own) except for the air-brushed models in magazines. They were all I had to compare my own body to– is it any wonder I would up feeling insecure about my body? Like, you know, every other young woman I know? Making sure young people don’t see average looking naked people is a great way to make sure they ONLY see above average naked people and compare themselves to that. I’d much rather compare myself (or have my hypothetical daughter compare herself) to a woman with natural breasts, hips, thighs, and belly.

      • Jess

        Well said. I DO have a daughter and ensuring that she has a positive body image in always on my mind, despite her being only 3 years old. And seeing normal variation in the human body is a great start on that path.

    • Steve P

      PrestonS: Thank-you for validating my concerns. I like your metaphor of “two wolves and a sheep discussing what to have for lunch.” I’ll have to remember that one!

    • BJ

      (looks down) On the other hand, please don’t strip those of us who’re deformed in that area of our right to keep things under wraps.

    • Steve P

      BJ: No one is proposing to strip us of our right to keep things under wraps if we choose. As I remarked in a previous comment, the key concept here is freedom of choice. Any woman, or any man for that matter would be free to take her/his shirt off OR leave it on at their own absolute discretion! Nor would she/he have to give any justification either for leaving a shirt on or taking it off. A person who chooses to take off her/his shirt would not owe any explanations. Neither would a person choosing to wear a shirt owe any explanations. That is freedom of choice!

    • gotopless.org

      Sunday Aug 21st is NATIONAL GOTOPLESS DAY!!! visit gotopless.org for participating cities. (it is the 4th annual protest for women’s constitutional right to go topless.
      In the meantime, enjoy this fun video produced by Gotopless.org http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iPZpQhqONXU

      Enjoy and feel free to pass it on! See you on the 21st with or without a top :))

    • fukkin’ nastyy

      this is is just vulgar and disgraceful. this isnt about one’s rights…this is about thinking it’s ok to be a slut in public. nothing better than reinforcing the trashy view of women as objects than by hanging ur funbags in everyone’s face. i dont wanna see this shit in public and if i’m subjected to it, WILL throw lit cigarettes, matches, stones, feces, urine, rusty razor blades, and anything else that would cause sluts like this pain and public shame. i don’t see any normal men hanging their cock out in the breeze in the city like its nothing…….a few wackjobs n homeless on the subway, yeah…but not anyone who isn’t an exhibitionist or slut seeking attention. n to my haters, go fuck urselves up the ass

      • Michael

        I think you are a vulgar and disrespectful person, among other things. You have some serious personal issues to deal with if you have made the judgment that Jamie and other such women are sluts based merely on being topfree in public. A woman’s bare chest is the equivilent of what? I think it’s the equivilent of a man’s bare chest, and you do see that all of the time. If you were to do what you say and assult someone in that manner, you will be the one shamed in public, and very likely face legal ramifications. What a messed up child you are, I am sorry for you. I hope you can get to the root of your issues, eventually get better, and find peace in your life.

      • Drawing Blood

        This may be the most repulsive thing I have ever read.

    • Bella

      THats fine, if you are in a nightclub or bar, but what if there is a religious family having a picnic in the park and all of a sudden a topless woman shows up in their face? WHy do you have to ruin their picnic for them? Seriously, common people in the park are not going to find this acceptable. Nightclub, bar, beach, ok. And please dont ask ‘how do you know that it would ruin it for them?’ Because I am a married woman and if I was with my husband and son in the park and you showed up I would be extremely disturbed and jealous that my husband had seen a half naked woman other than me. Have we forgotten that boobs are a huge source of attraction for men, and there are men out there who want to remain pure for their wives?

      • gotopless.org

        The argument is not if a naked woman’s breast is “acceptable” but if it is constitutional. And it is on the basis of gender equality. Men can go topless then so do women. In NYC this was legally settled in 1992. Now, whether citizens like it or not is a private issue, the law is the law. Some people still don’t find “acceptable” that blacks and whites are sharing the same restroom.

        Female Breasts can be sexual. so can her lips, hair, legs, etc… A burqa would be needed to barrage her sensuality (and even then, her sexual hormones could not be stopped from floating away). But what makes her breasts even more sexual is that they are hidden. Repression creates unbalance.

        So “free your breasts” free your mind dear Bella” as Gotopless.org invites people to do on National Gotopless Day on Aug 21! Details at: http://www.gotopless.org/gotopless-day

      • Michael

        Bella, since you bring up religion in regards to topless women, I have something that might be interesting. Some of the places I have been to still have topless women who go about their daily lives that way, and some of those places have more churches than you can shake a stick at. I’m not sure I would have believed it before I saw it firsthand, but those religious people seem to survive quite well there. Ever seen topless women at churches and schools? I have, but what is more, it is seen as ok and normal. A lot of the topless women are members of the churches, I fact I have seen them operating church booths at community events. These are mainstream “Christian” churches too, not small and obscure denominations. Missionary families with teen children mix among the topless women. It’s eye opening to see, and it’s no big deal. That is, unless you choose to make it a big deal. Something to think about.

        P.S., I do not feel less pure because I have seen lots of half naked women, any more than wife does because of all the half naked men she has seen. I do feel more enlightened and balanced though.

      • PrestonS

        Bella, I don’t know if you have read all the comments, but to reiterate a point — there is no “right” not to be offended by the beliefs, behavior or speech (those latter two being somewhat interchangeable since they necessarily imply the former) of people whose views don’t happen to mirror one’s own. In a free society (got a problem with that?), freedom MUST mean the right to believe and act independently; is “freedom” the right to comply with the expectations and demands of others? Madam, your stated views are authoritarian.

        I think your hypothetical about the ‘religious’ family reveals much. In your worldview, apparently religious people are straitlaced, narrowminded, judgmental, and psychologically fragile to the point that mere human anatomy can cause permanent harm. Sounds to me like it is the ‘religious’ who are emotionally damaged and perhaps dangerous to the rest of society. At the least, by your own example they are the lowest common denominator of societal intolerance and therefore cannot be allowed to define what others will or won’t be permitted to do. Only one deformed by the neuroses, aggressions, and (per your post) insecurities they have been taught will reflexively see harm in simple nudity.

      • Steve P

        Bella, I have a question to put to you: How would you like it if a law was passed that said that you HAD to go topless? Climates of opinion can change very quickly, and if the government had the power to force Jamie and like minded women to wear tops today it could just as easily have the power to force you to go topless tomorrow if the majority decided that they found it offensive.
        Fortunately for you the constitution does not allow that. The same constitution that keeps you from compelling women to wear tops I they choose to go topless, also prevents them from compelling you to GO topless if you don’t want to. As I have pointed out in previous comments, it’s about CONSTITUTIONALLY PROTECED FREEDOM OF CHOICE!
        I will always defend your right NOT to go topless, as I defend their right to GO topless. I will also defend the right of Muslim women to wear burkas if they choose to, provided it really is their choice and not because someone is twisting their arms (literally or figuratively).
        Just remember that if you take away some else’s freedom of choice you set a precedent by which your own might someday be taken away.

      • Dick Wilcox

        No women haven’ forgotten the simple fact that boobs draw attention from men! In fact these nipple baring women want the attention IF the attention comes from a man who is good looking and/or has lots of money.

        Poor and/or ugly men will accused of ogling these women who will become victims and will complain that they are being thought of as noting more than a sexual object.

      • Dick Wilcox

        Hey Bella, keep in mind that when Jesus Christ, our lord and savior died on the cross for our sins, HE WAS TOPLESS TOO!

    • ewwww!

      Dear ladies,

      while in public, please keep your bras ON at ALL times.


      • chief wana dubie


    • alex

      Amazing! I’m so impressed you had the guts to do that. You’re gorgeous and have amazing boobs as well btw (I’m a straight woman!) There’s no need to be “offended” by someone relaxing topless in a park. Don’t look if it bothers you; sorry but not everyone needs to conform to the religious views of a minority. There’s nothing wrong with being topless, boobs are normal (says me, mine are tiny!)

      • tysia

        Really, its nothing wrong with being topless in the middle of the huge city.??? why not to let all people walk naked to work, guys with dicks hanging , and naked women sitting with their naked vaginas on the subway bench, , Everything is normal. Walk around your kids naked( if you have them one day), or let their teacher be naked while teaching them, or their dentist , fixing their theath with his balls in front of them! being naked is normal!! … And religious of a minority!!??? what’s your religion?? I think you should move to Africa, and run there naked , and build a house using cow’s shit, and drink cow’s pee straight from its vagina believing that your dick wilgrow bigger, so then you can fuck a goat instead of a person, so you not gonna get AIDS. I think this is the world you belong to.

      • Dick Wilcox

        Thank you Alex for talking about her tits and saying what I think about them. You are a woman and say such things.

        I am a man and I am forbidden from talking about how wonderful her tits are, for I will be accused of objectifying this hot piece of ass.

    • rich

      Why a religious person would ruin a perfectly fine day by putting her ugly, yucky Bible in my sight, is beyond me.

    • Liz

      It’s articles like this that make the Gloss so fantastic! Awesome, awesome piece. I can’t wait until every woman in the US sees the Gloss as her daily fix. It’s as addictive as Jezebel (without the snark); like a fun, interesting mag for the thinking woman!

      Kudos! And kudos to this author for going topless! :)

    • Steve P

      Just wondering: In 6 days, Sunday Aug 21, women will be observing Go-Topless day in a number of places in a number of cities, including Central Park in New York. Are you planning to participate Jamie? It would be a great follow-up and lend great support to the cause of topfree equality.

      • PrestonS

        There was a brief mention of this event on the local (Knoxville) news radio this morning, in the context of the Asheville locus for this event. As a libertarian I generally agree with 2/3 of the conservative-radio commentary and sometimes cringe at the rest; in this instance I would’ve expected some smarmy jibe. But it wasn’t too bad — just a joke about this explaining some guy’s request for vacation. Knoxville newspaper website links to the Asheville paper, which quotes the Asheville PD official confirmation that topless is legal. The topless event will be in the same park as a church event; unlike some commentators here who have played the religious-bias card, the church is reportedly responding with toleration rather than shrill judgmentalism.

    • Bexlux

      wow ! you are so so beautiful !!

    • Kristen

      How can you be for equality and not let a woman go topfree? I see more men with manboobs to which I’d rather not be exposed…but its their right so I look the other way…and chuckle :)

      • Rouslan S

        How can we call ourselves “Land of the Free”, if people are not free to go topfree any place?

        BEING should be legal everywhere. Only ACTS can be illegal.

        If being top-free was as common as it used to be in many parts of the world before the religious fanatics took over, it would be a non-event and went as unnoticed as being hat-free or gloves-free.

      • Dick Wilcox

        Kristen, would this same equality you speak of apply to girls who are 17? 16? 12!

    • tina

      you NEED A CAUSE??


      HOW ABOUT taking care of all those babies born to all those women who you tell, dont need a man!!

      now that would be something

    • urright




      “kids drink out of them”"

      You’re saying as a baby they have the same sense as when they are older?

      LOOK , you wanted to go topless go topless



    • lezlove

      Some people think that the penis is ALSO NOT A SEXUAL OBJECT


      HOW CAN YOU SAY only breasts

      dont be a hypocrite

      • chief wana dubie

        because man can legally walk around topless, so women should be able to also! Men can’t walk around bottomless legally, even though the sign on store windows states “no shoes, no shirt no service” i guess tht pants are optional?

    • Rick

      Should the law require women to NOT expose their breasts in public under threat of criminal penalty?

      Should the law require women to expose their breasts in public under threat of criminal penalty?

      Should the law require men to expose their breasts in public under threat of criminal penalty?

      Should the law require men to NOT expose their breasts in public under threat of criminal penalty? (This was the law in the early 1900s and has been changed)

      Those who love freedom, liberty, and equality under the law will answer in the negative to all these questions.

      Those who desire to tyrannically control the lives of others may answer otherwise.

      • Steve P

        I made the same point in my response to Bella 7 days ago: If anyone, regardless of gender, wants to go topless that is their right and they don’t owe it to anyone to justify themselves. If anyone, regardless of gender, chooses to keep their shirt on that is their right and the don’t owe it to anyone to justify themselves. And if a Muslim woman chooses to go about in a burka, then as long as it really is HER choice and not something that her husband or some other man is forcing on her, I support her right to make that choice.

    • Russell

      Jamie,you have beautiful breasts and anybody who wanted you to cover them up is crazy.

      • Steve P

        I’ll second what Russell says. There is nothing wrong with respectful appreciation of beauty, and Jamie, you are a beautiful woman. I know that you ended your article by saying ” I think I’ll confine my public boobsploits to more socially acceptable arenas. Like the Internet”, but I hope you change your mind. You could be a great example to other women by encouraging them to exercise their right to topfree equality.

      • Maggie

        Umm except thats beside the point. Every woman should be allowed to go topless regardless of what her breasts look like. They’re not sexual organs.

    • Rick

      Rights that are not regularly exercised will soon be lost. The loss of our essential humanity is a grave matter.

      We need to celebrate out humanity and our bodies in all forms. Jamie Peck is clearly one such great example. There are many more.

      • PrestonS

        It’s perhaps not a good sign that I am getting into the habit of quoting myself, but here’s something I submitted on another website that you might agree with:

        “Basic truth — government cannot give us rights, though they occasionally protect them. More often, though, they restrict or eliminate our rights. Why? Because most people, I think, are irrationally risk-averse and fear disorder, so anything that might be interpreted as a risk to their slumbering complacency or upsets their priggish proprieties must be controlled. Then too, there are, per a psychological theory, internally-directed and externally-directed people. The former are guided by their personal beliefs and commitments, while the latter are guided by others’ expectations and judgments — with which they identify and then congratulate themselves for being principled. I am reminded of the film _Metropolis_ and Nietzsche’s term ‘untermenschen’ for the common man. “Likened to sheep, the Untermensch is a social animal spouting pacifist and liberal morality. In this way, he can rationalize his subservience to social and political mores.” These people who require societal control in order to function project the same mechanisms onto others, and therefore insist that other people be compelled to conform. Using force to compel compliance is what government — bureaucrats and politicians — really do best. So with a public which fears freedom and a government eager to help curtail freedom, we are caught in a pincers.

        “There are a good number of people who value _some_ type of freedom and can recognize the threats posed in some area or another by majoritarian intolerance and the expansionist state. When the opportunity arises I try to present body acceptance, i.e., principled nudity, in an abstract way as another form of freedom under threat, in the hope that non-naturists will grasp the parallels and thereby acquire some understanding of why naturism, alien to them though it might be, is a topic worthy of defense.”

        To which I usually get replies along the lines of “Lotsa luck with that.”

      • Steve P

        Preston: Read “Escape From Freedom” by Dr. Erich Fromme, and read “The True Believer” by Eric Hoffer. I think you will find them interesting.

    • j.w.

      Jamie – that was awesome!!!

    • : O

      all of the sudden, i’m feeling very thirsty… *nyom, nyom, nyom*

    • Ying Wang

      You are beautiful, thank you!

    • Steve P

      Jamie: I am sure that your example has been an inspiration to these ladies: http://coedtoplesspulpfiction.wordpress.com/. Keep us the good work.
      P.S. It would really give them a thrill if you joined them for an afternoon someday.

    • Dick Wilcox

      Topless women in public? Oh yes, the idea looks GREAT on paper. However, in the real world, things would be very different.

      (First I will be practical.) If toplessness is made legal in America the only women you will see topless are women you do not want to see topless. This happened in Canada about 13 years ago when a judge agreed that it was totally sexist for men to be able to go without shirt while women couldn’t. After that the only women you saw topless publicly were the illegal street hookers walking around in the bad parts of Montreal. Women had the choice to bare their chests, and opted not to.

      (Second I will be Realistic.) If toplessness is made legal in America the only women you will see topless are women you do not want to see topless. Let’s face facts people. If it became legal for women to bare their breasts in public you would not see women who look like Scarlett Johansson, Anne Hathaway, a young Jennifer Connelly, (you all get the idea) in Central Park walking her dog with her fine, young, firm boobs hanging out for all to see. Hot women with good boobs do not show them off for free or for no benefit to them. No the women who WILL show off what they have will be the women who look like Rosie O’Donnell, Queen Latiffia, and a present day Jennifer Connelly. Oddly enough these women will stand there, nipples int he breeze, complaining that they are being objectified.

      (Third I will be controversial.) If toplessness is made legal in America would there be a minimum age requirement of 18 or 21? You do not hear the women who demand they be able to be like men and go without shirts in public addressing the issue of teenage girls doing the same thing. Who reading this thinks it would be a very good idea to have a group of girls, ages 13 to 17, playing topless volleyball on the Jersey Shore? This is an example of where you will have to decide which is more important, the protection of children or the protection the rights of women.

      • Steve P

        Regarding your comments Dick: 1) You point out that “Women had the choice to bare their chests and opted not to.” Actually a number of women do take advantage of that option. They are still in the minority, but the important thing is THEY HAVE THAT OPTION even if they choose not to execise it. As I’ve said in my previous comments it’s all about FREEDOM OF CHOICE. 2) You say that “…you would not women who look like Scarlett Johansson, Anne Hathaway, a yound Jenifer Connelly” topless in Central park. By that logic the only men allowed to go shirtless in public should be the ones looking like a young Arnold Schwartzenegger or Sylvester Stallone. Also, your implied assumption that women would be going topless to “show off” is self-evidently sexist. 3) You talk about a minimum age for toplessness for women, bevause you don’t want to see gilrs ages 13 to 17 “playing topless volleyball.” You see a conflict between “the protection of children and the protection of the rights of women. Should we also then require a minimum age for males to go topless, and required boys under 18 to wear shirts to protect them from the pederasts? Dick, what’s good for the gander is good for the goose. It has to be freedom of choice for all or none.

      • Steve P
      • gzuckier

        ” If toplessness is made legal in America the only women you will see topless are women you do not want to see topless. ”

        So what? That’s a pretty weird basis for making a law.

    • Dick Wilcox

      If bare breasts in public become legal, how realistic do you think the following scenario could be? Think it over before you answer.

      “HELLO! I am Chris Hansson and welcome to Catch A Pedophile. Today we have a young New York City Police Cadet named Heather who will be helping us get evil vile child predators off of the streets! Heather will turn 18 in just 10 days. We have Heather on the beautiful day in Central Park, laying on a towel by a fountain, with our hidden camera’s watching. Also watching are 50 NYPD officers.

      OH! There she goes. Our 17 year old Heather is taking off her shorts… and there goes her top! As you can see Heather is now wearing a very small thong and nothing else, which as you all know, is now perfectly legal! The jail bait has been set in our trap!

      Ah, it only took a few minutes for us to lure our first pedophile. Wait… wait… I think… YES HE IS TAKING A PICTURE OF OUR YOUNG HEATHER! And now he is taking another one! Watch as our NYPD officers spring into action and arrest this sick individual for POSSESSION OF CHILD PORNOGRAPHY! Remember, Heather doesn’t turn 18 for 10 days. But with the new freedom of nipples laws, she is free to be topless in public. Uh oh! There is another man with a cell phone… I think… wait… YES WE HAVE CAPTURED ANOTHER PERVERT! This man just sent an image of Heather, the poor innocent child that she is, and her bare breasts to a friend in Denver! Oh this sicko is looking looking at federal time for transmitting child porn over state lines, and his friend in Denver will be getting a big surprise from the FBI!”

      Do any of you think this is out of the question?

      • PrestonS

        Is your scenario out of the question? Unfortunately, no. Given the tendency of law enforcement personnel (overbearing police, ambitious DA’s) to mistake their own preconceptions and assumptions for actual law, certainly such a setup could occur. But the entire concept relies upon two presumptions which I suspect are fallacious.

        First is that having a photo of a situation/subject is illegal while the _actual_ situation/subject is not. Our family has, most recent years, visited a public nude beach. Our daughter is never the only minor on the beach. It is a public (city-owned and managed) property so photography, while closely monitored by peer consent, so to speak, is legal as far as I know. Anyone could therefore photograph people on this public beach, including the kids — though if you aren’t a regular beach user with bona fides you will almost certainly be challenged informally. If it is a legal public activity for nude kids to play at the beach, possessing photographs of such legal public activity cannot rationally be represented to be unlawful. If the activity were at a private site with a no-photos policy, publication of the photos could be actionable I’d think, but we are discussing nudity in public venues so that’s moot.

        Second, you are applying the notion that nudity is inherently sexual and lewd. This is a cultural phenomenon, and an unfortunate one, but that means it is subject to purposeful change — albeit at a glacial pace. The law generally recognizes, at least in theory, that this equivalence is subject to numerous exceptions; in New York one such exception is that womens’ breasts are a “commodity” not subject to government regulation unless it is related to commercial activity. Some people will never unlearn the spurious nudity-lewdity association, but that is no reason to perpetuate it by denying those people who _have_ outgrown it the right to act in accordance with their beliefs and knowledge. I therefore challenge the idea that a topless female of _any_ age is inherently lewd, and something about insistently applying that notion to children strikes me as warped.

        I acknowledge the possibility that you were merely raising this hypothetical as a point of concern, without the object of discouraging topfree rights. So let me say in intentionally general terms that every time someone uses “for the kids” as cover for some incremental expansion of bureaucratic and/or majoritarian erosion of personal freedoms, my defensive alarms go off. This hypothetical is just one more instance of that. One does not have to be carrying a protest sign for nudity to be a political statement, purposeful or not.

      • DA

        @Preston, are you saying that nudity *isn’t* sexual? Someone needs to let Hugh Hefner know..!

        Nudity itself isn’t lewd. What’s lewd is a woman baring her breasts in public; that is, in a situation in which a woman’s sexuality is both inappropriate and unexpected. (Side note: Before you use words, you might want to look them up and be sure of their meaning.)

      • rickwest

        A girl wearing only a thong in public is shocking only because it is not commonplace. If it was commonplace, it would not attract any more attention than girls wearing bikinis today. Today’s bikinis would have been shocking only a few years ago.

    • zzz05

      We need to find a happy medium between completely banning toplessness and complete permission. I propose allowing one breast to be exposed.

      • gotopless.org

        Thanks for the giggles! At certain times of history, this was indeed the fashion. Fashion comes and goes… what is in one day is out the next (pun intended!) but Constitutional rights like gender equality for Topless rights must be recognized in all 50 states regardless of current cultural or moral trends.

    • Alicia

      How about you walk around topless during winter, then tell us how great it is then.

      • Ms. K

        winter, summer? Who cares? Thats not the point! its supposed to be the experiance and how ppl obsereve you while you are putting yourself out there.

      • Are you dumb or did you just forget that…

        men don’t go topless in the winter either. That is literally the definition of a non-issue.

    • Kaylahn

      You go girl! Dont listen to any of the negative comments that ppl have. Boobs are just skin and your skin is the largest organ the body has. Back in the day going topless was the thing to do. But now society has deemed it inappropriate. Who are they to say??? You dont like what you see dont f****** look at it. Broden your horizens ppl. Life is to short to be a square, live a little and you might actually find that life can be fun. Its not all about rules, and responsibilities. You get one shot at life so you might as well make it a gooder right?

      Rock on!

    • bagsupplyer.com
    • Paul

      I think it’s fantastic that you went topless. Living in SF you only see men without pants and older women that nobody wants to see topless. I think it would be an interesting study to see how people react to an unattractive woman topless compared to how they reacted to Jamie. I don’t think anybody cares when they see an amazingly beautiful woman such as Jamie but it becomes a little more of a gray area when it comes to somebody that nobody wants to see naked (male or female).

    • oscar

      A woman should go topless in public if she chooses

      • Dick Wilcox!

        Way To Go Oscar! You Are So Right…
        As long as only women with firm, perky boobs are the ones who are doing it!

        The rest of the women need to keep those things hidden!

      • Steve P

        Dick W: By your logic only men with chests like Arnold Schartzenegger or Sylvester Stallone should be allowed to go topless.

    • Katherine

      Even though I personally wouldn’t plan on going topless in the near future, I think this was cool and I wish it was normal for women to do so. I breastfeed and I really hate how it’s such a big deal for me to try to do so in public (*I* don’t make a big deal of it, but other people do.)

      As you said, kids drink from boobs, so what’s the problem? It really annoys me that boobs are considered sexual given that their primary purpose is for feeding. And because babies are hungry anywhere and everywhere it is extraordinarily inconvenient to try to feed them while fully clothed. So yeah, I wish it was considered normal (not just legal) for boobs to be out in the open.

      • DA

        I breast-fed my three children. However, I didn’t have any problems with breastfeeding in public, b/c I didn’t need to yank out my boobs to breastfeed them. It’s entirely possible to breastfeed discreetly, with all of your clothes on. (Do you need to take off your pants, too?!)

        BTW, “kids” do not drink out of boobs. Infants drink out of boobs. I don’t want, or need, my 12-year-old son seeing your, or any other woman’s, breasts.

    • Steve P

      Jamie, I don’t know if you are aware of this new development-http://coedtoplesspulpfiction.wordpress.com/ -but they find you an inspiration. Maybe next spring, when the weather starts to get warm again you might want to get together with them and do a story on them. Working together you might lead a significant step toward topfree equality.

    • Cabby

      I love how everyone did saying “oh the women you don’t want to see topless will get involved”. First, that’s not what being comfortable with yourself and your body is about. You’re judging someone by how they look. Second, from the past couple “topless in NYC” stories, the women were beautiful amazing people. These people that are comfortable with their breasts and to a further extent the nudist women that are comfortable with their whole bodies are just like you and me, not the old, fat, stereotype. Look into it, a lot more people are nudists than you think.

    • DA

      “Kids” do not drink out of boobs — at least, not out of the boobs of well-adjusted, mentally healthy women. Infants drink out of boobs. Showing your breasts to children 2 and under is one thing. Being willing to show your breasts to my 12-year-old son strongly suggests you have some serious issues.

      • Maggie

        Breasts aren’t inherently sexual. They’re not sexual organs. They’re for breast feeding. If your 12 year old son sexualizes and fetishizes one of my non-sexual body parts, thats not my fault.

    • Tina

      I think you are disguisting and want attention. Pretty sad. And for those who say boobs are not sexual objects need to be a little more realistic. The bottom line is they feed babies (not kids) and men love them. They are sexual and if I was in the park with my 12 year old son we would have had a problem.

      • Maggie

        Okay, except no, they’re not sexual, and they serve no sexual purpose.

        Some people have a feet fetish. Should no one be able to show their feet in public just because SOMEONE might be aroused by the sight of feet? No, of course not.

        The fact is that BREASTS ARE NOT INHERENTLY SEXUAL (caps for emphasis). Our culture fetishizes them.

        I don’t care if you would have a problem with your son seeing breasts in public. They’re just breasts. You think he hasn’t already seen the same thing online?

      • Maggie

        I also don’t understand your “The bottom line is they feed babies (not kids) and men love them” comment. A lot of people love breasts – straight men, lesbians, even straight women.

        Also, as a straight woman, I love men’s chests, and yet somehow, they’re still allowed to show those in public… I also love their arms and eyes. Hmmm.

        Not all men love breasts. Some are more attracted to a woman’s legs, which for some reasons are free to go bare and exposed while a woman’s chest is not. How does this make sense?

      • P1H

        God maggie you act like a child. Even if it is legal, many people see “breasts” as a sexual image. Therefore it should not be shown in public. Now yes there are some “fetish’s” but you have to think less than 1% view it as sexual, and breasts on the otherhand are viewed sexual by more than 70% probably. If it can’t be shown in a school room, it shouldn’t be shown in public. Simple as that!

      • Leah

        P1H: Your argument lost all of its validity (if there was any to begin with) when you made up statistics.

      • Lucas


        The fact of the matter is, breasts are shown in school. Granted, they are shown in a sexual education class AND Biology classes. However, they are still shown in grade school. Sex organs are also shown in sexual education classes and Biology classes.

        I was always curious about why a man can go without a shirt and a woman couldn’t. I have always felt women are equal to men, and I have always felt women should be able to go without a shirt. Its only clothing, and breasts are not considered “private parts”.

        What we do with not allowing women to show their breasts is shelter children. They don’t need the sheltering, because then all they do is stare at womens breasts, making the woman feel uncomfortable. I was the same a few years ago (turning 18 this year).

        So would you rather women being stared at because people are obsessed with breasts, or allow them to be uncovered if the women want to or not. I vote for the later. Women wanted equal rights so bad… if you don’t want this one you don’t deserve any of them. As I said before, I think all people are equal, and should have the same rights, so don’t try and say I’m sexist.

      • assman35

        I agree breasts are sexual. So why is that a bad thing? And why shouldn’t your 12 year old son be exposed to sexual things. Sex has been around for 100000 years. Kids have been watching people have sex forever. I don’t understand how we were able to make it this far if seeing sex is traumatizing to kids.

        There was a time when adults and children slept together. This meant that kids watched and listened while their parents fucked.

    • Shannon

      My only problem with this:

      Do we want our blossoming 14 year old daughters walking around topless?

      Sure, it may be a right, but do we not see the potential for disaster here?

      I mean, yeah, it’s natural and boobs aren’t “sex organs,” but they ARE sexual objects, regardless of whether or not they SHOULD be viewed as such or not. Maybe if everyone started going topless, in 100 years or so it would become socially acceptable behavior and would lose it’s novelty, but until then, we’ve got 12 – 17 year old girls walking around topless because they can. No matter how it’s justified, it’s still disturbing.

      • Steve P

        Shannon: By your logic we shouldn’t let 12-17 year old boys go topless either. They too are potentially subject to sexual predators. There is no evidence, however that boys who are shirtless are victimized by pederasts any more that boys who are not. The same would hold true for girls. Like I said in a previous comment, “What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.” Freedom of choice for all or none!

      • Shannon

        Steve P: Ok, I totally understand your point. I really do. I’m just asking, do you have a teenage daughter? If not, if you did, would you let her walk around topless? In today’s world, that is, not just the idealistic one where boobies aren’t sexualized.


      • Kenneth

        If you don’t want your child going topless, then do what you need to do as a parent. Don’t demand that government impose your parenting standards on the rest of us. What you want to forbid your child from doing has nothing to do with what fair laws applicable to all citizens should be.

      • rickwest

        What is commonplace for many girls on the beaches today would have gotten many of them to be arrested, only a few years ago. A few years before that, topless boys were arrested but no one questions it today. If it became commonplace for girls to go topless on the beaches and in parks, people would simply ignore it as being normal.

      • Dennis C.

        Age is not a barrier to most girls and many women being able to take care of themselves (i.e. in a manner of speaking — self-defense). There are chlidren as young as twelve or thirteen, both male and female, who are Black Belts in martial arts and fully capable of addressing any rudeness or unwanted touching. I find it disturbing that a modern woman could still be holding on to the idea of anything less. Yes, a child, chlidren (two or three), or teenager could be harassed or even abducted IF they were in a vulnerable position in a public space. However, nearly everyone knows (or should know) of the idea of ‘Stranger Danger’, how to find a Police Officer or how to shout for help as their first instinct if anything unwanted happens. If your child is not fully prepared to be on the streets alone, then it is the parent who has failed to do their due diligence, not the child.

        Sorry, I got off on a bit of a tangent there, but it is important to realize when ‘we’ are not thinking the subject matter through to a logical outcome and just presuming a topfree child will BE a victim is faulty logic.


    • Dick Wilcox

      One of the recurring arguments I have been seeing in here is weather breasts are sexual or not. Some say they are, others say they are not. Well let me clear all of this up for you by reminding you that a woman’s breasts are as sexual as she wants them to be at any given moment.

      A woman who is breast feeding her baby is not using them sexually. A woman getting a mammogram is not using her breasts sexually. A woman at dance club in a sexy, low cut outfit IS using her breasts sexually. A woman in a bikini who is being looked at by an ugly man who doesn’t make much money is not using her breasts sexually. The same woman in a bikini who wants to attract the good looking man that does make a lot of money, who is standing to the above mentioned ugly poor man IS using her breasts sexually.

      If freedom of nipples laws are passed, how sexual a woman’s breasts will be totally up to her and not the beholders.

    • Stu

      You went for the story, and got one. Nice job.

    • nudity is dignity

      Nudity is Dignity.
      Human body is not a crime but for antinature humans in repressive minds. One human being who blames on body or is scared of it is not a natural creature. Censure against human body is a terrific hole in human reason and knowledge. And putting nudity in the same level than violence is terrific, absolutelly antinature, antihuman, horrible. The on ewho sees in nudity the same that in violence is not a good human natural being. And all of those who think that past times were better… is that does not love History books and Human True History.

    • EricaVee

      I loved this article! Thanks for taking the plunge and sharing your experience.

    • Jordan Mills

      You sure that dude didn’t yell “hippy pride”?

    • Joseph

      I do support this, but I just think it is unfortunately too little, too late.

      What I mean by this is that thousands of years of society have already imprinted breasts to be a sign of fertility in the minds of men. Take a look at the Venus of Willendorf, the oldest fertility figure found, and note the engorged breasts. The bigger the boobs, the more milk she can provide for the kids – meaning she is a great pick for a mate. It’s an ancient primal thing, not some recent Victorian-era shunning of the female body (though that wasn’t a great time, either).

      Breasts ARE sexual for men; it is just naive to think otherwise. I wish I could apologize for my entire gender promoting this ideal, but I can’t. The “ideal shape” of a woman has changed over thousands of years, but breasts – in that men love them – remain unchanged.

      To clarify: I do not think it should be illegal to be topless. However, I think it is foolish to try and un-do the inherent sexuality that society has imprinted on breasts.

      Honestly, if you want to make a difference with how the country (and the world) sees breasts, then make an impact in MEDIA. We’ve been using breasts to sell products and bait people for generations, and we continue to support the practice today. That is, I feel, the most damaging misuse of breasts ever.

      P.S. Anyone who thinks underage girls walking around topless is “OK” is living in a fantasy world. Go live in a nudist commune if you want that. Or, try sending your topless teenage girl through one day of junior high and let me know if she ever wants to do it again.

      • bob jacobs

        actually the girl would be sent home if she went topless to school, topfreedom is allowed where males are allowed, schools have a strict dress code and she wouldnt be allowed anyway. but if a teenage male can be topless in public, why cant a female teenager? its not called nudity, its called topfreedom. I’m in full support of these women, hell most countries dont even see “boobies” as sexual objects. So if a 15 year old teenager or a 60 year old woman wants to take a stroll through a park on a hot day, let them go topfree

      • M

        Anthropologists and sociologists who study the body in the context of society have long agreed that breasts are NOT inherently sexy to men outside of Western cultures. Backs and thighs are sexy, necks are sexy and arms are sexy but boobs aren’t sexy. The idea that they are is borne out of Western society, not the rest of the world. I can’t remember which study it was that quoted a man from the Caribbean who was appalled at the white woman who wore a bikini and wondered what the point was of her covering her breasts, which were for the nourishment of her children, when her sexiest part : the thighs were bare for all to see.

        Yes, you may argue that NYC is precisely where western society is, but action for topfreedom is not a little too late. If it took a while for the idea that women’s chests are somehow more sexual than men’s then starting to show people that they aren’t, and that the function of a women’s chest isn’t sexual can happen. It just needs brave people like her and all the other women who want equal rights and who WANT to and can see the benefits of precisely undoing sexuality that society has imprinted on breasts because breasts aren’t INHERENTLY sexy. Once people start to accept this, it wouldn’t be an issue for any woman of any age to walk around topless. Perhaps you should start by being more open minded about this.

    • maritza p

      I think your 100% right about breasts being overly sexualized. When you look at tribes and villages they have been going nude the whole time and you don’t see them obsessed with appearance and sex. this society is addicted to the idea of sex, and think just because your clothed that you are some how more “appropriate” than a nude person. Breasts are for children, yet how many women prefer to give their children formula because they don’t want their breasts to sag. how can you say you don’t want children to see something that is made for them, something they should already be familiar with.

      • cody

        i think that boobs should be put on display than evreybody would not be arguing over it

    • tom

      This is the BEST yahoo article EVER!!! I reread it many times.

    • Dale

      “The way the law is now, the right to be topless in public trumps the right to not have to see a stranger’s boobs. If people don’t like it, they should lobby to change that law.”

      For a person taking a stand in support of a woman’s right to be topless, you really missed this one. It’s not the law. It’s the Constitution (as interpreted by the NY Supreme Court). And they should never change that in the Constitution.

      Children are never harmed by a breast. They are only nurtured by them – even the sight of them. What harms children is the stupid reactions of ignorant parents and adults when those adults see a breast.

      My daughter’s mother in law would not kiss their own granddaughters on the mouth until they were old enough to not be breastfed because, to them, breasts are disgusting and those babies’ mouths had touched my daughter’s breasts.

      • Dick Wilcox

        No, children are not harmed by breasts.
        However teenage girls girls could be harmed by putting theirs on display.
        16 year old girls running around the beach in thongs is bad enough.
        Would you want topless videos of your 16 year old daughter playing volley ball at the beach being sent over the internet?

        Age restriction for topless rights are not being addressed and I do not know why.

      • Steve P

        You say that “Age restriction for topless rights are not being addressed and I do not know why.”
        Do you intend for these age restrictions to apply only to girls or to boys as well? Boys can be subject to sexual predators as well as girls and even with minors the constitution still requires equal treatment of the sexes. Have you considered these matters?

    • Cedric Katesby

      If you give breasts freedom then soon everybody will want it.

      • gotopless.org

        What a nice prospect!!! :))))))

    • Terrence

      Just wanted to say I recently started on “Infinite Jest,” but am real dumb and need LOTS of help. Hope to see you in Central Park some time!

    • gotopless.org

      This year, GOTOPLESS DAY falls exactly on WOMEN’S EQUALITY DAY: August 26 !!! Join us for a big celebration in NYC on GOTOPLESS’ 5th anniversary!
      We are also planning a topless March in Washington DC on that day… and we invite the First Lady to lead this march for equal rights…

    • Kate

      um….nudity is nudity…you gotta draw the line somewhere.

      • Michael

        The way you use the word nudity (as is common, but not exactly correct) implies indecency of a body part that is uncovered. There are lines that need to be drawn for the real good of people (such laws against murder, theft, extortion, etc.), and then there are doodles and scribbles people errantly make that need to be erased. A good number of people feel the lines drawn in regards to exposed female breasts are scribbles, and do not belong here, and some of these people want to erase or move the lines.

        In my mind, there is no legitimate argument why women should cover their breasts when men do not, although there are a lot of reasons (rationalizations, actually) given why they should. People who have been around bare breasted females long enough find the novelty wears off. Or, ones who have studied and considered other cultures where bare breasts are permissible have to ask why they function without related issues. After enough serious thought and consideration, it is not hard to see a lack of merit for the “reasons” given why bare breasts are considered by some to be taboo. They are no more nude than the males. Children really aren’t damaged by them. Men handle it fine as well. Women tend to have less body image issues.

    • BOB


    • paul

      My better half and I first went to a family oriented nudist resort about 30 years ago and it only took about a half a day for this guy to figure something out. The naked human body on its own is not sexual. It is our pervasive society that sells everything buy constantly making the showing of skin to be sexual. We are taught this by madison avenue, the porn industry and others. Imagine the dollars lost if suddenly , for example, women saw no need to buy from Victoria’s secret.
      What I have NEVER seen at a nudist resort is any male with what many would think is an automatic reaction to the sight of a naked female and that is an erection. It just doesnt happen. Also the women nudists almost universally say the same thing and my wife will affirm this comment. The place the women feel the least stared at and ogled is when naked at a resort.

      I guess what I am trying to say is that the naked breast is not sexual on its own, It is societies teaching and our perception that might make it sexual and precious little time is needed to figure out otherwise.

    • Marie

      Regardless if breasts should be seen as sexual, they definitely are. Whenever I wear a top that is form fitting or shows a little cleavage, men will stare at my boobs. It’s very rude & makes me feel really uncomfortable (which makes me less likely to show skin in the future). Maybe in the author’s situation people were too intimidated to stare.

    • Kristina

      For those of you who are thinking of doing this: Be sure to wear sunscreen! If your breasts aren’t used to being exposed to the sun, they will get sunburned easier (and sunburned nipples are a bitch). I hope all of you consider this, especially with skin cancer on the rise.

    • Jens Rasmussen

      Thumbs up from Danish Naturists, an organization of 1000+ naturists.

      Jens Rasmussen
      Copenhagen, Denmark, Europe

    • Mike X

      Did anyone else notice that the only tense and disagreeable moment came from the cop? I understand that keeping the peace is a hard job that takes guts to do,but implying contempt for the laws you are sworn to uphold is over the line. HE should have been ticketed. Also,I’d really like to know how many of these children he was so concerned about aren’t allowed to go to art museums or view anatomy diagrams.

    • Heather

      Jamie! How can I contact you? I have a blog about these issues, and I would love to join forces! Check out aworldsafeforwomen.org. Thanks!

    • Dennis C.

      I simply loved this article and applaud the author for taking a chance on trying something [legal] slightly outside her routine! The recounting is well written with excellent photojournalistic imagery to accompany and augment the details.

      The New York City Police department’s Officer was clearly imposing his will (or ideals) as a part of his verbal statement, and to me that is a violation of what it means to serve and protect, OR to uphold the law and maintain public order. Both the military and the paramiltary organizations, such as municpal law enforcement, are well aware of the fact they SHOULD be enforcing ONLY the letter of the law and that interpretation of the law is not really up to them. In the military they have the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) which essentially spells out exactly what the expectations of each individual are, how they must conduct themselves and what the ramifications are of falling short of those ideals.

      In our public spaces I am happy to think an Office can let someone “off” with a warning, but those instances should be the case of a first offense or someone inadvertantly transgressing a/an obscure law of which the majority of people are unaware.

      My 2 cents.


    • Chris

      They kind of have a point you know. Going around topless denies them the right NOT to see breasts in public, and that’s the whole point. wearing a shirt gives someone an option to either see them or not. Walking around without one on doesn’t give someone the ability to exercise their own choice…not to see breasts in public. You are pushing bare breasts on people, whether they like it or not.

      Is there anything wrong with breasts? No, but the point is not even the breast, the point is the attitude that your rights are so important you feel the need to deny other people their right to choose what they look at, which is a basic human right. Yes there is a conflict here, but to resolve it in such a way that no rights are violated each party must accommodate the other (Compromise).

      Yes you have the legal ability to walk around bare breasted, no you do not have the legal ability to do so to such an extent that should someone wish not to see that they are unable to avoid it. With something such as this even though people can turn away or cover their child’s eyes by the time those actions happen, their rights have already been violated.

      It’s not the ‘lewdness of breasts’ that’s the issue at all. It’s the fact that there just isn’t a way to walk around bare breasted without forcing that on other people to some extent, whether they like it or not. And in that regard your exercise of your rights have violated the rights of others.

      • Michael

        Chris, the rights argument goes both ways. For one, who says anyone has a right to not see breasts? Persons, who want something a certain way, in this case for women to cover their breasts when in public, infringe on other’s rights.

        I am sure there are a certain amount of people who would rather not see women, children, or men in contemporary swim suites. So, no more swims suits allowed in public, please. Also, I really think wearing sweat pants, cutoffs, sandals and other informal attire is too casual for out modern society and shows a lack of respect, I would like to see that banned. I believe there are way too many bumper stickers, and I would rather not see them, a lot of them don’t agree with my views, and they make cars look trashy. I like show cars, cleaned and polished with out any blemishes. So cars should be kept clean and in perfect visual condition or be kept hidden in garages until fixed.

        It can go on to just about anything and everything, house colors, vehicle choices, on etc. If people will allow it, there will always be ones who are more than happy to dictate to others, so everything meets with their ideals. Do I have a right, when driving down the street, to see nothing but perfectly kept yards and lawns, fertilized and well watered and manicured? How about the right to not listen to music I don’t like?

        Where do we draw the line? Should we require complete coverage of the body and face? No makeup or tattoos? There are a lot of things I would rather not see, but I realize it is not my right to expect others to conform to my wishes. If we were to ban and make taboo everything deemed to offend someone, our behavior would be so limited we may as well be dead.

      • ArcticConvoA male with nipples

        Chris: Your argument would make more sense if ugly people were banned from going out in public. You concede I have the right to take my ugly face in the park, but, according to you, I “do not have the legal ability to do so to such an extent that should someone wish not to see that they are unable to avoid it. With something such as this even though people can turn away or cover their child’s eyes by the time those actions happen, their rights have already been violated.”
        After all, an ugly face is more likely to frighten the children [or 'the horses', as someone said years ago (:-) ] than a nipple. Talking of ugliness, I personally hate that abominable contraption the ‘Bikini’, which supposedly ‘covers’ breasts & genitalia, but in fact exaggerates them.

    • ae

      First, you’re boobs are awesome [sorry if that objectifies you.] Second, men go [annoyingly] bare chested all the time [and often CLEARLY for attention], why not women? The people who were appalled/”concerned for the children,” are sexist and sad. Third, kudos to talking back to that cop– if anyone of different….background had, including myself, I’m pretty sure I would’ve been ticketed, arrested for some silly/trumped up charge thats unrelatedly related to my bare boobs, or been shot. Seriously. Talk about the privelage you posses! Fourth, we live in ny– I’m sure this would not have been nearly as successful in other places were this may be legal. On the train, everyday, I see things that are so insane or random that insane and random are just my [our, as NYers] norm. Fifth, I agree with others here that people have to learn to stop sexualizing breasts: they are vehicles for feeding infants, part of basic anatomy, and are not inherently sex objects. The fact that women here cannot even peacefully breast feed in public bc people find it “gross” or “inappropriate” speaks volumes and is the amplified/more serious version of just desiring to walk around topless. Sixth, I really dislike that cop. Congrats on an experiment done well!

    • Blaine Mills

      I just read your story about going topless. I am a little stunned about the cop saying there are kids around. I live in Cape Town and topless on the beach here is normal, but kids around, what a joke as kids are the most innocent and would not be offended, nor shocked! Good for you, and smart move on the cop by the way!

    • Alex Kaye

      What’s your beef with the law against jaywalking? It is not arbitrary, moralist, or antiquated. It is a public safety law and it saves lives. You would not be so comfortable in New York City without laws like that.

    • Brian Anthony Kraemer

      Congratulations to the author for her courage to live authentically. Shame on the officer for overstepping his bounds and using his office to attempt to intimidate this courageous woman. I’m so glad she didn’t submit to his scolding. Listen people, there is no plant or animal or anything in the universe of which we know that not only hides its own body, but mandates that others of its species hide their bodies under threat of ridicule, fine, imprisonment, or even death. No one, no one should be required to hide any part of his or her body in any place at any time. People can argue all they want. Reality is reality. I just hope those of us who believe these things have the courage to live them out and if need be suffer the consequences from ignorant people. To quote Einstein, “Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds. The mediocre mind is incapable of understanding the man who refuses to bow blindly to conventional prejudices and chooses instead to express his opinions courageously and honestly.”

      • Alec

        Very well said.

    • James

      In fairness to the cop, he was right that you were doing it for attention and nothing else. But it is not illegal, and not that big of a deal anyways, so more power to you.

      • chief wana dubie

        James, are not most of the clothes and accessories that women buy, purchased and ware, just to gain attention anyway???
        So free attention is a bad thing???
        Sex appeal has become Americas new media dictated moral, simon says: shake those money makers,lol

    • James

      Also, you are far from the first to do this, the ladies who went out and did this got arrested which led to the law being changed, well guess what, they were the first. Sorry buy you are not the big social protester you pretend to be.

      • Steve P

        James, I’m afraid you miss the point. Getting the law changed is important, but it’s only half the battle. Changing the law is only the first step. The next challenge is getting to the point where it is not only legal but socially acceptable, and I think that this is what Jamie and others like her, (like http://coedtoplesspulpfiction.wordpress.com/ for exaample) are now trying to accomplish. Sometimes custom and comvention is as big an obstacle to progress as the law.
        Also, “getting attention” is essential to effecting change.

    • Amanda

      Love this article, and love that the author had the balls, (chest balls that is), to pull this off. I went topless once on the beach in Italy where it is all too common and it was the most amazing feeling, especially after that first couple minutes where you’re paranoid everyone’s staring. The fact she could do this in NY is just totally awesome. :)

    • Lord Swarley

      Exposure of breasts should be illegal in public situations! There are corruptible children around who have no control over what they see. Further, women should be made to cover their hair and legs and eyes and lips. Although these parts are not obscene by any rational standard, on the right woman they might give a thirteen-year-old boy thoughts of lust. I won’t rest until all women, and only the women, are dressed as the Muslims in ninja outfits in Saudi Arabia. Any part of a woman that is attractive should be hidden. We should be ashamed of this pervasive perversion that is finding women beautiful. What vulgarity!

      • Lord William

        Lord Swarley, you are a part of what is wrong with our society. Are you willing to cover yourself up like you describe? If not, you are the worst kind of hypocrite of all. There is nothing wrong or vulgar about a breast or two breasts for that matter.
        Women of the world, are you going to stand for this kind of treatment? You should not.
        Take your tops off in protest and show your breasts to the world.

      • Michael

        I can’t be certain, but I took “Lord Swarly’s” comment to be sarcasm.

      • thundersnail

        Lordy lordy, wake up. You ARE part of what is wrong with society, just like the cop who harassed this woman. The problem is that children are taught from the time they are born, practically, that the human body is something to be ashamed and something sexual. Then, kids grow up and not only have all kinds of issues over their own bodies, but do not know how to handle seeing someone else’s. If here in the US people could adapt to an attitude more common in many countries in Europe, where people are not taught to be ashamed of their bodies, then seeing a breast or two would be no big deal for a kid or anyone else, as it should not be a big deal here. Seeing a breast or any other body part should not be a sign to kids saying “all chaos has broken loose; act crazy and reckless.” It is people and organizations who perpetuate the culture of shame that create problems, not the human body.

      • Lord Swarley


    • chief wana dubie

      This issue as with every other polorized issue, (marijuana, smoking, abortion, gay marriage, nudity…) boils down to choice: is it free, or is it dictated by the church, the state, or the corporations???
      Lawyers make big $$$ over every issue that they can polorize, for they represent both sides!!!
      Corporations would lose $$$ in sales if bras, bathing suits and tops went out of style!!!
      Churches would lose control over their flocks, and that would be a big $$$ loss!!!
      States would lose their domance over free choice and free will, and the career politicians would become obsoleat!!!
      Who are these social and moral dictators that we allow to control our every aspect of our actions, thoughts and lives, and why do we even listen and care what they have to say??? BRUTE FORCE??? PROPAGANDA??? RELIGIOUS DOMANATION??? TAINTED/ CONTROLED MEDIA???

    • Will

      Im going to go show my dick to a bunch of kids at the park (get your minds out of the gutter, there is nothing inherently sexual about a mans naked penis!). When i get back, everybody tell me how brave and progressive i am.

      • Michael

        Will, if it is as small as your mind I doubt anyone will notice. The article isn’t about going naked below the waist; it is about women going without a shirt or top just like often men do. Now, if the article were about women going completely naked, you would have a point.

        The fact of the matter is children only see an issue with women’s bare breasts when they have been taught to; otherwise it’s a non-issue for them. Adults with issues have learned to use “children’s welfare” as an excuse against women going topfree, but the fact is it is a flimsy excuse without any real merits. There are plenty of examples left in the world where women routinely are around children with bare breasts, and it results in no harm. I have seen it myself, with mothers even being bare breasted at their children’s school. It might sound shocking, but as I said it causes no harm because they are not wrongly taught that it is bad.

      • Will


        So if “up top” nudity is fine, why are you suddenly arbitrarily classifying “down below” nudity as wrong? I dont ever remember seeing any Dividing Line of Morality around my waist. Its the same skin on the bottom as on the top. The same natural body. So why is lower nudity so obviously wrong, but upper nudity isnt?

        Maybe youre still being influenced by the same “taught aversions” that youre claiming to be so evolved and enlightened past?

        Indeed, there are several societies around the world where men walk around with their naked penises out, and its not harmful to children because the children were never taught that it was wrong.Right? Right??

        In fact, i think i remember hearing something in school about a society a long time ago that thought it was ok to routinely have sex with children, and their civilization seemed to be no worse for wear because of it. I think they might have been called the “Greiks” or “Greex” or something like that.

      • Julie Wednesday Strange

        Maaaybe, just maaaaybe, that is because BELOW the wait is where our actual GENITAL organs lie, the ones involved in having SEX (and pee and poop, things we like to keep private nowadays, by law). Furthermore, penises have the unique ability to actually display sexual arousal for anyone to see, something that males have little control over. Kids all see breasts, if only their mother’s, if she only she bathes with them or attempts to breastfeed them, as “nature” primarily intended for young mammals to be fed. Note that female breasts actually play no necessary part in sex. The fact of the matter is, you will see guys running around shirtless in any US park. Why do only women have to cover up ? I personnally find male chests very sexy too. Why is it only what straight dudes consider sexual that is actually considered offensive and therefore needs to be covered in public ? Because err, double standards. Because women are considered as sexual objects. Anything from their mouths to their butts and tighs is deemed sexual these days. But they are not “inherently” sexual, because women don’t just exist as sexual objects for the viewing and pleasuring of straight dudes. Because breasts have a primary function : to feed human babies, not to arouse straight dudes.

      • assman35

        But breasts do arouse straight dudes. The have a primary function to feed babies and a secondary function to arouse men. Human female breasts are disproportionate compared to all other mammals. Most mammals are able to feed their babies perfectly well with flat chests. The argument that human breasts are not sexual is ridiculous.

      • Michael

        I didn’t say “down below” nudity was wrong. In fact, I can’t help but wonder if the world wouldn’t be better off if there were no issues about the subject and people were allowed to dress or not dress however they liked.

        What I said, or at least meant to say is comparing breasts to genitals seems silly. Considering the “taboo” factor, if women’s breasts are viewed be essentially equivalent to mens genitals, are women’s genitals equivalent men’s chests?

        I suppose if women are “allowed” go around naked above the waist, men should be able to go around naked above the waist too. Oh…..wait……..they already do. Maybe it’s just that men always want to one up women, I don’t know.

        I’m sorry that I was condescending to your first viewpoint.

      • Frankensrusel

        I’d say it’s more that men always want to ‘one-down’ women. Repression is historically relevant.

      • Will

        I think the disparity could be easily resolved by requiring men to wear shirts in public. Almost every place of business already requires it.

        Women’s breasts are inherently sexual objects. Whether thats innate or cultural i dont know, but its the situation we are dealing with. Any arguments that people should just ignore this fact and avert their gaze because breasts are “natural” or harmless apply just as well to nudity of the male penis.

        The only way it wouldnt would be if you were of the opinion that male nudity is somehow “worse” or more harmful than female nudity, which i think most nudity and entertainment regulation laws prove is the case with most people. And THAT is the true disparity. A publicly naked woman is seen as a beautiful natural creature, whereas a publicly naked man is seen as a rape machine or psychopath.

        How about we all just keep our clothes on in public, up top and down below? If you want to get naked in front of a bunch of people, buy a swimming pool and invite them back to your house.

      • Frankensrusel

        You simply cannot compare penises and breasts! They are two completely different things. And what is left to compare a vagina to?

      • fuego

        Will, your a cunt. But that was a good point.

      • Steve P

        @Will & Michael: Since this article went on line, the resulting dialogue seems on the whole to have generated more heat than light. Neither side is any guiltier than the other of generating said heat. Therefore I am putting forward a modest proposal for a compromise that should hopefully satisfy as many people as possible, while still adhering to the constitutional mandate of equal protection under the law. My proposal is as follows:
        1) In all places, men and women would have the freedom to go topless in public unless local ordinance specifies otherwise.
        2) Any local unit of government, e.g. city, town or, for unincorporated areas, county government may require people to wear shirts when in public by local ordinance. This ordinance would have to apply equally to both men and women, so the constitution’s mandate of equality would be upheld.
        3) Similarly, any local unit of government would have the option of permitting total nudity, either throughout the jurisdiction, or only in certain designated areas.
        I believe that this would satisfy as many people as it is possible to satisfy on an issue that seems to be this polarizing. The people that are not satisfied—e.g. those who don’t like toplessness or nudity, but live in a jurisdiction that permits it, or those who want topless or nudity permitted, but live in a jurisdiction that that doesn’t allow it would have to accept the will of the majority. Or else they could vote with their feet, i.e. move to the next town or the next county where the laws are more in keeping with their values. Voting with your feet is the one way you can never be outvoted no matter who diminished a minority you are in!

      • Will

        @Steve P Sounds good to me

      • Alissa

        That’d be fine and dandy if it were legal! Fact of the matter is, its not. And when you flash kids illegally, it makes you seem like a hell of a lot more of a pedophile. Toplessness is okay because its legal. Full nudity, as of right now, is not.

    • chief wana dubie

      In 1994 when i was running for state representative of the great state of Missouri, i was invited to a party under false pretences, by the sheriffs dispatchers grandson, and was dosed with a rather large dose of mushrooms… as part of some occult ritual??? And i choose Nature over wealth and ended up shedding my clothes, to return to the kingdom of creation, but the next morning, naked, stoned and lost, i was arrested for seeking help……….Who had the dirty mind there???? Victons are now the criminals, and nature has been outlawed!!!

    • mikesafag

      hey mike… you’re a fat

    • nazi russia

      Damn, you got some shapely titties

    • Tyler Kent

      Hey, Jamie… can I buy you a drink? I like your …. um… writing style.

    • Ronan Hutchinson

      It is fair and right that all women, in whatever country, or territory, including the United Kingdom and Ireland, and European Union as a whole, should have the right to go bare-breasted by CHOICE. Theoretically, perhaps it should be possible now, in 2012, the 21st century, for a woman to NEVER cover her breasts all year round, and I fully intend to post, in cash, a $10.00 Canadian dollars note to Topfree Equal Rights Association, 7 Cradock Court, Ancaster, Ontario, L9G 3Z5, Canada. You see, not all men have got dated, sexist, misogyony views from the 1950s about women. I am a forward-thinking, heterosexual, 31-year-old man, albeit with Asberger’s syndrome and bipolar, (and single,) and even in places like Enniskillen or Sligo, Sudbury, Suffolk, or Bury St. Edmunds, one should be allowed to go bare-chested or bare-breasted on the hottest day of the year. If, hypothetically I had a girlfriend, why shouldn’t she turn up bare-breasted, naked from the waist-up if she wants? Breasts are not “genitals” or “reproductive organs” and men have got nipples too. It should be perfectly possible to take your girlfriend or wife “topless”- or topfree- to your local cinema, McDonald’s, a stroll in the park, a drive in the car, on a camping hoilday, or to a days-long music festival where she isn’t harrassed to “cover up”. Indeed, it should be possible to get married to a woman this way, go on honeymoon, invite friends or family round, go shopping to a shopping centre, market or supermarket like this, unquestioned. You should even be able to be introduced to the woman of your dreams if she is bare-breasted- without it being considered “sexual”. Doing the gardening, DIY, going to the pub, flying on an aeroplane, going to a party, restaurant candle-lit dinner, the London Marathon, or queuing up in the Post Office where either a woman is on her own, topfree or together with her boyfriend or husband or equivalent possibly both together so. What would be so disgusting about seeing a heavily pregnant, bare-breasted woman, in public or on television in the middle of the day? It is about time EastEnders or Coronation Street writers wrote such a storyline in to highlight the issue, there have been plenty of other controversial storylines too, or a film, television drama or documentary and book or music video accompanying such a song would bring home to people it is about time British, EU and Irish Law needs to change, as do attitudes as worldwide so that EVERY woman can CHOOSE, as a man can, to take her the top half of her clothing off in public in equal status, and really, what are so disturbing about breasts, I’m sure the more we see in public the more it’ll finally be accepted as normal! The UK and Ireland, and Europe need a version of the Topfree Equal Rights Association NOW and SOON. Perhaps one day no-one shall blink an eyelid to see a bare-breasted woman being interviewed as normal on ITV1′s This Morning, or across all television in the UK and Republic of Ireland, even one of the presenters in an item, and this day, I feel, shall come quite SOONER than anyone might think- GOOD!

    • Niels

      Kids – at least in my household – see naked bodies all the time. The naked bodies of their mother and father. We aren’t nudists and we don’t walk around naked in the living room or places like that, but we don’t lock our bathroom doors and we don’t cover up our bodies in panic when one of our children walks through one of the bathroom doors. My kids are used to seeing breasts in their own home and I wouldn’t care if they saw one in public either.

      • some guy

        and they will be more calm about viewing someone naked occasionally.
        this won’t shock them because they already see everything.

    • Anton Gully

      Blah blah this, blah blah that….

      Great article, but I do wonder if it would have had the same positive comments if the writer wasn’t such a hotty. If someone who wasn’t porn-hot did this, would anyone care? I digress. Great writer, great tits.

      If I was fifty years younger I would buy IBM stock and woo Steve Jobs mother. Oh. Bill gates Mother.

      Kids should be able to see boobs. The real crime is preventing kids from seeing boobs. Boobs are now a commodity. The porn industry controls access to boobs. That’s great isn’t it?

      Sadly, most of the US is obsessed with ownership > morality.

      By most I mean the corporations.

      Even a seemingly simply thing like titties is now a commodity.

      tldr: really nice rack, there’s still a problem.

    • Mandy

      I know this comment is way late, but bottom line is this: if it is legal for a man to do it, it should be legal for a woman to do it.

      Oh, and the people who “worry” about the kids are probably the same idiots who freak out if you swear near a child.

    • kevin

      All I have to say it, 10/10 would bang, you have fantastic breasts. I genuinely hope one day you can bare them in public.

    • sjtech88

      Great article, very sensible. The only thing I disagreed with was promoting jaywalking at the end, but I’m a supporter of the motoring side of the issue.

      Yes, that was the part of the article that grabbed my attention the most :p

    • Charles Anthony

      I’ve yet to hear of a baby that was born in an ‘Armani’ suit (other designer labels are available). The real point is that we are all born naked and are only shocked when we see someone naked, or in this case, a woman topless, because we spend 99% of our time covering our nakedness up.

      It is however, this nakedness that makes us all equal, even children.

      We don’t have to act like ‘Bonobo monkeys’. It is the mere fact that it is an uncommon sight that people react the way they do but, if we were all naked most of the time obviously it would not look at all out of place.

      • B Cusa

        Why shouldn’t we act like bonobos? They are completely peaceful, a state that the human race has aspired to for centuries. Especially considering our access to birth control, a little promiscuity seems like a small price for peace on earth.

        Oh, and for the record: Bonobos are apes, not monkeys.

    • adeel

      ‘ “[blah blah blah I'm scolding you] …and I know you’re only doing it for attention.”
      “Wow, it’s so cool that you can read my mind,” I wanted to say, but I stopped myself. Cops can fuck your shit up if they feel like it.’

      wow the irony…just a few sentences above this you are the one who tries to read the cops mind

      ‘ “I know the law says you’re allowed to do this or whatever, but there are kids around.”
      The word “law” was dripping with contempt. He clearly hated this “law,” and wished he could ticket me.’

      • aditya menon

        She was using the aural clues given by the policeman to decipher his intentions. In fact, the cop was effective at communicating his contempt, for this very reason.

        However, the policeman had no right or reason to talk derisively about her motives (falsely, let me add) directly to her. He was, in fact, trying and pretending to read her mind.

        What the F*** am I doing? I learnt long ago to ignore the trolls, and here I am, fighting one again and forgetting my lessons.

    • Alec

      So many props! Thanks for being brave enough to support top rights!

    • Davo

      Will topless women mean that men cannot concentrate anywhere. Hard to move the eyes away if you know what I mean… May create a society of Zombies!

      • Fran P.

        Give it a few months, it’ll become a real bore. I never did understand men’s attraction to them. But, anything taboo draws attention.

    • Lucille

      I can’t wait for summer in Aus, topless jaunts here I come!

    • Red

      I’m a parent, I love boobs. I’m also a dude so this may make me biased.

      I mainly wanted to comment and say “Nice boobs”, in a purely complimentary way but that seems to do little to betray my gender as idiots distracted by breasts. Which for the better part we are. At least a significant portion of us.

      I would mainly care to venture the opinion of non-sexual public nudity can’t possibly be bad for children to see. If anything it has to help them to see people that don’t look like the air-brushed images from magazines and are perfectly comfortable in their skin.

      If it were in any way negative for children and society in general, countries in Europe where a more liberal attitude (and personally more rational) would be running rife with deviants and street corners would be littered with crying, damaged children.

      • belle


    • Mark

      It just looks like a soft porn shoot to be honest…. I guess if you have no self respect and want to show the world yourself naked… then go for it…

      • Uncephalized

        “I guess if you have no self respect and want to show the world yourself naked…”

        Yeah, not being ashamed of your body totally equals having no self respect.


        Good on you for helping to bust up this ridiculous, Puritanical double standard in our society. Yeah, boobs are fun to play with during sex–just like literally every other part of the body, if you’re doing it right! Doesn’t mean they need to be shamed and hidden away from view in public.

        Also, nice boobs! :-) They’re beautiful and, yeah, sexy! Why shouldn’t you be able to show them off if you want to, just like any other sexy part of a body like legs and stomachs?

      • Katie

        One could say the same thing about men going topless. What is sauce for the gander is sauce for the goose. Either we all go topless or we ALL cover up. Don’t even get me started on MAN-BOOBS! Cover up!

    • aditya menon

      Hi there! You have absolutely gorgeous breasts. Thanks for sharing the view with all of us, and especially me, I may have never had the chance to see the beautiful pair without this post.

      I also like your ideals, and come to think of it, if men have the right women should have it too!

      Social mores work out great for society in many ways, but also stupid in an equal number of ways (if not greater). So ignore the bigots and continue in the same stride.

      Now I can expect some criticism to my comment: ‘yeah, just because she’s young and beautiful you want it’. Clarification in advance: I would support this act even if a very old or not-so-beautiful woman were to do it. I support the concept and their right to try it out. Of course, my first paragraph can be omitted in that case because the factor of attraction would not be present.

    • Bobinator

      The topfree ideology is way overdue.

      It’s ironic, don’t you think, that “christian values” are really largely the basis for the opposition to toplessness/nudity, bearing in mind the story of the garden of eden.

    • Tom

      Nice job. Im a guy and Im a big fan of taking my shirt of in public. I have always been a shorts and flip flops and no shirt anytime possible. Ive always thought about how its BS for women.

      Now I have a 2 year old baby girl. 2 things came with that. 1. While I still like boobs in a sexual way, I have become considerably more accustomed to seeing them no sexually. Some people like lips, and ears and feet in a sexual way too, but can handle seeing them in public without freaking out. 2. My baby girl HATES wearing shirts. Its all I can do to keep a shirt on her. And when my four year old boy takes his shirt off outside, I realized that it IS BS and I will let her do it as long as she wants to.

      • katie

        I’m over 60 now but as a child I went topless ALL the time right up until I was 11-12 years old. The family never said a word to me about even when I was obviously developing. It was my schoolmates who took me aside in the girls restroom one day and archly told me I should wear a bra! I was mortified and have not forgotten that day from then to this. I do not wear a bra at home, nor would I at work if boob sweat wouldn’t be such a problem for me. Even then I just wear a stretch bra with NO wires and very little support except to keep teh boob sweat down and keep the girls in place! LOL!

    • Some Jerkoff

      I’m completely for women being able to show their tits in public, but amid all the internet BS flying around I should point out ,”the women should wear shirts rule” should stay. As one of the comments below pointed out.

      “Men are dumb ignorant beasts, and are easily distracted”

      If every chick were walking around topless, nothing would ever get done, we’d all be busy gawking stupidly. Also tits should be a treat to see, my fear is that rampant toplessness might actually DEsexualize them in the long run.

      • katie

        There was a time when a woman showing an ankle was tantamount to inviting rape. That changed when styles great shorter and ankles were everywhere, along with calves and knees. In time, the more boobs men see, the less they’ll see just like ankles no longer seem to be the center of attention. Women should not have to pay the price for men wanting to act like apes. BTW, there are a LOT of topless men out there that are just plain disgusting to look at. I think the bra industry should turn toward getting some men into bras–they need them very badly.

      • Matt

        Well, your name is fitting, Mr. Jerkoff. Don’t tell women how to dress because of how it might affect your boners. As a male, I don’t feel like an idiot who can’t function or control myself just because there are boobs around. “Tits should be a treat to see?” You sound like a creep. What an ignorant post.

    • hannah

      Good on you love! Living in the UK it’s not often it’s warm enough to go topless but whenever it is I whip the girls out in the park. Unless I’m there with male friends, I don’t think they’d cope with that.

      It’s important to me that my kids grow up with a healthy attitude to the human body: that we’re all different, and all alike; that what you look like doesn’t matter as long as you’re healthy and happy; that our bodies are natural and not something to be ashamed of. I just wish a certain breed of man saw the world this way too.

    • Rella

      I was just discussing this example of gender inequality today with a friend. She thinks the guys wouldn’t handle it. I think it would become normal.

      Jamie is a beautiful young woman and would get more appreciative looks than me. But the more often we (both genders) are exposed to non-photoshopped or airbrushed images of other people, the better off we will all be.

    • chief wana dubie

      America has had a very prudish protestant view of nudity, up until our modern times of the sexual revolution and moral decay.
      Educators have taken the adstance or protection view on sex education, and religion avoids the subject altogether.
      Television, radio and the media has become our moral dictator, and love, lust, sex, nudity and desire… have all jumbled together, and have lost their true meaning and perspective.
      Most people can’t seem to handle their own nudity, they equate sex and nudityas if is dirty or preverted. That our bodies are either to be ashamed of or flaunted
      Our social ranking has been displayed by our chothing, and m9st who stand out in that rhelm, would be ranked inferior in the natural rhelm.
      Society has created people that like to watch, and people that like to show and people that want to hide from the issue altogether.
      Humans have become masters at hiding our bodies and our sexuality as no other creature on earth, as if sex and nudity was actually the forbidden fruit and they have become unseprable.
      Sex sells and has been pushed at us for years, and a price tag has been placed upon it, and nature it’s self has become the sin!!!

    • Terence

      The respectful comment from the random dude was correct – you do look good – not because you’re topless, but because you have an incredibly gorgeous smile! Great article!

    • ark

      Damn those are huge implants

    • Dave Macey


    • Matt

      This is so cool! Good for you!

    • Tom Perkins

      It may be a shock to you someday, that a man got it far more right than you will any time soon, but it is no shock to me that this man did:

      “Whenever women have insisted on absolute equality with men, they have invariably wound up with the dirty end of the stick. What they are and what they can do makes them superior to men, and their proper tactic is to demand special privileges, all the traffic will bear. They should never settle merely for equality. For women, “equality” is a disaster.” R. A. Heinlein

    • Kevin SR

      Personally, having lived many years overseas, where topless ladies abound, I have no problems with it. Once the initial thrill has passed, the topless ladies garner no more attention than does a street vendor selling hot dogs. Ladies have just as much a right to air those puppies out as do the men. Maybe that is why some ladies prefer to dress a little provocatively, and burlesque has always been such a big hit. Its all about the tease-a girl can hold your attention for months by dressing sexy, but once you have seen the kryptonite, you are ready to move on.

      • assman35

        “Once the initial thrill has passed, the topless ladies garner no more attention than does a street vendor selling hot dogs.”

        No. That’s total bullshit. I know men are good liars when it comes to this. But the truth is that breasts have an effect. Men may be very good at hiding the effect for the sake of social order but its total bullshit to pretend men are not effected by naked boobs even in societies where such things are common.

    • dooder

      Beautiful boobs !

      I find it hilarious seeing some of the losers trying to talk down their noses from their moral high horses onto males who express their appreciation for a nice rack by an occasional glance or even a compliment.

      It’s completely natural, not perverted nor ‘creepy’, to glance and admire a beautiful nude body, and to stigmatize and shame the act is psychologically damaging, restrictive, and is just wrong. People should be allowed the same right to admire as others should have the right to frolic nude.

      • http://twitter.com/sweetsgay2 gayle d

        ok, and it may be natural to look, but accepting the body is better in a good way so there is no rape or harrassment

      • Lovejoy

        That would be an interesting point but rape is not considered a sex crime.

    • Woody2

      You have beautiful breasts, nothing of which to be ashamed. Now, lose a little of the belly flab…

      • Stephanie

        Seriously? I think she needs to lose NOTHING – and until you post a picture of yourself half nekkid, keep your pathetic comments to yourself.

    • Simple

      I find irony in the fact that the images of two lovely breasts are safe for the public park, but clearly not safe for work (NSFW) as warned in the photo captions. What if I worked in the park and looked? The problem with freedoms is the same as the problem with laws. they both can (and do) work against you depending on your vested interests. It’s a strange thing to watch them work against each other. Some women want to be free to bare their breasts, but have a stranger accidentally walk into a changing room when they have only their bra on and they will almost always reach for something to cover their chest. Also, some of us don’t want nude photos of our kids floating around because of pedophiles, but we’re cool with photos of nude or semi nude photos floating around because of sexual liberation and such even though we know there are violent rapist and stalkers out there. Obviously we’re a conflicted bunch!

      Sigh… how about less laws and more responsibility? HA!! Won’t hold breath!

      2 cents

      • Simple

        Oh! And that cop!! Jeeezus! He knows it’s legal and still can’t let it go. Authority whore? Buggy on dude! Keep an eye out for CRIMES and sh*t! And people wonder why I hate cops.

      • Ariel

        “Authority whore”–good one! Indeed he was, indeed he was. They’re the worst of the lot. Too many people wait to take their cues from a more assertive person; unfortunately, too many times it’s hypermoral jackoffs like Officer UpTight that seize that opportunity. Decide for yourselves.

    • AKLEOS

      Absolutely beautiful. My only concern is less about women going topless and more and angry prudes or horny idiots who act like they’ve never seen breasts making a scene.

    • Mike

      This is EXACTLY the kind of prejudice i’ve been fighting against for years! I firmly stand behind any woman who wants to take off her top in public. I’m outraged that any true citizen of freedom would be against this. I mean where am I Nazi Germany?

    • Ariel

      Good for you, Jamie! Testing the waters so that others may follow. There is nothing inherently perverse about our nude human forms, and it’s interesting to observe those who think there is, to such an extent they believe children would be somehow traumatized or zapped into sex zombies by the mere sight of a nude form. This is the pathetic state of America’s twisted moral code; we can watch movies illustrating the most extreme acts of gruesome violence, but natural nudity has the Moral Majority all up in arms. And we wonder why our society is as f***ed up as it is. The cop was probably the most interesting character of all–defending the children, are ya, officer? As if! Children don’t see what we see until they’re conditioned to do so. He simple revealed himself as a moral grandstander. Thank GOD for the sensibility of the law….in this case. There is nothing perverse about nature. The more people get over this hangup, the better.

    • zamuz

      As a foreigner to the US, this was a very fun and interesting read. Gorgeous boobs, too!

    • KeepOnLearning

      And why does this photo spread attract so much more commentary than Thursday’s political VP debate?

      It’s still all about two boobs.

    • Matt

      I find it odd that she went topless and exposed in the park. But, covered up for this article.

    • Stephen

      Brava! Yay for Topfreedom. Let’s make it happen.

    • Mike

      Yeah- women should be free ! I love it ! We need to spend more money on this and much less on the Pentagon !!!!

    • Jason

      Cool story, in my personal opinion (see I shouldn’t even be putting that their but I’m sure someone will assume something, as I assume that someone will assume) “boobs/breasts/tits” (or whatever you may call them), are just “boobs/breasts/tits” (or whatever you may call them). What is the difference with me being a male and going topless? I have breasts as well, they’re just not as protruding.

    • http://www.facebook.com/nicholas.vines.5 Nicholas Vines

      The issue is, like with so many things, is people make it an issue. I am sure in many countries children are exposed to more nudity but if it isn’t sexualised then they wouldn’t even notice.

    • http://twitter.com/SamizdataDotOrg SamizdataDotOrg

      Does no one notice the irony of an illustrated article about a woman’s right to go topless in public being prominently marked NSFW?

    • stevetacitus

      Just look how things have changed in the past two years!

    • Peivoon

      Ughhh. Feminist idiots complain about women being “sexualized” and say that “breasts aren’t sexual”, but I’m sure as hell they would happy to have men be charged with sexual assault if they grabbed a woman’s breast without permission. Stop trying to have it both ways.

    • stevetacitus

      Thing have sure changed in the past two years, haven’t they? http://coedtoplesspulpfiction.wordpress.com/2013/05/18/mission-accomplished/

    • paul

      I think it’s bullshit how women in europe can walk around topless like guys everywhere but can’t here in the “good ol” u.s. of a. Where we supposedly founded on freedom. Personally i think it’d be wonderful if women could go topless on beaches or at parks etc. It’d be great for their freedom. On the flip side, it’d be hard for me to not get a boner. Just bein honest. Jamie you keep rockin that beautiful freedom and your beautiful canvas of a body.

    • AANR Lover

      Jamie, good for you! Your comment that you loved the feeling of naked freedom is what the American Association of Naturist Resorts (AANR) is all about. Having lived at Lupin http://www.Lupin.com, I know you’d love it.

    • Txtruthteller

      White feminists will do anything for attention and have an almost pathological desire to be adored and have everything they do validated.

    • e

      nice tits x not sure there’s much wrong with it!

    • Stephon ephonteasley Teasley

      yeah I can see a lot of jealous boyfriends and car accidents according that day.. but lets talk about the euc extention that congress hasn’t passed leaving 3 million amricans out in the cold

    • Sachi Mohanty

      I guess Indians will take another century to become this mature.

      • Sphinx

        Maybe you didn’t go to forests of Kalahandi. Even Interior Kerala was like that 50 years back.

      • Sachi Mohanty

        Let us bring topless-ness to the cities of India.


      • Sphinx

        Yep! Start with yourself & put on the blog. :-)

    • chazro

      I approve !

    • Jeff G

      First, you look awesome! Second, great choice of literature for covering up your lovely parts! You’re beautiful AND smart!

    • Jake Carson

      ….Could. “Clint” Eastwood. Possibly Be Competing With “Captain Kutchie

      Pelaez” For The Position Of “The World’s Most Interesting Man”..

      Perhaps?…But Then Again Perhaps He Is Just Waiting For “Kutchie Pelaez

      and Frankie Valli” To “Make His Day”!…Ha, Go Figure!….


      Heard A Few Years Back That Megyn Kelly Of Fox News, Really Loved Her

      Some Of Captain Kutchie’s And Anita Pelaez’s Famous Key Lime Pies! Could

      That Make Megyn “The Most Interesting Lady In The World?….I Guess “NO”

      On That One, That One Would Have To Be “The Lovely –Mrs. Anita Pelaez”

      The Queen Of The Key Lime Pie World!

      ….I sure hope that this will be a great opportunity for everyone to

      see some of “Don Rickle’s Scenes” from his productions of his classic hits

      “Tales From Kutcharitaville”. You Do know that Don Rickles and Johnny Carson

      together produced those comedy hits about their friend “Mr. Kutchie

      Pelaez” and their wild and crazy exploits of Kutchie’s Key West and The

      World of Key Lime Pies from the perspective of (Johnny Carson, Don

      Rickles, Kutchie Pelaez and Steve Martins Eyes!) What a Hoot Those

      Classic Hits Surely Were. Don’t miss them, be sure to tune-in next

      month. We Laughed Until We Cried Watching Those Funny Movies. “The Tales

      From Kutcharitaville”, I Think That They May Still Be Available In A

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      You Know, It’s No Wonder That Everyone Calls “Captain Kutchie

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      Kutchie Drinks Those Wonderful Mixed Drinks Named In His Honor Called

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      1857, “Mel Fisher” Even Overlooked That One! “Yankee Jack and Micheal

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      Wonderful?….”AAAHHHH”, The Magic Of The Gorgeous “Mrs. Anita Pelaez”

      Well She Is Something Else!….

      ….Who The Hell Does That “Kutchie Pelaez” Think That He Is?….”Frankie Valli” Or Someone Like That?

      ….It’s No Wonder That People Are All Calling Him “The Most Interesting Man In The World”,…Big Girls Don’t Cry…Do They?….

      ….Don’t Cha Just Love Em!?….We Sure Do!….It is A Well Known Fact
      That “Captain Kutchie Pelaez” Knows Who Put The Bomp In The Bomp Shoo
      Bomp Shoo Bomp And The Rama In The Rama Lama Ding Dong!.He Even Knows

      Who Put The Dip In The Dip Da Dip Da Dip!…How Cool Is That?….

      ….a-good-1-4-u-2-n-joy-ok!…”Very Interesting”!….

      ….”Frankie Valli and Kutchie Pelaez”..Did Make-It As Big As “Frank Sanatra”.

      A Few Wise Guys They Certainly Were “Frankie Valli, Kutchie Pelaez and
      Joe Pesci”!….Together “The Gang That Couldn’t Shoot Straight”!…..
      ….Mafiosi Wanna-Bee’s. The Key Lime Pie “Wild Bunch”. They’ve Got Everyone Shaking In They’re Flip-Flops!….

      ….Eli, Be Careful, Don’t Eat The “Cannoli’s”!…They’re Killer!….

    • Bando

      Nice boobs

    • assman35

      I like breasts. I am a man. I like breasts in a way that can’t be separated from sex and I don’t want to separate it from sex.

      I have no problem with women showing their breasts in public and also no problem with men sexually appreciating these breasts. But I do find a lot of the ways our society tends to view breasts is weird.

      The first problem I have is the claim that once all women start going nude we will start viewing breasts in a non-sexual way. Why would we want to? What is wrong with sex. Why does it have to be separated from everything?! Why would we even want breasts to be non-sexual. If sex is good. Then why isn’t viewing breasts as sexual a good thing.

      The other problem I have is the whole but what about the children argument. The thing I don’t get is why children need to be separated from sex. Sex is not evil. Why is it wrong for children to see sexual things.

    • John McDonald

      WEll done I wish we had those laws in Australia. Women are put down in many ways and this unequal treatment should not be a part of the mix.