“You Are A Computer Salesman – I Am JAMES BOND.”

Okay, this is the best letter Sean Connery has ever written. Honestly, it might be the best letter ANYONE has ever written. And we say that as people who rely heavily on computer salesmen like Steve Jobs for our jobs.

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    • joe
    • Cassie

      even if it is fiction, so is james bond! still super fucking bad ass :D

    • Brad Sewell

      Q. They should contact Q. It is within his division that the cutting edge of British defense technology is developed and refined for the purposes of espionage, and the craftsmen and women of the department take pride in their work, especially the head of the division, Major Geoffrey Boothroyd who is the most famous leader of Q Branch. That guy would most certainly make computer commercials for Apple and maybe give them a few tips on I-Pod files so they can be more easily transfered to other players