Nicole Richie’s House Of Harlow Launches Handbag Collection

Nicole Richie’s bohemian footwear/eyewear/jewelry label House of Harlow 1960* (which, distractingly, WWD calls a “lifestyle collection”) has forged its way into handbags. The 14-piece collection features clutches, hobos and crossbody bags and ranges in price from $150 to $625. Nicole Richie told WWD:

“When I design, I always try to design pieces that are universal, meaning anyone can wear and carry it. At this stage of my design process, I really try to gather direct feedback from my customers, whether through in-store personal appearances, my Web site, Twitter or Facebook. It really helps me when they provide me with their desires, feedback and comments on what they are looking for, so I can try my best to cater to their needs, yet stay true to the brand’s identity.”

You’ll have access to the bags mid-July at Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom and Here’s a few more below. Let us know if you’re excited or if these don’t do anything for you…

*Don’t forget the 1960. It is an important part of the name.

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    • Ellen W.

      I want the one in the middle to have a slightly darker line in the middle and around one of the edges so it looks like a Super Mario Brothers gold coin. Either that or I want dozens of them so I can tile a floor with them.

    • Lindsey

      They seem like anyone with a glue gun could craft something that looked exactly the same to these. Especially the last one.

    • Kate

      I’m not a big fan either. At least they’re putting the handbags on sale in department stores, so they can’t be too expensive.