Real Talk: Would You Hire A Male Prostitute?

Last week, Marie Claire taught me yet another thing that I as a female need to dread: my hypothetical fiance (otherwise totally marriage material) might get goaded into sleeping with a prostitute at his bachelor party. Which is a total bum-out (and so we asked women if they, too, were bummed out by this). Anyway, I started wondering, why aren’t there any titillating exposes of women sleeping with male sex workers at bachelorette parties? Moments later, I realized the answer.

But! It was still worth asking a bunch of ladies if they’d ever hire a gigolo. Answers ranged mostly from “No!” to “No and here’s why” but they all greed that yes, every living one of us would gladly pay to have sex with Richard Gere in American Gigolo.

All responses are accompanied by examples of the notorious stock character, the Hooker with a Heart of Gold.

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    • Eileen

      I like Linda. She seems the most honest.

      (’cause come on, even if you’re “conventionally attractive,” the man you can pick up any given night at a bar is not necessarily the man at the bar you actually wanted to have sex with)

    • Hanna

      Here’s the thing. When I was about hm 17 I made out with this guy. We were both a bit tipsy, it was on a beach, it was nice and then, then he said “your stomach disgusts me”. He just blurted it out.
      I don’t think I was ever so mortified in my entire life. This guy was actually willing to make out with me even though he was DISGUSTED by my body? For the record, I had a mild case of muffin top.
      Since then I am a teensy bit paranoid. If a guy wants me, he has to show it. I don’t want to sleep with someone who is “okay” with my body, I want someone who’s into me. Really, really into me. I don’t have any problems finding volunteers but then again, I am still young and my muffin top is still a mild case.
      So paying someone to have sex with me would probably transport me right back to that beach when I was so desperate for attention that I not only forgave the shithead but made out with him again.
      Why he made out with me, I have no idea. Probably because he was a stupid shithead. Fun fact: He was a devout Christian saving himself for the right girl. Hey, good Christian guy-whose-name-I-forgot-thank-you-God-if-you-exist, if you read this, you are the most screwed up dickhead I ever met and I met many. Thanks again!

    • MM

      This isn’t a very relevant comment but I would like to thank you for including Aspasia. As a history nerd it made me totally giddy.

    • MM

      As for my relevant comment: to me, the best sex is when I can tell that the other person is attracted to and appreciates me and is having a good time. Even if I could have sex with a very attractive and skilled prostitute, even if they could fake attraction and enjoyment, I’d know inside that it was inauthentic. The female orgasm is a pretty mental thing (for me at least) and I don’t think I could get off with the crushing shame of having paid for the experience.

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    • Simran Sharma

      Who wouldn’t want a beautiful man sitting across from you attentive and willing to please? I am sick of “average” men. I have dated them exclusively and wasted time, money, youth and emotion on them and for nothing really tangible in return. I always bypassed the good looking and well to do ones that were interested in me due to the fact I thought they would break my heart. But I was sadly wrong. Average men have been the ones to burn me. Even the few below average guys I was in relationships with just could not handle. If you got to pay for it