6 Scandalous Facts About Soon-To-Be Princess Of Monaco, Charlene Wittstock

On July 1 at 5 PM (Monaco time), former Olympic swimmer and gushy Vogue fashion plate Charlene Wittstock will wed Prince (“Never Stops Being Hilarious”) Albert II in a ceremony whereby a legal contract of kinship is created between two people. Here are some SCANDALOUS! FACTS! we learned about her from hours of exhaustive research idly glancing at her Wikipedia page. Fair warning: some truly appalling knowledge ahead.

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    • Eileen

      Anyone who doubts the Protestant –> Catholic can check out Cardinal Newman. (sorry, went to Catholic school, heard about him alllllll the time)

      Also, isn’t Rhodesia actually Zambia/Zimbabwe?

      • Robin

        Actuallu Zambia and Zimbabwe area as separate as England and France. Rhodesia is now Zimbabwe!

    • Joe M.

      Why do you hate this woman so much? It seems like she’s not terribly happy. I feel sorry for her.