Would You Wear This Creepy Tooth Necklace?

You know what’s scarier than a necklace made of human teeth? A necklace made of human teeth that have been dipped in gold and strung on a nice chain with a saw hanging perilously above them. This is a necklace that says to me, “I am not just any crazed killer. I am a refined sociopath with an eye for design, as well as the finer things in life.” So basically, this necklace reminds me of Anna Wintour.

It also reminds me somewhat of Texas Chainsaw Massacre, as well as what a bad idea it is to attempt D.I.Y. dentistry. Which is all to say, I want it around my neck this very instant. Once a Goth, always a Goth, amirite?

This lovely thing was made by the New York designers who make up Triskaidekaphobia (which means “fear of the number thirteen”), and it can be yours for a relatively reasonable $170. They have a lot of other playfully morbid things on their website, if this one doesn’t float your boat. The “about” section of the site cites “Twin Peaks,” Henry Darger, and Daniel Johnston as influences, which makes me like Triskaidekaphobia even more. But I realize bling-i-fied spookiness is not everyone’s cup of tea. What’s your take?

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    • Meghan Keane

      Oh my gosh. I already have enough nightmares about my teeth falling out without this necklace helping my subconscious along.

    • Eileen

      There’s an old Norse myth about a king who was so cruel to a goldsmith that the goldsmith killed his two sons and made elegant wine goblets out of their skulls and beautiful jewelry out of their eyeballs and teeth – which he then sent to the king, the queen, and the princess.

      And that’s the only thing I can think of while looking at this necklace.

    • Heather

      My grandmother and grandfather had their gold teeth filings removed, then my grandmother had them melted down into nuggets and gave me one on a gold chain. It always bothered me, but these teeth necklaces are WAY creepier!

    • Alanna

      I still have my teeth from my wisdom removal surgery…. anyone know any jewelers willing to dip my teeth in gold and put them on a chain? Maybe a festive pair of earrings?

    • MM

      I would totally wear it, though I’d prefer if it were silver. Once a goth, always a goth is RIGHT.