Poll: Kate’s Royal Tour Of Canada Dress Vs. Princess Diana’s

Okay, it’s time for another poll where only one lady emerges victorious. Here is the dress that Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge wore for the first day of her Royal Tour of Canada.

Here is Princess Diana’s, from her tour of Canada in 1983.

And here we are, as we so often are, in the Thunderdome that is fashion. Who wins?

Sorry! This poll is now closed.


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    • Eileen

      There’s nothing wrong with Diana’s outfit, but she looks kind of uncomfortable in it. Especially the hat. It’s a great hat, but I’ll bet she didn’t want to wear it.

    • Ashley Cardiff

      I think Diana looks awesome. Like a refined ’80s chimney sweep.

    • Dana

      Wow. It must have been cold that year. I don’t know how they can all be wearing coats in July. Happy Canada Day!

    • kjon

      I’d hate to go against the lovely Diana, but I have to go with Kate’s lace Erdem dress. In fact, I hope I see her wearing more Erdem in the future!