9 Reasons Why Charlene Wittstock Is Cooler Than Kate Middleton

I may be in the minority on this one, but I think that Charlene Wittstock is a bajillion times cooler than Kate Middleton. Kate always seems a little frigid and uncomfortable as a princess in waiting, while Charlene seems to really be enjoying her life as the future princess consort of Monaco. It also works in Wittstock’s favor that the Monaco royal wedding has significantly less hype and public interest surrounding it. Sure, she hasn’t been perfect and there are plenty of haters out there who just don’t like Wittstock, but fuck the haters. Charlene rocks.

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    • Eileen

      The word Monegasque (Monacan is made-up) is about twenty times cooler than Briton, so I guess she wins there.

      But I don’t think many of these comparisons say anything about either woman as a person. Look at Monaco on a map. You won’t actually see it because it is freakin’ tiny and therefore represented only by a dot that is probably disproportionately large even on the map. It’s a big deal to be the princess of Monaco, but there’s way, way less scrutiny. If Charlene Wittstock had fallen in love with a British royal, she’d probably act quiet and demure all the time as well.

    • mina

      no,no,no …………..no one is cooler than Kate

    • Meagan

      I feel as if calling Kate and William “far more private” than Charlene and Albert, and meaning it negatively, is unfair. To imply that Kate and William’s privateness makes them frigid and unlikeable isn’t necessarily true–in fact, I respect them for that. No one wants their private life splattered over magazines and tabloids (any more than they have to be as a royal couple), and I think they are more subdued then frigid, shying away from the limelight. This isn’t to say that Charlene and Albert bask in it or seek it out, but considering Will’s history with the press and paparazzi (more indirect history, really), I don’t blame them for not being more open in the public eye.

    • Hanna

      In slide number 4 it’s really obvious how much taste she has. She looks elegant, serene, beautiful. The woman to Albert’s right (Stephanie?) looks like a donned up transvestite circus pony in comparison.

    • eleonor

      how can anyone even compare, kate has worm like hermophrodite reptile body, which is totally of a boy, ugliest legs in the world, short, crooked, one cannot imagine an uglier body. face -can be made easily, but these empty, so british eyes, no expression, emotion, anything human. skin of a 58 old woman, same her sister. this one was not born a lover, totally frigid.
      her man’s body brings in question that will could not marry a man, so that one offered her , he chose a woman with a man’s body
      Charlene’s eyes are so angelic, sublime, she is so full of personality so naturally feminine, sensual, there is no comparison whatsoever, hell and heaven apart. How anyone can compare?
      This will/kate marriage is totally fake, cover up for the war in lybia, to distract people’ attention. woman offering her annal parts for the chance of being in the spotlight. everything is so miserable about her, and him. man has no healthy man’s instinct…the male blog showed only 5% of men said they could be attracted to woman like kate.
      i doubt she is one. there is something so hermaphroditic about her.

      • Ashley

        You write like you’re on some sort of psychotropic recreational drug.
        Like LSD.
        Space cadet alert!

    • jr

      oh, my God! the way people go on about Kate, honestly, it can be sickening…it is obvious that she does not have a superb/good figure, she seemed better when she had more weight…but a superb/good figure, please, give me a break! she dresses up well, that is all!

      charlene is older than kate and yet, she seems to have better skin, kate looks older than her years, it is obvious in some pictures in spite of her make-up etc…overall, charlene is without doubt lovelier in a physical sense, and perhaps, even when it comes to inner beauty…


    • Hannah

      This hat is amazing! Does anybody know the make or style of it?


      SHE”S SOOOO BEAUTFUL! KAte is ugly :)

    • Mariah

      Hmm well in my opinion neither Kate nor Charlene are beautiful …both of them look way old for their age,my mom(43) looks younger than them so I wouldn’t complare them because they aren’t beautiful(not even inner beauty)…anyway one thing that I can compare at their wedding id that Kate looked far more happy than Charlene and I truly think that’s the most important thing at a wedding .The bride can be beautiful ,or wearing a fashionable dress,but if she’s unhappy than the wedding is a fiasco and won’t last long.
      Also prince Albert is a total jerk for not cheering her up even a little(he doesn’t even care for her) That just proved that is was a fake wedding and she was almost forced …
      Poor Charlene…

    • Francesca

      Yeeeeeeeeeah she’s so cool she had to be talked into marrying him and stopped from bording a plane to leave the country. And seriously? Middleton is gorgeous, this girl is a dime a dozen. (I’m not talking the olympic athlete stuff that’s badass..) but seriously.. blonde and boring.

    • Britt

      Charlene is sooo beautiful and natural. You cant help but love her. After seeing her, it makes Princess Kate look cold and ambitious. And why did they not attend the wedding ? Typically british, because they cannot stand it when they are not the center of attention.

    • cc

      They’re both lovely, but Monaco is only barely a real country. It’s designed to be nice and glamorous and have princes and princesses all over the place. Kate’s under a lot more pressure in the UK.

    • crackerjackie

      The British generally come off more frigid and detached because that is part of their culture; it’s just how they roll.
      I think they’re both great, but comparing the status of Monaco’s royal family to that of the UK’s is like comparing NYC with a small midwestern town in my opinion.
      And no offense to British people (I’m part!) but compared to alot of the country she’s gorgeous (yeah.. i went there.)

    • KSB

      Are you kidding me???, whoever wrote this must be part of the Monaco Palace!! cooler she is but only as far as her emotions, never seen a more depressed bride ever!! and as far as her looking better than Kate, well Kate has had a permanent smile on her face that can’t be moved, Charlene looks like she needs antidepressants, i feel sorry for her and yes i believe she tried to run away from getting married but palace official stopped it more than once by confiscating her passport!! If this marriage lasts he must have paid her some millions to go through with it, nothing is more lovely than a happy bride and wife, don’t think she’ll keep her great beauty if she is unhappy as she looks, sorry Kate Wins in all areas!!.

      • Kith

        I agree 100%.

    • Melaina

      I COMPLETELY agree. (Eat your heart out Kate…)

    • Gabbi

      I do think both of them are beautiful and very tasteful in their style. I really like that neither of them seems like some botox accident has deformed their faces into a perpetual grin. Both of them can smile with their eyes, which not so many people seem to be able to nowadays. I just think that Albert looks fun to hang out with, while William is a dry piece of bread. So Charlene wins.

      (The nerd in me says that saying someone is “cooler” because the other one is “frigid” might not make a lot of sense seeing how both expressions are associated with low temperature … sorry. I like frigid people.)

    • Kith

      I think Kate is prettier than Charlene because Kate is more natural and has a beautiful smile. It would’t be fair to say that Charlene is ugly but she looks so fake with blank look and her face looks as if she had a lifting or bottox – always the same expression. Another thing is that Charlene doesn’t even have a high school diploma, she is a gold digger to marry this old (20 years older) unattractive, playboy.

      • jr

        so, if someone marries a person who is older than her by 20 years or so, then, the person must be a gold digger, huh? hmm..perhaps, you are rite. i cannot seem to think of anyone who is so much younger and who married for love or for any other reason than money. but then, i do not know. I think that Charlene does not have the look of a gold digger, Kate, yes, she does. If you see a picture of her without make-up, then, you might note that she is actually plain, perhaps , slightly more than plain. Honestly, any woman who dresses up these days look beautiful in one way or another. But, I do not think that the author of this article is talking abt that!!

        Thin lips, using eye liner and eye shadow, etc ..that is Kate for you!

    • Yala

      None of them is great looking like Grace Kelly or even Diana Spencer. But they both look good enough for the job. It’a a pity that Charlene had to undergo so many aesthetic enhancements before the wedding to try to make her look like Grace Kelly. She is naturally a brunette with brown eyes and thin lips. Her nose was also done, as well as enormous breasts. I guess she had to show her ID card to be recognized by her parents when they came to the wedding…:) In addition she had to give up her swimming career. Basically, to change everything about herself rather than being accepted for who she was. Now, she’ll be wealthy and famous but I doubt this alone will make her happy. She seems to come from a nice family and she ‘s landed in a very messy one with a husband who never learned self control. Good luck…

      • jr

        How would you know about her botox surgery, etc., Yala? Did you see her personally?


        PS – I am not a fan of Charlene but honestly, I am sick and tired of Kate. It seems to me that the media HAS DECIDED that she is BEAUTIFUL, even when she is not. Who would not look pretty or beautiful with proper dressing or make-up? A lot of women would. Look at Kate’s picture without make-up and she is plain Kate. Some of her girlfriends who were with her at that time look much prettier naturally..

    • sarah

      you know, i could not agree with you more. i have always liked charlene, because of the way she carries herself, which is a mixture of effortless elegant, poise and grace. But what i liked about her most of all is that she seem like such a geniune person who only interested at being who she is, and very humble.

      Where i really dislike kate, because she always seem to have this perpetual narcisstic smirk on her face, like she thinking ” wow, i finally got what i wanted, and that is to be a princess hence the coolest girls in the party as well as better than everybody else around me”.
      she constantly came across like a popular cheerleader who is so into herself and look down on everybody else.

      Also i can see many charlene are already attacking her for her transformation. but you know what, if she wanted a transformation, it is her choice and her choice alone, and none of our business. furthermore, like i mentioned earlier, she seem to have such a lovely genuine personality, and THAT is what matters.

      She has true class, where as Kate has none.

    • Marcia

      Catch up. Catherine worked as a retail clerk, photographer, and for her parents businesses. Charlene never had a real job, Olympic swimmer didn’t count.
      And MONACANS?!?! Way to INSULT the people of Monaco- try Monégasque. Monacan refers to people who were born outside of Monaco but were raised in Monaco. Monégasque refers to the people of Monaco in general.
      Another good one to go with her title matters: Her title is in her own right-Catherine’s is in her husband’s right. Catherine is HRH Princess WILLIAM, Duchess of Cambridge…Charlene is HSH Princess CHARLENE.
      Bottom line? Charlene’s WAY cooler than Catherine.

    • Jan Jooste

      Kate speaks only one language while Charlene speaks five.( Afrikaans, Dutch, English, Xhosa and French.Charlene attented a model C school in South Africa which is a semi private school and better then the British private Schools. White South Africans have a much better life style and standard of living then the British. Score 3 -0. Prince Albert is more wealthier than Queen Elizabeth.Charlene therefore has more money to spend on style and designers.I follow the Manaco royals on a daily basis and cannot get enough of Charlene because she is so unpredictable with so many different facial expressions and super dress sense.Kate only hase one facial expression and such a rough crocodile- like skin. Score 7-0. Charlene will entertain the world for many years to come.

    • guest

      Charlene Wittstock is extremly awful, she has a plastic face and a manly body.

    • guest

      Charlene Wittstock is extremly awful, she has a plastic face and a manly body.