Kate Middleton Arrives In Canada (See What She Wore)

The Duchess of Cambridge touched down for her tour of Canada yesterday with a salute to Canadian fashion: she wore a lovely lace Erdem ‘Cecile’ dress, designed by Canadian-born Erdem Moralioglu. She’s got 30 outfits prepared for the trip but her only groomer in tow is a hairdresser. It’ll be interesting to see if there’s a single misstep among the 30 looks.

What do you think of the demure navy Erdem frock?

Oh, and in case you’re curious:

(Images via Getty)

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    • Eileen

      Dress, shoes, hair: all awesome. Although the angle of the second picture makes her look kind of frail.

    • Erin S.

      Nice dress; she looks too bony and gaunt.

    • Isabel

      Can we please stop scrutinizing the girl’s body? Really, the comments on here. You compliment her clothing, then move straight onward to her physique. It really feels like that’s what it all comes down to, a girl’s figure is her all-encompassing evaluation.
      The girl is evidently not at an extreme weight, and if she looks too “anything” to you, if THAT is the most salient thing you notice when you look at her or any woman, maybe you need to check in with yourself and ask why you’re passing judgement. Even if you’re just saying it to yourself rather than commenting on it publicly. Come on, guys. Let’s start focusing on other things.

      • Dana Z

        Focus on other things?

        What other things are there to focus on? Is this an article discussing her work? Her contributions to British life? Her athletic prowess? Her college studies?

        No. It’s a picture of her in a dress, caption reading “See What She Wore.”

        So yeah, I am going to discuss that dress. And we can agree to disagree, but I think she looks unhealthily thin.

        Maybe The Gloss would consider posting articles about people that feature something other than their clothes, and the level of conversation can get a little deeper. I’d go for that.

    • Queensley Junior

      simpy and Beautifull

    • Maire