Kate Middleton Recycles Her Engagement Photo Dress, For Canada

The Duchess of Cambridge is not afraid to wear the same thing twice. After landing in Canada today, she was photographed in the same white Reiss dress, above, that she donned in her official engagement photo:

Speculation has ensued that she’s recycling outfits in order to demonstrate that she’s sensitive to the current less-than-ideal financial situation in England, which we think is nice of her.

Anyway, just for fun, here’s another picture of the royal newlyweds. We assume they’re singing, but it’s also amusing to imagine that they’re reacting to the size of the crowd that greeted them (some estimates have put it at over half a million people):

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    • kjon

      She looks nice, good for her. I hope that brand (Reiss or something like that? I forget) restocked that style. Everything she wears from there tends to sell out. I loved that other dress she wore while meeting Michelle Obama, it was another shift dress in a sand color.

    • Cassieleigh

      Is it just me, or does Kate have the best legs? Seriously.

    • Quin

      In the first picture, people think he’s waving to the crowds, but he really just thinks that Kate looks funny with a hand behind her head. It’s his version of bunny ears.

      • sheherbano

        haha i know! that was basically the only thing i noticed.

    • Emily

      I love it. Most in her position wouldn’t rewear a dress that had been featured so prominently, but this shows that she’s economically and environmentally aware.

      Also, she looks amazing in it. But she always does.

    • Eileen

      Okay, who told Prince William that that tie was red?

      As for the dress – hey, she probably only got to wear it for, like, two hours indoors with a photographer. That’s a waste of a dress that looked great on her. Obviously it needed to see the sun :)

    • miinxi

      i wear the same thing twice… or 100 times.. i dont get why becuase your in the public eye you cant do that? what a waste! and what if you love something?