How Do You Feel About Kate Moss’s White Bridesmaids’ Dresses?

First Kate Middleton put Pippa in a white gown, and now another Kate has followed suit. At Kate Moss’s wedding (where she wore a lovely John Galliano gown) her bridemaids all wore white dresses. They look wonderful - unsuprisingly - but doesn’t this strike you as upstaging the bride a bit? Even if they are, you know, about 12? Or do you love the look?

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    • Lisa

      The bridesmaids look like a bunch of pure little dryads, and Kate must be the woodland goddess getting married. OBVIOUSLY! There’s no way I’d mistake her for a dryad, or one of them for her, so the ensemble of ensembles suits me.

    • Eileen

      I think white bridesmaid dresses are traditional in England (Diana’s bridesmaids wore white dresses, too). Besides, I always wondered about this “upstaging the bride” thing – If you’re at the wedding, you know who the bride is.

    • kjon

      I agree with Eileen. To expand, I always wondered why brides purposely put their bridesmaids in God-awful, garish dresses. I mean, I guess it could be one of those “beautiful by comparison” situations but damn, those make for some horrific wedding photos! Who would want pictures of that?

    • Christina

      I love it! Any other colour would have upset the colour scale. The little drops of bluish gray in the dresses of the groom and maid-of-honour fit in, but a third colour would have looked odd, as well as having everyone else in bluish gray and only Kate in white.

      In white they look like little faerie princesses, and she is the faerie queen.

    • Lo

      I think it’s okay if the white dresses were planned as part of the bridal party. If I were to show up to someone else’s wedding in white, I could expect to be chased around the cake by a pissed-off bride, but this isn’t so bad. The flowery gnomes of the forest look works pretty well here, plus there’s a whole swarm of them so it’s easier to see that they’re meant to be bridesmaids.

    • miinxi

      my wedding is next year and my dress is champagne and will have all my bridesmaids in cream. i adore the look and think its alot classier than hot pink or something *shudder*

    • jo

      loved it! the girls look adorable–complementing rather than upstaging the bride. i wince everytime I see bridesmaids in hideous color combinations.