12 Surprising Designer Finds At T.J. Maxx & Marshalls (Plus: Win $50 To Spend At Either)

There’s a T.J. Maxx and a Marshalls located in a Manhattan shopping complex on 6th Ave not far from TheGloss’ office. I know because I seldom pass it up without heading to either location’s cookware section. Over the years, I’ve gotten Le Crueset, KitchenAid, DeLonghi and Cuisinart stuff from the superstores at variously astonishing discounts. I had not, however, ever shopped for clothes in one.

Feeling curious, I headed over to 6th Ave armed with a phone (stores really, really dislike it when you bring an SLR and just start taking photos). I guess I always associated the sister stores with the same products I could find in any random mall, only at chepaer prices. Subsequently, I was pretty shocked to find Dolce & Gabbana frocks, Rag & Bone sweaters, See by Chloe tops and Cynthia Rowley bags. Here’s a gallery of proof, featuring the more surprising finds from one visit. It may be the case that merchandise like this is specific to New York, but the rest of my co-workers were surprised to learn they could walk a few blocks and find lovely Alice + Olivia dresses for $100, too.

Also: TheGloss is giving away a $50 T.J. Maxx/Marshalls gift card to readers who tell us the best fashion items (not necessarily designer) they found at either store. Leave your thoughts in the comments and you’ll be entered to win (remember to use your real email address when commenting so we can get in touch with you if you win). You’ll have until 5 p.m. July 12th to post a comment.

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    • liz

      Steve Madden brown leather wedges for $39. I found these shoes five years ago and they are still my favorites. They go with everything and have totally withstood the test of time.

    • Heather M.

      I found a pair of fake Uggs at a TJ Maxx outlet that actually look nicer than real Uggs. They were only $20!

    • Kellie Wilson

      Juicy Couture terry pants-retail: $90 I paid $10 WIN!

    • Amy

      I got blue metallic Marc Jacobs flats for $30 bucks at ol’ TJ! I looooove TJ Maxx. They have great deals on home stuff, too. I just bought some $180 sheets for $40!

    • Linna

      Strenesse Blue blue jacket for 99€. I make sure my outfits match the jacket that’s how much I love it.

    • Jennifer

      Calvin Klein dress $29. Stunning Guess platform slingbacks, 40 bucks. Not only are the clothes great, but the housewares as you mentioned, and the linens! The bedding is ridiculously awesome and dirt cheap! I have 600 thread count Egyptian cotton sateen sheets that I paid fifty bucks for; a Cynthia Rowley quilt and shams…$70. Un-freaking-believable!

      • Ashley Cardiff

        I absolutely agree on the bedding.

    • riverdog03

      It’s true–their bedding is great. I’ve found awesome outerwear there, too, including a nice grey belted trench.

    • Kassie

      Kate Spade black leather briefcase, $120. I was giddy and a Coach duffle bag, also super cheap!

    • Kate

      It really does depend what area the store is located in. I’ve had some great finds like Michael Kors sunglasses for $12 & Some great professional looking pinstripe Calvin Klein pants for around $15. But for whatever reason I only have this good luck at certain, more high end locations.

      • A

        TJX targets their shipping based on consumer purchasing. High end areas will get designer clothing, while more rural or less high volume stores will not receive the high end clothing.

    • Poppy

      I have an Alice + Olivia dress from TJ Maxx that I got for 40 dollars.

    • porkchop

      I found an Armani cocktail dress for $60. It was strapless, deep purple velvet. Yes, I had to crash diet to get into it, and yes I did look like a high class escort when I wore it to a charity auction where everyone else wore suits, but it was so beautiful… (eventually I gave it away to another girl who has a 25 inch waist).

    • Leslie Petersen

      I found some fab designer jewelry…..Judith Jack, Lois Hill, etc…. that I LOVE!

    • Dixie Smith

      My best deal is a tri-color (teal) sweater/wrap from DKNY..Retail..$89.00, TJ Maxx… $15.00..

    • Becky

      Michael Kors cork wedges! I ♥ them! I work right next to a Marshalls and can’t seem to drive by without stopping at least twice a week!

    • katie h.

      Michael Kors white jeans! Favorite summer staple and only cost $29.99. I’ve also found some great BCBG pieces that I’ve had forever!

    • VH

      My most magical Marshalls experience: I have a pretty large bust size, so finding a good, supportive bathing suit is often difficult. I was going on vacation one summer a couple of years ago, and I was reading one of those “the best swimsuit for your body type” specials in a magazine, and they actually had a really cute one for the “large breasted body.” It was a $300 dollar suit, so I kind of looked at it wistfully and forgot about it… until I was shopping at Marshalls a few days later, and low and behold, on the swim suit sale rack– the very same swim suit, on sale for… $20!!! It fit awesomely. And I swear this is a true story!

      • Dana

        Yes, TJs and Marshall’s have great designer bathing suits!

    • BriannaW

      I remember one day I found a couple Dooney and Bourke bags for like, $25 each. Incredible!

    • Erin Dunphy

      can’t even deny how much my college student/ intern budget loves this store.

    • Mandy

      Marshall’s and TJ Maxx are generally the ONLY places I shop! I’m a full time college student and haven’t worked in 2 years, so deals are imperative! My strategy is to go alone during the day. If I have a couple hours to kill, I ALWAYS find some amazing steals!

    • Kate

      Jeez: where to begin? When I was in college (and when Diesel was still relatively cool), I got a beautiful pair of distressed Diesel jeans at my local Marshall’s. More recently, I’ve found pairs of Joe’s and Citizens of Humanity. Hell yeah!

    • Lindsey

      TJ Maxx is the best. ever. Especially for gifts. OH mah gosh.

      Jewelry: I love the jewelry there, it’s very inexpensive for wonderful quality. Classy stuff, fun stuff! And the women at the counter are always helpful.

      Clothing: It’s always hit and miss. You can go in and browse and not be impressed, or be AMAZED. I saw the lovliest pea coat last winter for $24, but already had one… Sigh. They always have dirt-cheap basics, too.

      Shoes: Ohmahgosh. I just got THE CUTEST ballerina pink Guess sandals the other day for $25. And Madden heels. They have AWESOME shoes!

      Homegoods: they have a lot of really nice dorm stuff. And gifts. Nice gifts!

      Sexy-sexy: 2.99 for a pair of DKNY panties I paid $10 for? They have some good-looking lingerie there. I have an unusual bra-size so I haven’t browsed through their bras.


    • Josie Ramos

      I bought the best fitting Olga brand bra at TJ Maxx several years ago. It was perfect, and still is. I continue to buy all my bras at TJ Maxx or Marshall’s. Inexpensive, yet high quality lingerie…yay!

    • Benita

      You’re not a New Yorker until you’ve scored a few designer duds at TJ Maxx or Marshall’s.

    • Rebecca

      I got a pair of Kate Spade black heels that are amazingly comfortable and were supposed to be Neiman Marcus exclusives for their anniversary…59 bucks. They had been reduced. My absolute favorite shoes

    • Rebecca

      PS, The stores that carry this kind of merchandise are called runway stores and you can tell what is the good stuff because the price tags are purple. You can search on the tjmaxx website specifically for runway stores, but others ones in the tristate area are Paramus NJ, Edgewater NJ, Mt Kisco NY and Greenvale NY (possibly the best runway store period).

      And no, I don’t work for TJMaxx. Just an obsessed discount shopper…

      • Katie Ellen

        Thanks for the info!! :)

    • Grace

      My best find ever were these leather flatforms! They were the only shoes I wore last summer, and people gave me weird looks. This year, everyone’s asking me where I got them :)

    • Mary

      My favorite find was a polo shirt for my husband at Marshall’s. I got a great deal and he wears it all the time!

    • EML

      i found the most amazing chinese laundry boots at Marshalls!!

    • Jeremy

      Five pairs of Tretorn sneakers for $9 each!

    • Laura

      They’ve really expanded their designer bags and clothing! I once found kate spade flats (retail $275) for $39.99 and Alice +Olivia skinny jeans (retail $250ish) for only $20. You have to pick through a lot of stuff, but some of the finds are great!

    • barb

      Just got a bedding set by Frette and a beautiful blue and purple print Pucci dress. Worth every penny.

    • Shelby

      I’m so jealous of all your great designer finds. I live in the country so our TJMaxx isn’t too up to date with all the latest fashions, but when they get a few good pieces I make sure to snap them up! Today I went in and was drooling over a pair of Michael Kors wedges marked down to $30!

    • Jinx

      I found a pair of Oscar de la Renta sunglasses for $8. They’re beautiful and look like I spent hundreds on them!

      • Jinx

        Forgot to mention that was at Marshalls. Great contest, hope I win :)

    • Magda

      I go there and buy all my shoes, or most of them. =)

      I went in around christmas, and I found these super cute nude Chinese laundry pumps. I bought a pair for me and my best friend. I was all set for the season. =)

    • porkchop

      oh! and! La Perla lingerie. I found a matched set of La Perla, aqua and ivory lace in a beautiful asymetrical design, $25 out the door.

    • Dana

      All my running gear! Every season. Name brands – at least 70% off running store prices! Look’n good running in the neighbourhood! At Marshalls and TJs.

    • edi

      I work as a personal shopper and I need to look as good as or better than my clients for MUCH less money. (They are rich people, I am their servant.) I am always hunting for excellent deals with great style. TJ Maxx and Marshalls have my back!
      Generally I do not shop there for my clients, but one Christmas I HAD to find a pair of Steve Madden shoes for a client’s teenage daughter. I looked everywhere trying to find what they were looking for. It was miserable, I generally avoid the holiday rush and I hate fighting with “regular” shoppers when I’m trying to do my job. Christmas was closing in and I was definitely giving up. I had to tell my client I didn’t think I could find exactly what she was looking for. Not pleasant. I went to Marshall’s to shop for an outfit for myself to wear to a snazzy party one of my clients were throwing. Well, there were the Steve Madden high heeled light pink Mary Janes that had been requested, in that magical size 7, just waiting for me. They were a good 70% less than was expected and my client was pleased, so my commission on the purchase tripled I was thrilled. It was my Marshall’s Christmas Miracle.

    • Jessica1214

      My TJ Maxx always has super cute Coach flats!

    • Bobby

      I found a last-season Billy Reid shawl-collar sweatshirt that had been marked down twice. It is ridiculously thick, comfortable and warm; my fiancee always steals it from me. After TJ Maxx’s pricing plus the two markdowns, it was about $12.

    • Shakera

      I got a Michael Kors leather hobo from Marshalls for under $200. It’s the the perfect bag, I take it everywhere!

    • Katie Ellen

      Two of my favorite, and most used, things are from TJ’s: my beautiful charcoal Hobo clutch and a very sweet pearl ring. The clutch was an amazing price – and it goes with almost everything, so, it’s so great. And, I’m from the South and we live and die by our pearls, so, the pearl ring gets lots of wear, for sure.

    • Tricia

      A black Magaschoni skirt and Jack Spade khaki pants, both still perfect basics I wear all the time!

    • erin

      A great pair of coach rainboots for $50.

    • Yvonne

      I’ve had some lucky finds, but probably my favorite was a pair of black Ray Ban Wayfayers for only $50 at TJ Maxx! And I bought them with the case and cleaning cloth (which is pretty rare in the sunglasses section). I love TJ Maxx and Marshalls! :)

    • ashmoth

      EVERYTHING! but the best was right after Easter, all the little-girl designer frou-frou dresses were like, 75% off! My three-year-old cleaned up and she looks like a star of ‘toddlers and tiaras.’ But not creepy with fake teeth and sprayed tan.

    • Meghan

      My best fashion find was not a designer item, but it’s been my very favorite dress for years (and I buy a lot of dresses)! It’s a perfect red and white polka dotted shirt dress with big cream-colored nautical anchor buttons, that fits and flares at the most flattering part of my waist. I think it was $15. It’s a sweet retro 50′s style and always gets me compliments! There was another one of the same dress in the same size in navy blue and I have ALWAYS regretted not buying that one too! Now if I find something that I love & fits me perfectly (if I can afford it) I buy it in two different colors. My friends think I’m nuts, but I think it’s an excellent strategy.

    • Eve

      Valentino Red dress in a UK SIZE SIXTEEN for €28!!!

      Original price on tag: €350 O_o

    • Diana

      TJMaxx. Found a Marc Jacobs cashmere sweater for just $18!! Short sleeve, green with delicate white dots and 2 thin stripes around the sleeve cuffs. Super cute, almost preppy tennis wear. Love great bargains!

    • Andrew

      a Dolce & Gabbana dress shirt originally for $300 but purchased for $15.

    • Beth

      cute red heels at TJMaxx!

    • Meg

      Betsey Johnson sunglasses for $14! A perfect pick-me-up & they last for ages!!

    • jessica

      raybans for $50! and they are currently selling at a retail price of $140

    • Sarah Hirsch

      I’ve found so many great designer items at TJ Maxx nd I usually buy them for around 90% off. The best price was Seven for all Mankind jeans on clearance for $2. I’ve bought a Jean Paul Gaulthier skirt (orig $800) for $70, multiple pairs of Coach shoes, a Kate Spade wallet and many great designer clothes! Just this month I got Juicy Couture and Cynthia Rowley shirts for $20 each (orig over $150)

    • barbara wicklund

      badgley mischka dress with coat!

    • Jenny

      My best TJ Maxx find was a positively gorgeous Gucci bangle watch … for $750 off retail price! I don’t think I’ll ever get over that score!

    • Cathy

      Yesterday I bought a really great Helen Kaminsky raffia hat and a Marc by Marc Jacobs one shoulder red bathing suit! Both on clearance!!!

    • SANDY

      love the deals- have gotten books for a dime- dog collars for 1 dolllar- watch the clrance too

    • 216amyc

      A couple weeks ago I found a great Juicy Couture handbag for $79.00!!

    • Sand

      Last summer I saw Jimmy Choo shoes at 1/2 off or more at T.J. Maxx but they didn’t have my size. The best bargain was the Cynthia Rowley white jacket that I purchased on clearance for $20.

    • Grace

      So many I don’t know where to begin! Most recently, Lucky pajamas for $15.

    • Sam

      I would say that half of my wardrobe comes from TJMaxx & Marshalls. LOVE following them on Twitter, always new info!

      Just bought my mom a B Makowski bag there, I have a Michael Kors Wallet ($40!), 3 pairs of Michael Kors sunglasses (under $20 each!), seven jeans, uggs, the works! Why shop retail? It’s all there!

    • Renessa

      I purchased a pair of Ralph Lauren Blue and White Seersucker walking shorts for ONE dollar at TJMaxx. Bought them off season and on a clearance rounder. Love them much. Paired with a cute little summer blazer and strappy sandals they are amzingly cute and awesome!

    • Melissa

      Michael Kors cowl neck sweater for 17.99, Bandolino leather and cork wedge sandals for 19.99, Sofft Wedge heels in black patent leather for 49.99 (regularly over 100) and the list goes on and on! I love TJMaxx. I live in a pretty small town, so getting to buy some higher end clothing without the 2 hour ride to Boise is a definite bonus!

    • Ariadne Elise

      I’m a ballroom dancer and TJ Maxx / Marshalls are my ‘secret weapons’. I can always find gorgeous, glittery, dance-wear at a great price. =)

    • Lauren

      I love checking out the racks when I have time – if you take the time to look you’ll always be pleased with what you find. My favorite TJMaxx find was a long, black Dana Buchman coat with leopard on the inside. I don’t remember the exact price but I remember being thrilled it was under $100. It was such a bargain!

    • Freda

      I had been looking to buy a Le Sport Sac bag for awhile (because they have the cutest designs and prints), but couldn’t afford to shell out the cash for a retail price. One day, I was browsing T.J. Maxx and saw several Le Sport Sac bags! I was thrilled! They were almost half off the original prices! Yipee! Thank you, T.J. Maxx for saving me some cha-ching!

    • june

      black dolce & gabbana peep-toe heels for only $89.99!!!
      love love love them!

    • Stephanie

      Michael Kors nude wedges for 80! Fit perfectly!

    • Katie Picklesimer

      Ralph Lauren sunglasses for 10 bucks

    • Jordan

      We do feel strongly about our TJ Maxx & Marshall’s purchases.
      74 Comments, is that a record??

    • Jordan

      We do like our TJ Maxx & Marshall’s purchases. Is this a record for “comments”?

    • Z

      The “going-to-bazillion-summer-weddings” dress for $50. Raph Lauren :)

    • Ramsey

      A womens size 6 Andrew Mark wool peacoat . Originally $400 got it for $35

    • Emily

      A Calvin K sweater (10 dollars), Tommy Hilfiger Boots for 70 dollars and a Kate Spade shirt for 30. I’ve also spotted Lily Pulitzer, Sam Edelmen, Coach and Armani