Lady Gaga’s Stylist Nicola Formichetti Won’t Work With Fat People

Thierry Mugler’s creative director Nicola Formichetti (who is probably much more famous stateside as the Man Who Dresses Lady Gaga) just made a statement he’ll hopefullyy regret soon to W.

Formichetti described styling a rock band (Erran Baron Cohen’s Zohar, suspects Jezebel) and how it was the last time he worked with fat people. He didn’t offer much insight into why working with “three fat guys” was “so ghetto” but apparently it was way less fun and glamorous than working with models and non-fat people. Says W:

One shoot, which involved dressing a rock band, was particularly unfortunate. “I was only used to dressing models and skinny kids,” he recalled. “And I turned up and it was, like, three fat guys. I just left. That was the last time I tried to work with fat people. I think one of them was Ali G’s brother. It was so ghetto.”­

We wonder if Lady Gaga (whose message of acceptance and self-love was most recently on the charts in the form of “Born This Way”) is displeased with her BFF for this one.

It’s a shame to see someone like Formichetti–who’s often sold as an outsider and fashion misfit–parrot this kind of bullshit.  But that’s (often) the fashion industry for you, unfortunately: you can be different as long as you’re the same.

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    • eelizg23

      It seems pathetic that you can become such a well respected stylist when you can’t even dress the body of the average person walking down the street.

      • MM

        Yeah, exactly. I understand that you can’t cater to everyone, and while I think plus-size collections are great I get that designers may not want to branch out to that right away. But I’m thinner than average and I’m still “f’at” to the fashion world. It’s so out of touch with reality.

    • Stephanie

      Fat people. Ali G’s brother. So ghetto?!?!?

      Are you kidding me. This guy is a complete idiot.

    • BeccaTheCyborg

      So basically what this douche is admitting is that he doesn’t actually know how to style people who aren’t alabaster-white and mannequin-thin? Wow. I mean, there’s something to be said for honesty, but actually coming out and admitting you can’t do your job seems a little, I don’t know…

    • kjon

      Wow, he’s snobby (maybe worse?). I’m guessing he’s trying to come off as some sort of fashion elitist but yeah, what an idiot.

    • Kathleen

      So, is he saying fat people are ghetto? Whatever.
      I looked up pics of Zohar, and if that’s the band he means, no, these guys are not fat. Erran Baron Cohen looks maybe 20 lbs overweight, and the others about the right ideal weight. Yet this guy talks like he walked in and saw 300 pounders. Ridiculous.

    • Glitter

      Well if you worked with that skank I don’t WANT to work with YOU!

    • Rugrat

      Good thing because fat people prefer to EAT our meat not WEAR it! I love Gaga but I can make my fat ass look like a freak all on my own!