Lady Gaga’s Yoga Outfit: How Do You Feel?

Lady Gaga apparently went to yoga in Taipei over the weekend, while in town to promote her new album. According to Asia One, in this photo she is seen exiting the yoga studio.

So. How appropriate is this outfit?

Well, first, let’s assume that she’s going to remove her shoes, if only because they could literally kill someone standing next to her.

After that, though, honestly, it’s not an entirely bad choice of ensemble. The fabric looks like it breathes, and it’s always nice to catch a little wind to the vag while down-dogging. I’m a little worried about the fac that she has on lace gloves, because that seems to invite slippage, and that could hinder her practice. One doesn’t want to be worried about a slow, steady descent to the floor when one should be worried about breathing deeply and holding a pose.

Additionally, the turtleneck feature seems possibly like a poor call — sweat dripping down there and getting stuck would be horribly itchy.

Otherwise, I think this is a totally fair and legit yoga ensemble. I’ve certainly seen just as tight in my yoga class, and if men can go around with their junk gently featured through their spandex pants, Lady Gaga can wear a lace onesie.

What do you think?

[via Buzzfeed]

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    • porkchop

      maybe the whole thing has traction, like the body stocking version of pilates socks.

    • Jenn

      My first, knee-jerk reaction to this was “Ugh, doesn’t it completely miss the point of yoga to wear something that fashion-y?” but then I realized that this is how Lady Gaga presents herself to the public. It’s awesome that she doesn’t feel the need to edit this personal image for yoga because it’s “not spiritual.”

    • Cassie

      i see what jenn is saying, but i think it’s stupid to put your image before all else. this is obviously going to hinder her when she tries to do yoga.

    • Eileen

      It would be nice if Lady Gaga spent an occasional minute being a person instead of a cartoon character. I know I, for one, would take her more seriously if she didn’t seem to be doing everything for attention.

    • Hanna

      Um, I imagine actually doing yoga in that ensemble is punishment enough for picking it. Makes me think of the girl in my yoga class who sports a complete Audrey Hepburnesque make-up, pearl ear rings and a push up bra for practice. Nothing more important than looking cute / freakish while doing your asanas!

    • coppercrane

      The article says this is what she wore exiting the yoga studio. Perhaps she changed out of her yoga clothes and into this outfit after class.

    • Carolyn

      She definitely isn’t afraid to be herself no matter what she is doing. I, however, prefer the feel of organic cotton or bamboo to lace…

    • MJ

      Attention seek much?