How To Tie A Scarf (So It Looks Really Cool)

Are you one of those people who gets cold at night during the summer? Yes? Do you wear a scarf all the time? I’m one of those people, but it just hangs sort of limply over my shoulders.

Fortunately, Cold Water Creek has instructions on how to tie a scarf in 6 different, exciting ways! Here’s the trickiest seeming one, go over here for the other options.




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    • Meghan

      AHHH NOOOO!!!! My secret! I have been tying my scarves this way since last winter, when I copied another girl’s awesome subway scarf tying technique.

      IT IS THE BEST – you can double your scarves, no huge bulging goiter knot under your neck, even with thick scarves, and it stays PUT.

      DAMN YOU COLDWATER CREEK! At least I can take credit for this trend.

    • Dana

      I love the scarf trend, I hope that it does not go away anytime soon! I found a few ways to tie a circle scarf that I found really helpful through StumbleUpon.