• Thu, Jul 7 2011

Sink Or Swim: Emma Watson At The Deathly Hallows Photocall

Here’s Emma Watson with a slightly grown-out pixie at yesterday’s Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows photocall in London, England. She mixed every texture there is: lace, metallics, ruffles and patent. Is this a success or a flop?

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And another view (both photos via Getty):

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  • Jon

    You know how people say there is no such thing as perfection? Emma W. is the exception to that rule.

    • Jinx

      He speaks the truth.

  • R.C. Knight

    Billie Joe Armstrong called, he wants his hair back

  • Ellen W.

    It’s a little Sonic the Hedgehog, but she still looks cute.

  • Lisa

    To be fair, if a girl gets a pixie cut it’s gotta go through some awkward while growing out, and Ms. Watson appears to be handling that well.

  • Margaux

    Okay, let me just say I’m not a fan of pixie cuts. Sure it looks good for Ashley Greene, Anne Hathaway etc. But yeah, Miss Watson sure has the face to rock it. She looks like a gorgeous boy. Which is non-creepy because she has a very feminine face to contrast the strongness. What am I saying? She’s awesome. Period.