Kate Middleton Had A Wardrobe Malfunction!

It was only a matter of time before this happened. After touching down in Calgary, Canada to watch a rodeo yesterday (Canada has rodeos?!), Kate Middleton experienced her first public wardrobe malfunction as princess when the wind blew her dress right up, exposing some of her tiny, toned backside. Quelle horreur!

Taking a closer look at the photos, it’s hard to make out any discernible underwear. The billowing dress has even conveniently taken the shape of panties in the one on the right. I’m not totally sure, but the photo on the left makes it look like she’s wearing some of those lacy “boy shorts,” the kind that ride up your ass and make it look awesome, while simultaneously being almost as uncomfortable as a thong. Furthermore, it looks like she matched them to her yellow dress. I guess when it’s your primary job to look pretty and wear clothes, you start to do things like that out of sheer attention to detail and/or boredom.

Or maybe that’s all just the dress, and her real underthings are hiding in her ass crack. Or maybe she is wearing no underthings at all. Do you see what I see? Feel free to post your own theories on Kate’s panties in the comments.

(Via Gawker)


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    • Cassieleigh

      Hanky Panky thong, definitely! If you’re a princess you wear only the best.

    • katie

      maybe they were having fun in the airplane and accedently flushed her panties
      And of course Canada has rodeos Alberta I called the cowboy provice

    • jill

      that’s a good looking malfunction. Just sayin’.

    • Wade Hamby

      Nice athletic rear

    • queenly

      I will suggest medium length and not too flowy kind of dresses for her to avoid this kind of unschedule ass exposure.
      The wind can be any woman’s enemy but if all eyes are on you like her, then u need to be extra careful.

    • The Dude


    • Steve

      I’m going with her always fashionable tan sheer pantyhose and nothing else! She is not only setting the trend to wear nude pantyhose but without the panty too! Good for you Kate! Take not ladies…

    • Ladyg

      Canada has rodeos?!……Canada has everything. It’s the second biggest country by land in the world. The cultural diversity is astonishing. Maybe you should plan a visit. ..As for Kate, I love the wardrobe malfunction. It’s a bit of a Marilyn Monroe moment.

    • miinxi

      omg i thought it was only me that thought boy shorts were cute but as uncomfortable as gstrings! all praise the almightly cotton undies haha

    • Sara

      Light-up, singing, christmas panties for sure.