Gallery: The Men Kate Moss Didn’t Marry (From Johnny Depp To Pete Doherty)

Kate Moss and Jamie Hince got married last weekend and, maybe it’s just me, but I’ve seen a pretty hilarious surge in Kate Moss and Johnny Depp nostalgia on the internet. My response is 1) you’re all a bunch of tasteless jerks and 2) Kate + Pete forevs! …Here’s a gallery of the dudes Kate Moss dated and didn’t marry. Also, congratulations to Kate the Great and Jamie Hince, here’s hoping you two crazy kids can make it work.

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    • Kay

      Pete & Kate foreva!!

    • bodo

      pete & kate 4ever!

    • August S.

      Kate M & Dreamboat Doherty 4eva!

      • Ashley Cardiff

        ++For knowing your DListed, August.