• Mon, Jul 11 2011

Name That Celeb: Do You Recognize This Famous Lady?

If you do recognize her, I’ll probably feel silly, because I didn’t, and so I wrote that headline, and…well, then it will just be me. Anyway…

It’s Paris! You know, Paris Hilton! Dressed like a sexy dominatrix for V Magazine.


Sorry! This poll is now closed.

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  • Tifanny

    She is definitely one hot lady. Not wondering why so many men is craving for her.

  • Ashley Cardiff

    I had no clue.

  • Hanna

    I certainly didn’t. Which proves 3 things to me:
    1. She has a very forgettable face. Always thought so.

    2. Even the trashiest simpleton can look positively classy in monochrome. A useful thing to remember!

    3. My new nail-polish is awesome. Not only is it the most amazing cherry red, it also gleams pleasantly AND it dries very quickly so I didn’t mess up my manicure by typing this. Hurray!

  • niamh

    Where are her arms?!

  • Steffi

    I did know it was her! I don’t think it was that hard….

  • lo

    I might have guessed her… if she was still relevant enough to be recognizable. Mean?