Gallery: Kate Middleton’s Outfits From The Last Leg Of Her North American Tour

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have wrapped up their whirlwind tour of North America–departing Calgary on Friday and blazing through California over the weekend. William played polo and the duo made some charitable appearances. Along the way, the former Kate Middleton was pretty and polished in McQueen, DVF, Jenny Packham and at least one affordable, off-the-rack surprise. Let’s have a look and, by all means, let us know your favorites (or flops).

(Photos via Getty)

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    • Hanna

      Loath the Diane von Fürstenberg, love the Roksanda Illinic.
      May I add, that picture of Reese is very, very unflattering. I’m sure it’s just a bad angle and that colour on her but still, it’s not a good picture. Well, she got to meet Kate in person, that probably made up for it.

      • Colleen

        I think Reese looks fine. She looks normal in that photo, and not all “Hollywood glam”. Nice to see celebs looking normal, and not starved/Photoshopped/Botoxed to hell.
        Also, makes me feel more comfortable about my big arms.

    • Rose

      I totally own the outfit on slide 8. It made me happy.

    • Sara

      I hate to say this but I am totally in love with this couple. I am fascinated by them and it just makes me sick! They are absolutely lovely, in love, a NICE. Son of a bitch. Now, where’s my flannel shirt…

      • sara

        AND nice, not A nice. I’m so in love I can’t spel.

    • Lil’n'ro

      I don’t think either one of them could wear anything that was in any way wrong as far as the general public feels. I do think she looks far too thin and that although wedded bliss is surely still in full swing, the last few months of stress has worn them out. They need to get back to their “little grass shack” and just be alone for a while, a while being a few months to shake off all the stress and running around. GO HOME, TURN OFF ALL THE PHONES, ASSIGN GUARDS TO THE PERIMETER, AND CRACK OPEN A BOTTLE OF WINE!!