Gallery: Tilda Swinton Gets Otherworldly For W

Tilda Swinton has long been one of our favorite figures in fashion for her bold, androgynous style choices and spooky sense of playfulness. “Unconventionally sexy” is not a euphemism when applied to her; there is nothing conventional about her allure, and she wouldn’t want anyone to think so. When appearing in magazines, Swinton never fails to impress, but her latest massive 15-page editorial spread for W‘s August issue is really something else. The accompanying online article cites such disparate influences as “Arnold Genthe’s portraits of Greta Garbo, Ingmar Bergman’s The Seventh Seal, and the work of French artist and provocateur Claude Cahun, famous in the Twenties for her explorations of gender role play,” as well as Swinton’s “aesthetic North Stars,” her father and David Bowie. I would like, if I may, to take you on a strange journey.

(Images via W; Credit: Tim Walker)

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    • Tifanny

      That sense of fashion is exotic. I’d try it for some time. :)

    • Soos

      She is endlessly fascinating as an actor.

    • Hayden Tompkins

      Fucking brilliant.

    • Jen Dziura

      Tilda/Tiltoria. Thank you.