Emma Watson Is A Bronze Beauty At The Final Harry Potter Premiere

Every time we cover Emma Watson, the reception is a pretty even split: half of readers think she’s flawless, untouchable and remarkably stylish, the other half seem completely infuriated that the term “style icon” could ever been lobbed at this kid. Personally, I’m always in favor of young stars who don’t get photographed falling out of nightclubs looking like complete wrecks in sausage-casing dresses, so I’m just going to continue appreciating her from that angle.

Anyway, Watson attended the premiere of the final Harry Potter installment wearing this Bottega Veneta gown, which features a linen bodice and an amber skirt with unfinished hems throughout. Though the dress may not be to everyone’s tastes (nor should it be) this is the kind of move that makes gawking at red carpets a lot more interesting. Her makeup is a little out there, her hair is a little harsh, but that dress is a showstopper.

Tell us what you think!

Here it is on Isabeli Fontana on the runway, for comparison’s sake.


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    • Abbey

      She’s absolutely stunning. The bold dress, mixed with her dramatic makeup and hair is perfect for the end of an era in both literature and cinema. Well done Emma Watson, you have been a fabulous Hermione Granger!

    • Natasha

      She is stunning-elegant and gorgeous, truly red carpet. Love it!

    • macalny

      SHE is stunning and handles herself with grace and aplomb. The dress? AWFUL. Both on the runway and on her. I so don’t get ‘fashion.’

    • Laura

      hate the dress, but she wears it very well

    • porkchop

      Yeah, the eye makeup is pretty intense, but I love this dress and love it on her. She looks so sexy in it but not cheap.

    • Jon

      First of all, she looks smashing as always. I understand some people’s reservations about the dress (and make-up) but there’s only so many classical gowns I can see before I get bored. Compared to other fashion houses, her dress is actually quite tame. Anyway, she could pull anything off from Givenchy to Dior.

    • Jane W.

      I *love* the dress–it’s great that she took a bit of a risk.

    • http://pennyforyourshoes.blogspot.com Daisy

      Love her, love the dress. I want to like the hair, I’m not really opposed to it, but the make-up is too much.

    • Geraldine

      I wish she would stop wearing strapless numbers, some nice straps/sleeves would be soooo much more flattering on her, especially as her hair is so short so she can’t break up the expanse of chest/shoulder with some artfully placed curls.

      I don’t think whoever is dressing her is really paying attention to her body type. She still looks gorgeous, but should try a flattering bodice like the one on the amazing lavender Alie Saab one Mila Kunis wore to the Oscars.