• Tue, Jul 12 2011

Jessica Simpson Tweets About Getting A Birkin For Her Birthday, Is Horrible

OMG! Jessica Simpson got a Birkin for her birthday! Apparently her nebulously employed boyfriend spent $15k to gift her with an Hermès Brikin. The formerly famous singer tweeted:

Eric made my birthday!!! I have never been more surprised in my life! Jackie O who? ;)

Jackie O who? “Jackie O who” is right! Because Jackie O wouldn’t be caught dead making duckface on the internet under a mop of processed hair, reveling in her own conspicuous consumption while wearing motherfucking plaid pajama pants.

(via Twitter)

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  • Jon

    Is it true that she’s a billionaire or something? That is messed-up….

  • Yeah

    I just think yall need to leave Jess the fuck alone.

  • Linda

    Calm down its not that serious. And the plaid pajamas kinda make me like her more.

  • miinxi

    why does she care about Jackie O?
    Oh wait im an aussie and Jackie O here is a radio presenter and prob a nobody anywhere else… are we talking about Jackie Kennedy? prob…

  • Nick Sal

    Hey, “Yeah” and Linda: Ashley is right. Jessica’s comment on Jackie O is what brought the hammer down on her. There’s no need to trash Ms. Onassis, especially when you’re making “duckface” on the internet. No one wants to see duckface. Ever.

  • SometimesElla

    What does she “do” again?

  • get a grip

    I have read your articles and clearly you have a vendetta out for Jessica Simpson. Your articles are nothing more than rants and a little obsessive.

    Because she has more money she cannot express her happiness? Get a grip, try a new subject or get help in finding why you are so unhappy

    • Mama

      I agree,it is a little obvious that you’re jealous.

  • lucygoosey74

    The only thing I find really gross here is the fact that Ms Simpson confessed to not regularly brushing her teeth, but rubbing them on a sweater instead (gag). Is she wearing a nasty plaque infested sweater in the photo? Who knows? This will forever gross me out, and it’s all I can think of when I see her in a sweater.