Poll: Do You Pluck Your Own Eyebrows?

The perfect eyebrow is notoriously difficult to achieve. If you’re taking care of business yourself and you overpluck for too long, you may be left with a scrawny brow for life. Underpluck, though, and…well, no one underplucks. But people do unevenly pluck, get overzealous, or carve out enough space in between their eyebrows for a tractor-trailer to comfortably park.

We’ve all been there.

If you take the alternate track, though, and rely on a professional to care for your brows, you have to shell out some cash money, not to mention that going to the salon for painful beauty treatments is an annoying way to spend a Saturday.

So what’s a gal to do? And more specifically, what do you do?

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    • Eileen

      I don’t pluck my eyebrows at all. They’re the one part of my body that I have always acknowledged came out perfectly. Actually, the women in my family have a tendency towards not enough eyebrow, so none of us pluck.

      I’d probably get them shaped once and then try to maintain that on my own if I did do the plucking.

    • Jenny

      I had no idea I was in the minority with waxing! The salon I go to does it for an extraordinarily cheap $10. I go about every month to month and a half, and maintain in between waxes with plucking.

      • Lauren

        I wax them too! I used to pluck them myself, but my friend suggested a place to me and I went once to try it. I had no idea how much better my eyes brows could look! They still look natural and it doesn’t hurt, and somehow last much longer than plucking!

    • Sarah

      I’m with Eileen. I don’t do anything to my eyebrows. I don’t know that they’re amazing eyebrows (eyebrows, I am bad at them!), but they aren’t horrible eyebrows, and plucking sounds annoying and I prefer the most low-maintenance routine possible.

    • Dove

      My eyebrows are so faint that I’m loathe to pluck at all, but sometimes I shape very gently, just so that I don’t stray too much when coloring them in.

    • b3v

      I’ve plucked the odd hair here and there, but I mostly let them be…if it’s like everything else, looking at my mother, I can see exactly what’s going to happen : perfect and natural for years, then getting sparse as I turn 45.

    • macalny

      $6 threading with the odd pluck between visits = great-looking brows. Seriously. It takes 10 minutes for the threading and – no joke – guys have complimented me on my eyebrows. How weird is that?

    • Anne

      I’m lucky in the fact that my brows are pretty well shaped all on their own. A pluck for the odd hair here and there and I’m good to go. Would that my hair were so simple to deal with…

    • niamh

      A wee threading about once a year and plucking them the rest of the time works well! I can not stand regrowth so I administer vigilante plucks about twice a week. Surplus eyebrow hairs make me so sad.

    • Nikita

      I thread mine. There’s a place on the same block as me that does it for only $2 and they do it well. Even so, threading shouldn’t could more than $5.

    • nz

      I get mine threaded professionally. Its not very expensive as I do it once every two months.