Which Celebrity Dip Dyed Her Hair Recently?

If you said Lauren Conrad, you’d be right, you smart thing, you. According to her website The Beauty Department, she did it because her fans told her to. What else can we get Lauren Conrad to do to herself? Hmm…

Sadistic plotting aside, I really like it. In fact, it’s giving me flashbacks to high school, when I was super jealous of the blonde girls who could dye their hair with Manic Panic whenever they felt like it, while I had to bleach my hair twice to get the purple to even show up a little. It has a 90′s look to it, all lackadaisical and whatnot, like “I wanted to dye my hair some cool colors, but I was too lazy to do more than the ends. Whatever.” In fact, now I’m jealous of blondes all over again, because this is probably going to be a trend now, and you really have to have fair hair to do it. What do you think?

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    • Dove

      I have only seen this picture – I think it looks gorgeous but I want to see if it translates to the real world at all or if it’s more editorial.

    • Paula

      Recently or 2 weeks ago ?

    • Amanda Ernst

      I agree — I like it, too. I’m jealous of those blondes who get to play around with color like that!

    • ceebee

      It looks crap in the real world, so many girls have their hair like this where I work. Looks hot for about five days but two washes in and all you’re left with is the look of the last My Little Pony in the shop window.

      • Dove

        Yeah I think the best way to do it would be if you were planning to chop off a few inches anyway, so you could just cut if off when it starts fading.