Holy Sh*t: Missoni Introduces $520 Candle

This candle, from Missoni Home, costs $520. Here is the description on Net-A-Porter:

Brighten up a minimal interior with Missoni Home’s layered wax candle. With four extended wicks, this statement piece will add instant warmth and color to an elegant dining table or patio.

I was going to be outraged until I realized it has four wicks. Four separate, extended wicks. That is a bargain.

(via Nylon)

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    • jill

      Ya. I nearly fell off my chair when I saw this on the Net A Porter site this morning. However, more shocking to me was the fact that Victoria Beckham’s line is selling a dress for $3,601. This is Victoria Beckham!! Not a REAL designer (oh sorry, was that mean?).

      And to think just a few years ago she was Posh Spice. I guess a $3,610 dress is pretty effin’ posh.

    • Bonnie

      this candle had better be made out of unicorn blood, dragon scales, bottled lightning, and black dynamite’s punches or else it’s not worth $520. Just sayin

    • Sacher

      This gives new meaning to the term “burning through your money”