Would You Wear: Wedding Flats By TOMS (…Down The Aisle?)

In doing a little research (/online shopping) for an upcoming shopping guide, I came across something that surprised me: ethically-minded shoe company TOMS makes wedding styles. Seriously:

So. I want to know who’d wear these at her wedding. TOMS is an admirable company that makes affordable shoes while doing good deeds but I guess… for weddings… I’d expect a bride to want something at least slightly more glamorous. Flats, sure. But canvas slip-ons?

Sorry! This poll is now closed.

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    • Patty

      I had the idea of a glamorous wedding (don’t we all?) and I was afraid it would be spoiled by some of my very informal guests. So I went all for the glam look, and ended up looking like a character from Dynasty. Shoes were the worst part…Luckily I had some bronze sandals that looked ok when I changed. My advice for all brides is to be casual and comfortable, and to enjoy their party. If Toms feel good, go for it!

    • Melissa

      Is the pair to the right of the dancing couple made of canvas? The material looks shinier… I dunno. I think those are pretty cute.

    • Magda

      Maybe not like for the ceremony and maybe I wouldn’t wear them myself, (Personally, I think TOMS are UGLY!) but I know a lot of folk like them, so maybe I would put them in little gift bags for my bridal party as a thank you and a comfy option to wear when the formalities of the day were over so they could dance the night away in comfort.

      I think having a spare set of shoes for occasions like this is always a good plan.

      • Magda

        And… They are an “ethically-minded” company. So why not?

    • http://pennyforyourshoes.blogspot.com Daisy

      No no no. Never. Definitely not for my wedding, are you kidding?! No. Not even to take out the trash or do the dishes. NO.

    • denny

      Since the founder spoke at a Focus on the Family event, DEFINITELY NOT! http://www.autostraddle.com/toms-guy-speaks-at-anti-gay-focus-on-the-family-event-99035/