Retro Snap: Which Royal Is This? When Will Kate Middleton Breed?

Obviously there’s no rush, but want to place some early bets on it? I say Kate Middleton and William have a kid by the time she’s 30. It could be earlier! Who knows? Oh, also, who is in this picture?

Why, it’s Queen Elizabeth and Prince Andrew. It was taken by Cecil Beaton in 1960.

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    • Eileen

      Ahhhh, I was going to guess Princess Elizabeth with baby Prince Charles. She didn’t really age much in the ten years or so between them, despite becoming a queen and all.

      Kate will be 30 in January, so unless she’s pregnant already (totally a possibility, true, but at four months she’d probably be, if not showing as pregnant than at least slightly heavier than she is now), I don’t know if she can make the 30 deadline…but pretty much every royal produces a child by the first anniversary.