Gallery: Oh Look, Uncle Terry Shot Some Fat Chicks For Vice

So everyone’s favorite tampon tea enthusiast shot some photos once again for Vice’s annual photo issue (which just hit the Internet), and perhaps to counter accusations that he’s only into skinny white women, this time he decided to shoot plus-sized, mostly non-white women in his trademark lecherous style as if to say, “don’t worry, bigger girls, I will totally creep on you, too!” Although I will admit to a certain critical bias here, there are actually some things I like about the photos, as well as some things I really, really dislike. Let’s take a look.

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    • andrea dunlop

      The only work of TR’s that I can recall liking is that shoot he did with the Jersey Shore kids–for some reason his tacky style fit with theirs in a way that made it seems kind of campy and fun. As for this? There are ways to photograph women of all sizes that make them look lovely and he’s decided to use none of those techniques. At least there’s no nasty pasta.

    • MM

      I kinda liked the first one (not the greatest angle, but I like how she looks really lively, which is a good contrast to the ‘bored girl on drugs’ kind of aesthetic) and the girl in lingerie in the middle. Other than that, not impressed, but I’m not really a Terry fan at any rate.

      On the Vice website they have a last shot of all the models posed more naturally and smiling ( and they really look much, much better there than they do in the individual photos. These are all attractive women and it”s almost as if he picked unflattering angles on purpose.

      • Hanna

        On purpose? You don’t say. I mean, they called it “Tons Of Fun” (feel free to insert up to a hundred ! here, I sure would like to). I think that says it all.

      • MM

        Well, I wanted to give him a bit of the benefit of the doubt. They are all attractive women and it’s his aesthetic to pose models awkwardly in harsh lighting.

        But it’s Vice magazine so I probably shouldn’t. Honestly I think the whole magazine is a pile of hateful shit.

    • lisa robin

      what i don’t understand is why didn’t this dude just go into porn? i mean it’d be pretty horrible for the girls who modeled for him but it seems to me that is what he would rather be doing than fashion photography…

    • Adina

      I do not think that it is right to call people fat, this ladies are very big curvy but not obese like.

      Also; just checking in on the update of when the haylie duff correction will be made thanks.

      • Hanna

        I’m pretty sure the headline is sarcasm.
        Also: A few of these models are obese. I think they all look great but they are not just “big” or “curvy”. At least not by European standards.

    • diva_114

      Horrible article….

    • Eileen

      He doesn’t take nice pictures of anyone. I don’t see any blatant sizeism here (although I would if it were another photographer) because Terry Richardson’s photographs are almost all incredibly ugly and display women in unflattering poses that I would be humiliated to be seen in (I’d say “humiliating,” but I can’t speak for all women). I reiterate Andrea’s comment that at least there’s no pasta.

    • Zoe P.

      Whaaaaaat. These women are gorgeous but he made them look… like that. Take a hint from Italian Vogue, man.

    • Jamie Peck

      Addendum: U.T.’s persistent quest to make women look ugly is driven by his deep seated misogyny. At least, that’s what Freud would say, or something.