Gallery: Models Eating Pasta In Fashion Magazines

Recently, we spotted Lindsey Wixson in a Terry Richardon-shot editorial slurping some really gross-looking spaghetti. We (and a bunch of other blogs written by people with memories) pointed out that Richardson did the same with Crystal Renn in French Vogue. And then we realized “models eating pasta” is approaching editorial trope territory. I guess because it’s models! eating! pasta! It’s funny because it’s improbable! LOLOLOLOLOLOL

Also, some of these photos aren’t for fashion magazines. ‘Tevs.

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    • Jon

      First, you don’t like it when models don’t eat anything. Now, you don’t like it when models are slurping down bowls of spaghetti. Damn! Bitches always got something to complain about.

      • Jordan

        Do you really think for a moment these models actually ATE the pasta?

      • Jon

        Models are naturally slim, dammit! Wake up, people!

      • jennifer

        models may be naturally slim but watch everything they eat or better yet trya and not eat to stay skinny. wake up jon you would be a fool to believe other wise.

    • Rue

      That black pasta made me empty my stomach. wait a second, now I feel like a model! oh, that joke was in poor taste.

    • Eileen

      I accept the Vogue cover because the pasta is not the focal point, and also the JWoww because she’s famous for Jersey Shore and stereotypical Italian-American behavior (pasta!). But the rest are gross.

      Also, Jon – wtf? Pictures of anyone slurping down food are kind of gross, first of all. Second of all, even the naturally slim watch what they eat. And know how to eat neatly, except for the baby.

    • Shrew

      I like skinny I really do not care if they ate the pasta or not. I wish everyone was more aware of what they stuff in thier faces so then just maybe they would not be criticizing skinny (healthy) people. :)

    • Lainey

      “naturally-thin” is as much as a myth as “naturally-fat”. Calories in vs calories burned. It’s simple math.

      • Kyla Campbell

        I know many a girl from my high school who ate whatever the ef they wanted (they often ate more than me, and I was considerably larger), didn’t throw it up afterwards, didn’t have body image issues, were always glowing and happy and healthy looking…etc. Not everyone small is eating too little. Metabolisms differ greatly. And yeah, there is a point at which you can’t be THAT small or THAT big and be eating a normal amount of food. But it’s a hard point to define, exactly. Some people have thyroid problems, or digestive problems, and they react more to food and put on weight or have trouble putting on weight more than the average person.

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    • beacab

      Nice photos…people always like to notice each moment of his celebrity. I don’t know its real pics or not, but I always love to read about my favorite celebrity.