• Thu, Jul 14 2011

Poll: Is This The New Height In The Fashion World?

For those of you who don’t follow sports, this man is Brian Wilson, a pitcher for the San Francisco Giants. This is what he chose to wear to the ESPY Awards last night in Los Angeles. Yes, that’s a spandex tuxedo onesie. No, I’m not kidding. Tell us what you think of his choice of attire?

Also, the beard.

Sorry! This poll is now closed.

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  • Mgiannavola

    Beyond jealous of the beard

  • Megan

    Can we talk about how it’s a year’s growth of beard? Brian Wilson can do whatever the fuck he wants. He is untouchable. This doesn’t even top the list of amazing, hysterical shit he has pulled off.

    Also, for a second there, I thought “Joaquin Phoenix?”.

  • nomadys

    Dude is surely a potential next lover for Aniston

  • LeannaBanana

    FEAR THE BEARD! I do love me some B-Weezy

  • Jen

    Oof. I think I’m in love.