Woman Charged With Peeing During Rugby Game, Being Too Awesome

An Australian woman has been issued a summons for public urination after a dude with a mobile phone camera caught her tinkling in the stands at a rugby game recently. Modern technology being what it is, it wasn’t long before the clip had been posted on Youtube, garnering thousands of pageviews (oy). Dubbed #pissgate by Twitter users, the incident has since developed into a full-blown “thing,” which is a testament to how starved for constant entertainment certain users of the Internet are.

Once confronted with the full scope of #pissgate, authorities could not simply sit back and do nothing, so they figured out who the woman was from her seat number and tracked her down. “Those type of offences are (usually) the sort of thing we’d give some a ticket for at the time,” a Queensland Police spokesman told The Courier Mail. “It’s a bit of an unusual one.” You don’t say.

The video has since been removed from Youtube for violating the site’s policy on “shocking and disgusting content,” but the aptly titled site LiveLeaks still has it (LINK NSFW, DUH). So what does this shocking and disgusting video actually consist of? Not a whole lot, actually. It’s shot from behind, and she’s just sort of sitting there with her pants halfway down, peeing. I’m hardly a public urination pro, but I would question her decision to pee in her seat rather than squatting down where she doesn’t have to, you know, continue to sit. Who knows what kind of internal logic she was following?

In any case, I applaud her for her boldness, if not her execution, and I think everyone needs to calm down about it. There’s no way she would’ve received this kind of reaction if she were a man and you know it. Maybe this will inspire someone to create a more discreet way for ladies to empty their bladders on-the-go, somewhat akin to men peeing in bottles. God, I wish I could pee in a bottle.


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    • MelbaToast


      And also the female-specific Stadium Gal. It’s only $34.95! http://biorelief.com/stadium-gal-kit.html

      There’s also a funny David Sedaris story about this.

    • MelbaToast

      Stadium Gal! Only $34.95!

      There’s also a funny David Sedaris about the original Stadium Pal.

    • Lindsey

      “There’s no way she would’ve received this kind of reaction if she were a man and you know it”

      I think the situation would be much different. First: guys are more subtle about peeing in public. Ladies squat and unless she’s wearing a big hippie skirt she’s exposing her butt or more in public. Men usually turn towards walls or woods or whatever, don’t have to take off their pants, and have a greater chance of not everyone seeing. I really feel like if a man had stood up, whipped his peen out, and peed on his seat at a baseball game security would have kicked him out.

      I don’t know that this is a ‘cool, now it’s ok for ladies to do things mens do!’ thing as much as ‘it’s not that hard to find a bathroom/wait for a bathroom/ find a secluded bush please stop peeing in public everyone’ thing.

    • menis

      wow; she could have just as easily pissed against the wall instead of on the seat. this is even more disgusting than 11-year-olds pissing in letter boxes

    • laTinta

      agree @ jamie. in german summers, when the “autobahn” is crowded there are hundreds of peeing men, same on open air festivals with too much beer. and truth is, that i also sometimes prefere to disappear behind some trees: many public toilets are just horrible.
      greetings from germany :-)