Behold! Bad Date Bingo!

Let’s pause from remembering that Mary Kate Olsen was once young and contemplate the worst kind of date. Which square is your favorite? Or rather, most indicative of the worst thing a person can do on a date? I have never been bothered by chapped lips, and complaining about hipsters is my hobby, so that just sounds like fun, but someone running even fifteen minutes late makes me feel like I’m going to go ballistic (why don’t they plan better? Why?) What about you? Please mark your square immediately. – Shmitten Kitten

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    • Nicky

      So many of them are dead on! The one I have most recently experienced is texting like a teen girl. Lordy it was terrible. He ended every text with ‘mwa’.

    • M

      The “checked out other girls” one REALLY irritates me. I get that there’s other attractive women out there, and that guys will look – but when you’re on a date they should at least have enough respect to NOT be looking at another girl’s butt or commenting about some actress they’d like to bang. Constantly. That’s just tacky and classless.