Ironic Wedding Cake Toppers: Yes Or No?

Look! It’s Alien and Predator.

My first reaction was to say “hahaha, Alien Loves Predator, best wedding theme ever! Hahaha, it’s funny because they don’t typically wear top hats or veils.’

Then I remembered that weddings don’t usually have a theme, or at least not that kind of theme, because they’re not your typical second grader’s birthday party.

But what if the rest of the ceremony was really understated and elegant and you just had the Alien and Preadator toppers? Boom! Humor out of fucking nowhere!

Still odd?

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    • Jon

      All you Gloss writers are so jaded. Excuse us guys for not wanting ponies or rainbows or dolphins on our wedding cake. I want a manly wedding cake for sure.

    • Hanna

      IF I ever marry, I will do exactly what I and my potential future husband like and want. Which probably won’t include a wedding cake because they are f-ing expensive and usually look better than they taste (I want creme brulee and chocolate tarte, please) BUT if it DOES include a cake, we will put whatever we want on it. Like Dogbert and Catbert. I mean, I think it’s bad taste to put some plasticky couple up there in the first place and if you go for bad taste you might as well go all the way to cheesyville / some very, very weird place.

    • Elle

      I think it depends. The ones with the bride dragging a reluctant groom are pretty fucking stupid and sexist, but Alien and Predator? Shit yes.

    • adam

      well you can have a manly cake topper without upsetting your wife. We have made cake toppers which have included a Suzuki Motorbike, a Massey Ferguson tractor, a Land Rover, and several sporting themes as well.

      have a look at

      have whatever you want, designed and sculpted to your own ideas.