Real Talk: The Best And Worst Places We’ve Had Sex Inside

Some people are all adventurous and like to have sex outside like mountain goats. Some other people like to have sex inside, like Japanese sex dolls. There is no shame in that!

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    • Somnilee

      A friend of mine had a certain armchair in his college house which was colloquially known as the “oral chair” – the chair is still there but alas he has moved out, so unless I can con any of his other housemates…
      Anyway, I digress. The chair was obviously called this because it was PERFECT for its job: if you were a girl, you sat on the seat and hitched your legs up onto the arms, and if you were a guy, well you just sat there and received.
      I hope that chair remains in that house for many generations of students to come (pun possibly intended), but I swear if I ever see it at the side of the road…I’m taking it.

    • Colleen

      Absolute best – several weeks ago, on a random Saturday morning I was standing in the bathroom at my boyfriend’s house trying to get last night’s makeup off my face because I had crashed without taking it off the night before. He came into the room behind me and started kissing the back of my neck and the next thing I know I’m bent over the bathroom counter.

      So. Awesome. It’s a scene we’ve repeated a number of times since I moved in. :D

    • August S.

      Tie between on the couch in the teacher’s lounge*, an orchestra pit and behind the alter in the chapel. I went to boarding school, and as per regulation, I was never unchaperoned while in my dorm room with a boy. The brochures don’t lie: boarding school really does promote outside-the-box thinking and inventive problem solving in today’s youth!

      *no teachers were present at the time.

    • Arnie

      I’m late, but pillow fort.

      It was less of a pillow fort by the time we were finished with it, but pillow fort sex is awesome. In fact, pillow fort anything is awesome.

    • Arnie

      Pillow fort sex is awesome sex. Enough said.

    • Arnie

      Pillow fort sex. So much awesome.

      Not that there was much pillow for left by the time we were done with it.