A Day In The Life Of A Media Power Couple

We weren’t flattered when the Observer listed us as one of New York’s Media Power Couples. In fact, we consider it link bait, because we happen to be masters at link bait. A forty-something-page slide show of pasty writers may excite Gawker, but we find it all totally gauche.

Click “Start Slideshow” to find out why!

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    • Katie

      I really don’t get this. Like, Really don’t get this. Is it because I’m English?
      Someone, please explain!

      • Jennifer Wright

        The New York Observer recently did a list of New York’s power media couples, in which Lindsay and Richard are featured. They are making fun of their placement in it. Also, Ashton Kutcher, but that’s just because they have hard little hearts and never watched Beauty and the Geek.

    • Uh

      This post sucks.

      • momo

        Concur. Attempts at humor=failed.

    • Ashton Kutcher

      I’ve never heard of you, stop emailing me.

    • andrea dunlop

      A little too close to the truth to be funny (not about Lindsay and Richard specifically of course, I’m sure they are lovely and steer clear of the Surf Lodge when they visit Montauk).

    • Geraldine

      I found it hilarious!