How Short Is Too Short?

Here is a photo of Deena from “Jersey Shore,” with her ass cheeks out. She seems comfortable, but are the rest of us? What do you think about shorts this short?

Sorry! This poll is now closed.

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    • jo

      let the girl do what she wants.

    • Jess

      Are you sure this isn’t a ‘People of Walmart’ photo? Ass cheeks run rampant…

    • Ninargh

      Yes. Definitely. Put your arse away love.

    • Jen

      I think the more important question here is, WHAT THE HOLY HELL IS ON HER FEET?

    • Nev

      And what about those artic creature shoes? Very comfortable in the summer.
      Here some people wear those, every winter. They are still horrible but well, they seem warm at least.

    • Carolyn

      Bitch, is you hot or is you cold?!

    • MM

      Not okay. Not okay on ANYONE. I don’t care how conventionally attractive your body is, you still have to avoid public nudity.