16-Year-Old Bride And New Husband Give First TV Interview

So Doug Hutchison, 51, and Courtney Stodden, 16, the newlyweds who have become infamous for their age difference, gave their first interview to “Good Morning America” today. In it, they discuss the fact that they are loathed by much of humanity, that she was a virgin when they got married (of course), and that contrary to popular belief, they’re soul mates.

Even with all that uncomfortable information, though, the worst part about the interview isn’t the content of the conversation, but Stodden’s uncomfortable and overcompensating behavior.

For instance: after Hutchison says that his “world was turned upside down” when he found out how old she was, she lets out a loud laugh. She does the same thing as he explains that they met without seeing one another, and then once more while he’s assuring the public that he had the approval of her parents.

In other words, beneath all that hair and make-up, there lurks a normal, nervous teenager.

But as if to draw attention away from her nerves, she does something very odd for a 16-year-old girl: she writhes. Literally.

And there’s the rub. Stodden’s actions are so exaggerated that it’s hard to believe this situation reflects anything she genuinely understands, let alone wants.

So from where I sit in my psychologist’s armchair, it’s depressing. That said, enjoy the fucking video. I’m going to go drink.

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    • Melissa

      She looks high as a kite. I’d guess cocaine.

    • Rachel

      She seems to find everything her husband says, does and eats EXTREMELY sexy. She just wants his pants off all the time. Who finds doing a GMA interview such a turn on they have to lick their lips during it? She may have been a virgin on her wedding night, but definitely fully sexually active now … Basically all the time.

      • Adina

        this did make me laugh thank you haha

    • Audrey

      It’s sad that this is actually news… although it is pretty hilarious.

    • Marina

      wtf is she doing with her lips? i don’t see how he turns her on that much!

    • R.

      I’m sorry but she looks mentally unstable.

    • Jenny

      Does anyone else think that she is hypersexualized — even for a 16 year old? To me, her appearance and behavior smacks of someone with a history of sexual abuse. This whole thing is disgusting and sad.

    • Natalie

      The age difference factor aside, her behavior just doesn’t seem normal or any human at any age. Seriously, is she one some kind of drugs or does her 16 yr old brain think that she needs to constantly look like a porn star to get publicity/look mature/etc?

    • Denise

      By her hypersexualized walk, lip licking, dress, makeup and hair (plus tatoo’s) she is a classic case of prior sexual abuse. This girl was in NO WAY a “virgin” when they married, I don’t care what lies she spouts out. Why did they have to marry right now? Why not wait until she is 18 and of legal age? Even Elvis waited until Priscilla was 21 and he had to have his arm twisted off to marry her.

      He is making a jerk of himself and she is a dumb, uneducated, naive 16 year old who DOES have the “world’s worst parents”. Newflash: 16 year olds are NOT mature enough to make life decisions like who they should marry at the age of 16. Teenagers brains are not fully developed and the part of the brain that predicts consequences is not fully developed. This is why teenagers want to do stupid things like marry a 51 year old. It is the parents job to put the brakes on this kind of behavior. Have her parents always let her do whatever she wanted? Did they let her eat candy for breakfast?

      This is sad and wrong on so many levels. You can pile all the slutty clothes and makeup and hairstyles on this girl to make her look like a 30 year old stripper with 20 miles of bad road. It does not change the fact that she is STILL a 16 year old child.

      This guy is the world’s biggest creep, and yes, I think Elvis had MAJOR issues to be attracted to a 14 year Priscilla when he was 24, no MATTER how gorgeous and “mature” she was for her age.

    • Sienna

      Yeah, I don’t think she’s mentally unstable or sexually abused, she’s just f**king wasted.

    • Jamie Peck

      UGH, THAT VOICE. Too bad there’s no surgery for that!

    • Mae

      That is so painful to watch. I can’t understand why her parents thought it was a good idea to let her marry a 51 year old man! It’s ridiculous. Oh my gosh, and the way she wiggles around and tries to act sexy, it’s really creepy.

    • Stephanie Zhao

      How convenient is it that they have their interview right after the buzz about them stopped?

    • Vanilla

      Aaand, abstinence only education folks. This is what it’s good for. Poor girl is going to realize in a few years that she really only married for some sex and attention.

    • Goldie

      Doesn’t this all smell a little like the Balloon Boy incident? The way they coo over each other talk about their love– both of them are obviously ACTING. (My immediate reaction to hearing that somebody’s story is being turned into a reality show is “oh, so that’s fake.”)

      Okay so here’s my guess– He’s got a coke (or whatever) addiction he can no longer support and is desperate for cash. She and her family are fame-hungry crazies. I’m not sure whether I believe that she’s actually 16. She looks like a washed up porn star, but when she speaks– even under all that “old soul” crap (or maybe because of it)– she sounds like an insecure teenager. Still, I think there’s a strong possibility that she could be older. Maybe that’s just wishful thinking, but has anybody really checked into that birth certificate? Could be fake.

      But seriously– if this guy was truly trying to defend himself and they were trying to convince everyone that they were in love, chaste, etc., why would she go on TV in a leopard print bra?

      They aren’t trying to damper this controversy, they’re trying to stir it up. Are they really deluded enough to believe that they’re IN LURVE or are they playing us all?

    • Mrs. Fed the fack up

      If she looks like this now, she’s gonna be in hella trouble later on. That lip stuff isn’t seductive it is retarded.

    • Brytanie

      LOL!!!!!A pile of BS not one once of me believes this women is 16. How is a christian woman so provocative at the age of 16. It’s funny that she would even try to say that she is 16… Come on This is all a HOAX… Wish fully thinking to start a reality show that will sponser the Coke Habit… Come on America look pas the Bull crap…. LmAO!

    • Cassieleigh

      I’m having to tell myself: If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all. It’s not really working….